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  1. It's probably 1/3 of the first book of the whole Dune series, so yeah. Very much like LOTR where you need way more time, almost like it would have been better as a Netflix or HBO series instead of an actual film.
  2. So, Dune was a really impressive movie that leaves me hoping the 10+ hours of screen time gets greenlit to tell the full story. Otherwise, it comes off like a great pilot that never got picked up.
  3. Thanks guys! Appreciate the kind words, and for sure I've got some serious sleep deprivation ahead of me. The first month of puppy life was particularly brutal, but at least this go round I'll be able to sleep in my own bed instead of standing watch from the couch on the first floor. My wife's due date is 4/17, so I should get one last Masters Sunday in hopefully in peace. BTW is anyone in need of some ribbed grips? Lamkin made good on their customer service, and sent me 8 brand new Sonar Tour Calibrate grips. I don't have a use for them at the moment though.
  4. I just blew a couple of Pure Wraps onto my driver and 3w. Haven't hit them yet but they have a nice medium feel and excellent tack when dry.
  5. Yeah, first and it's a wild card if we have any more. Already in our mid-30's and this one took a while, so we're happy with whatever is in the cards for us.
  6. I know the thread's a lot deader than it's ever been, but I just wanted to share the good news that my wife and I have a baby boy on the way. We're excited, it hasn't quite sunk in, and now I'm already thinking about how to build a junior golf set for when he gets old enough.
  7. I've played a handful of different sets in recent years and always stuck with my set PW at 45 or 46 degrees. PW for me is always basically a 10 iron and is either full shot or bump and run 99% of the time. If the gap is too large between the PW and my gap wedge, then I usually try to handle it by adjusting loft by a degree or two for either club. My 50 is very much a full swing club but I step down to S400 like my other wedges. I did a short stint with iron shafts in the gap wedge and it just didn't feel quite right.
  8. The GP Tour Wrap 2G is still one of the best selling grips if you ask any shop, and my favorite "under the radar" grip is the Lamkin Sonar Wrap. The style still has plenty of life in it.
  9. Adding here in case anyone needs the info. I have a BF tipped 1" and it's 17" to the L in Chemical. So 18" tip to graphic untipped.
  10. It's hanging on, barely. Sad to see the place in its current state. My favorite years of golf were when I first joined, and we still had 27 holes of playground with a great open play policy. The course was in a great shape back then but it still had its struggles with aging irrigation. Not everyone loved the layout but I personally enjoyed the hell out of it. Unfortunately there isn't much to do when membership and capital are at low points.
  11. BX was the clear winner into headwind. The ProV was no slouch though, I hit several that were as long as any good drive I've had this year.
  12. I did find a BF 80TX. Looking forward to trying it out in my 3 wood, as the profile has always worked well for me. Hopefully it will be a nice compliment to the VTS Silver I've used forever with a little bit of help off the deck. If it launches too high, then I know the ZF is probably the way to go.
  13. Fun show, far more enjoyable when we turned the English overdub off and watched in Korean with subtitles.
  14. I got a dozen of the V1 and V1x as a tourney gift yesterday, and played most of the day with the Pro V1, alternating with my Tour BX. Off the driver, I definitely noticed a difference in feel. A handful were as good as I could hit them, and each time I reacted poorly because it felt like a mishit. The ball doesn't give you a lot of feedback when hit full out. Wind performance was nice, but compared to the BX I was definitely hitting the ball higher. Weird since most have reported the new one to have a lower ball flight. Short game wise, the V1 checks up like madman and I paid for that when hitting longer bump and runs. I did not account for how much more the ball bites versus the check and release of the BX. I had more than a few full wedges and short irons spin back on me in a bad way. That being said, the greens were very receptive and usually play much, much firmer than they did yesterday. I hope to try the V1x soon, but I don't think the '21 ProV1 is a good fit for me.
  15. Prices include shipping to US. I'm not looking for trades at the moment, this is leftover equipment as I settle my bag in for a while. 1. Fuji Atmos TS Black 7x with Taylormade Tip; 43 3/8" grip to tip, plays ~44.5" in the SIM2. Tipped .5", grip is a Genesis Cord in std with 1 wrap. The grip is a 360 style. $100 shipped. 2. Mizuno MP-20 MMC 4iron; Standard length (39.0), standard loft, Dynamic Gold TI X100. The Genesis Cord on this iron is pretty beat up...I would recommend any buyers to replace this, or i can remove before shipment. The clubhead has never been hit by me and is in outstanding condition. SOLD
  16. For 3 wood, Titleist fairway tip preferred.
  17. I just got a TSi2 3 wood in, and REALLLLY want to try the ZF in it. I ordered the club with an Atmos Black, which is solid in the driver but doesn't seem to get along with the fairway heads all that well.
  18. Like @Bad9 said, I'd say start at 40. You can safely go up to 60 for most grips once you get some practice. Too low and you won't be able to seat the grip, too high and you can damage or destroy the grip.
  19. Placeholder so I can upload a photo showing exactly what I mean. It's a thick, 2" masking-type tape but has a shiny brown covering. It's not quite packing tape and not quite masking, but it seems to have great hold on the grip for air installs.
  20. I picked up a Pure Pro this morning and some really nice buildup tape. Went on in about 5 seconds and very secure. I guess the method isn't perfect with all grips, but it sure is nice to know that I can now pull the grip off whenever I want.
  21. I have a TSi2 3 wood on order, but the Epic Flash and Sub Zero fairways are absolutely legit. The SZ especially for the flatter lie angle, shallower face and adjustable front/back weight. My SZ 5w has a permanent place in the bag and will have one for at least a few years to come.
  22. Paging @misplacedtexan83 and company, I made an impulse buy today at Home Depot and now in on the air game. I've got the right nozzle for the gun, tried one grip out already and had some of the same issues with that damn Lamkin grip. I think now I've ruled everything else out and the grip just sucks. I'm using painter's tape @ 50psi. Any adjustments you recommend?
  23. He strikes the ball like a future US Open winner. I'd take that bet for sure.
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