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  1. What weight you need? I have a RDX Black 80 6.5 from a fairway wood. Not sure how many .335 shafts are marketed/sold as hybrid shafts though.
  2. You can PM me if you want, I'm a Baltimore guy and I'm sure a few others will chime in too. Given the price of daily fee courses in the Baltimore/DC area and demand for tee times, private golf is definitely an option if you can find a club close to you to maximize usage. What part of the beltway are you closest to? In the northern/eastern part of the city, here are the options: Hayfields Eagle's Nest Country Club of Maryland BCC Elkridge Club Sparrows Point Suburban Hunt Valley Hillendale To the west/north, you basical
  3. @ChipNRun 100%. There are countless examples for the new equipment line threads, some guys were getting backordered by months on clubs because of their grip preference or shaft. Unfortunately there's not much sophistication with custom ordering now to track what components are going to drive your club's lead time up. Short of calling the customer service line and hounding them, there isn't a ton of transparency.
  4. Thankfully, my YouTube feed is curated to the point that I see golf stuff, automotive journalism, eSports videos and mechanical keyboard videos. It takes the edge off pretty well.
  5. Hotmelted (neutral front/back, slightly toe side) to 215g. Face and crown in great shape, only light wear on the sole. Includes headcover. SOLD
  6. +1 for Kirkland, they do wear faster than some premium gloves I've used in the past but for a quarter of the unit price that's all good by me. When you're making the $300 Costco run it's a no brainer to toss in a 4-pack of the KSig gloves!
  7. And the occasional case of small epoxy bits or debris causing a rattle/
  8. I think so, it's been a long time since I was there and I happened to visit when every single course was either being remodeled or shut down. Greenbriar is very expensive.
  9. My course is a tough par 70 with a few greens that look like skate parks. With conditions right now and the greens at their peak speed, most holes can't be attacked properly without perfect execution. I go birdie-less pretty often, but most rounds I range between 2 and 4 birdies. I'd say there are a few factors: 1. Having a wedge in hand 2. Being in the fairway or having the correct angle into the pin 3. Good speed control with your putter, as eventually those putts start to drop.
  10. 100% For golfers that haven't grown up playing competitive golf (myself included), the definition of "competitive" usually amounts to match play, interclub events, and 4-ball tournaments. Getting prepared for a stroke play event, especially a multi-day one, is a huge grind.
  11. I'm guessing that 80 is probably a decent differential on a Dye course! GIRs are within a decent range for that handicap, but setting a goal to up your average by 1-2 per round should put you in the 70's alone, other than that I'd continue to work on short game. If you are missing 10+ GIRs per round it will take a lot of stress off your score if you miss in the right spots and get up and down more frequently.
  12. My SIM2 9.0 plays a LOT like the 9.0 SIM Max I had last year. I wouldn't change if you love it, it's a great driver head.
  13. These were standard length in a set of MP-20 MMCs. Standard size Crossline Cord installed logo down. I will remove the ferrules when packing for shipment. SOLD
  14. amen to that! I get the concept for roads and the outer property lines of a course, but modern courses with OOB on nearly every hole are comical.
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