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  1. We're these actually cast and not forged? That is surprising to me. From what I understood the FG-59's were a very limited edition iron so it seems pretty weird to me that they would go to the trouble of building forging dies for a short run, then turn around and make casting molds for an identical product. Hmmmm... Personally I'd buy that set in a heartbeat. I have the 59's and they are blade perfection. Are they still available???
  2. There's a few sets on ebay.uk in the 500 pound sterling range with KBS 90 shafts. Even a copper plated set or two. They claim forged 1020 steel. I think they look gorgeous but the price is way too high fo me considering the total lack of details on the source/brand. Maybe if I could but just the heads for half that...
  3. Nope. I'd rather golf alone than with a drunken once-a-year chopper who doesn't respect my stuff. Bigtime.
  4. You guys are making me drool here. I have yet to see a Honma I didn't like and some of these are like jewelry. Keep the pics coming please!
  5. I haven't had any irons rechromed but I am a machinist and I can say that you'd have to strip the chrome before you could remachine those tiny little grooves with normal tooling. I've read several rechroming discussions here over the years and the bottom line is that it's expensive. Unless you have something extremely rare or your doing it for sentimental reasons it's probably not worth the expense and hassle. Just buy a replacement set from ePay or the like that is in better condition. Just my opinion of course.
  6. You'd better get used to that comment. You'll hear it a lot on this site too, although not so much here in the Classic section where folks are more sensible.
  7. Raw FG51's custom ground by Joe Kwok?! Boy that sounds sweet...
  8. I really like it. The "chromium" looks more silver or satin-like to me (which I like) and I love the ferrule. All very cool to my eyes - I'd play it in a heartbeat. Interesting story too. I like how they went from using J.C. Higgins (somewhat boring) to Ted Williams (rather boring). It reminds me of the brother of a buddy I went to high school with: his name was Ted, which he thought was unremarkable so he had it legally changed - to Les. Lol!
  9. Oh man whippy you nailed it for me. Like Stu said, I can't add much to all the great comments made here other than this: give me a 6000y traditional course, a fine bag o' Mac persimmons, and a 60's Porsche to arrive in and I'm in heaven!
  10. I've not played FG-51's but my experience has been that anything that starts with "FG" is great. If I were replacing my own FG-17's it'd be with another set of FG-17's.
  11. I'd have to say that #1: because it works so bloody good, and #2: because it's not very plentiful due to its age and reason #1. That and becu clubs are really cool. Anything that can be said to be "illegal", made of hazardous materials, and worth millions and millions of dollars in lawsuits is also pretty cool. Just my opinion of course... I love how the golf industry spends soooo much time, effort, and money telling us how the new equipment is ever so much better than the old stuff, only to have to actually ban us from using it. Nice. Who knows how bad my game would be right
  12. Ping woods were terrible?! Hmmmm... never heard that one before.
  13. Wow, I can't believe I missed this thread but I guess I haven't been on the board much this summer... Stephen I would agree with you on your observations about mid 60's Wilson shaft stiffness. I have found them to play somewhat stiffer than the label shows. That is to say that I've found R labeled irons are more like R+ or S. The S labeled shafts are very stiff indeed. As for length I have found 60's irons to be quite comparable to modern'ish blade irons as long as your comparing loft to loft and not the club numbers. I will concede that they are often a bit shorter even w
  14. That old swing tips card sure looks familiar to me!
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