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  1. D8 is a manly swingweight indeed. I'll bet you can really feel the clubhead when you swing it. Nice.
  2. That's really interesting. I didn't know they had an oddball length but it all makes sense when you think about it. It's kind of weird that for such a popular and useful club no other manufacturers got into the Ginty game.
  3. Well I thought that someone here would know the history behind this putter. I don't know the details myself but I do know that Wilson is pretty good about honoring their past and nostalgia in general so it's not surprising that they'd issue something like this. As for the "Texas Wedge" name I did find an article that explains it in general terms. You may have found this already but if not, here is the link: https://www.liveabout.com/what-is-a-texas-wedge-1561010
  4. I understand completely. You have excellent taste in irons Sir!
  5. Lots of folks create works of art and getting paid to do so is the icing on the cake. As for the irons I would definitely play them. It's just wrong not to. That's a big reason why I rarely buy pristine irons - I might be tempted 'not' to play them!
  6. You don't see those come up every day that's for sure but ten grand? That's like a whole years worth of golf for any respectable wrx'r! Seriously, maybe a collector would pay that for a pristine unplayed set but he says they have "scratches" from play and the grips are worn, which to me means they have quite a few rounds on them. Still... they ARE fantastic. Thanks for posting the link.
  7. That is very true. Haha! Semi-serious answer? For me it'd be The Open at St. Andrews but only if Ivor Robson announced me at the beginning. "On the tee from Canada... Swingingk!"
  8. Yeah it's pretty nifty. I think I paid like $75 for it which seems like a good deal considering it's a new bag too. One of these days I'll have to take it to the course. I keep my '59 Dyna-Powered's in it so it'll be a total nostalgia trip.
  9. Ha! Thanks. You gotta find room where you can. I saw the Wilson bag on a local buy-n-sell website and had to have it. If I remember correctly the seller said he got it signed at some kind of Champions Tour event here in Canada. It's got a lot of interesting signatures. I've only deciphered a few so far. Someday when I'm bored I'll have to look closer at it. Here's a few of the names: Gene Sauers Doug Tewell Ken Green Tom Pernice Jr. D. A. Weibring Ted Tryba Ray Barr Jr. Ray Stewart Stan Utley Bobby Watkins Pat
  10. So I gave them a week or so for the poly to set up nice and hard and whipped them with the Tandy waxed nylon thread. I know it's not the correct thread to use but I have a bunch of it and I really like how it looks. I think it gives them kind of an old-school look. I also spent some time profiling the necks with a file before I wrapped the thread and I think the tapers look much more uniform now. So all in all I think they came out well. The color is growing on me and the gloss poly turned out very nice. I'm pleasantly surprised at how well the colors match wood-to-wood too co
  11. That's a really neat find. Those are going to be sweet all shafted up!
  12. I ran out of corners long ago but... walls work good too!
  13. The Masters of course. How else would I get a chance to play Augusta National?
  14. I think maybe those numbers listed on Ironfinder are actual measurements of the clubs they are trying to sell, not proper factory specs. I noticed there are a couple of 3 degree gaps too where there should be 4.
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