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  1. This groundhog day-type period of working from home might actually make the offseason go by faster. I can't believe it's already December, and soon enough the days are going to start getting longer. Being mostly sedentary all these months has definitely taken its toll on strength. For the first time ever I'm going to start running regularly and just made a few upgrades to our home office/fitness room, and smartly played the "recovery is key" card to justify purchasing a theragun knockoff. No more feeling like crap in the mornings if I can control it.
  2. Yeah in the Bmore area it's very much hit or miss what you get in terms of the membership/policies. I will refrain from my rants.
  3. If you took away the cathedralesque clubhouses, took away the names, and gave them all the same maintenance budget, I wonder what the list would look like. Part of the reason these courses are rated so consistently high is their architecture and the names behind them. Some of these places are even national memberships and some of their roster doesn't even play the course but once or twice a year. I'm sure I'd join one if I had F-U money, but that's an entirely different situation than a golfer who wants access to a local club whenever they want.
  4. I will, I will. But so can’t help but try them for just one winter round. It’s. Probably going to be disastrous but I can’t help it.
  5. Worth the price IMO, you can always sell the elevate pulls and get another set. especially a set of Modus 120s!
  6. The 410 LST is a really nice looking driver. I'm certain it's forgiving, because I've had some terrible driving days with it. It does seem to work better with a higher balance point shaft, so I sold my Atmos Black and ended up keeping the Evo II 757. A WRXer messaged me the other day about the Atmos from a closed BST ad (weeks old) and I couldn't refuse the money. I also said bye to the X-Forged heads and have a set of MP-20 MMCs waiting for me today. I don't have any other reason for changing other than the fact that I'm a Mizuno homer. Well, that and I never got used to the look
  7. Sometimes it depends on the type of epoxy. One of my favorite is the Tour Set Plus epoxy, which gels and cures fast and almost is like a tar when you mix the two parts. Fit up is a little more snug when you use a faster curing epoxy like that. I'm using a 24 hour golf-specific mix now and the clubs need to be sitting securely if you need a specific alignment. Once the epoxy gels though, everything gets nice and snug. Like others have said, less is more when it comes to epoxy.
  8. I just picked up one of the Amazon Cyber Monday specials. I think I paid ~$60 for it, but it's seriously impressive. I was expecting a piece of plastic but the body of the gun is all aluminum. I got it mainly for recovery for offseason workouts/running, but I'm optimistic about its capabilties next season for the inevitable days when my neck or hips/knees are stiff.
  9. I think 10-11g. Mostly for swing weight. You probably need at least a few grams to make a significant sound difference.
  10. I regret selling my Max, I had hotmelted the thing to 205g and it sounded fantastic.
  11. I'm also ready for Priority Mail to arrive on time again, it's BST open season.
  12. Doesn't seem all that lightweight looking at the spec chart. The shapes are nice but the names are pretty ridiculous.
  13. The PXG putters were rightfully overlooked at their old price point, but since April the pricing deal has made them a must-try for anyone in the putter market. I love my Closer, especially since I could order it with the neck /grip/headweight I wanted with no upcharge. I think the stock shaft is the KBS CT as well.
  14. The VTS Silver is pretty similar to the Diamana blue profile. They're mostly our of circulation but pretty cheap if you can find one.
  15. It's crazy. One family friend works for a business that still has him out in the "field" most of the time, and he's been somewhat lax hanging out with his friends. He got it, gave it to his brother/roommate, who is best friends with my BIL. They sat around playing CoD for a whole night, so now he's got it. And as a result, my cousin (who is crashing with him before she starts travel nursing) now has to miss two weeks of work for her quarantine. This is really the dumbest year imaginable. I'm not going to shut down golf entirely but for the next couple of months I'm only goi
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