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  1. Does anyone happen to know how to delete averages? Because as I see it, the average of all strokes is listed there, which is pretty pointless.
  2. Which one do you mean? The tensei orange 55 (50 gramms) or the orange 65 (61 gramms according to pings website)? I am leaning to the 425 driver, fairway and hybrid with the tensei, but I am not sure tensei 55 stiff or 65 regular. Many thanks for your help.
  3. Hey, any other experiences with the Tensei AV orange shaft? As I am interested in the G425 max, the website paired me with the Tensei AV but how does the shaft works compared to the alta and rogue? My SS is about 92-95, so for what I learned the Tour and even the rogue could be too much shaft. The TXG test to the G425 with the Tensei on YT is very impressive.
  4. „Also anyone notice that when you use the Ping on line fitting system it's almost impossible to get it to recommend the G400 Max driver. Typically recommends the standard G400 driver instead. I wonder if that's because they built the system before the Max came out of if they are trying to push the standard driver to more people.“ No. Under „current ball flight“ you have to choose „inconsistent“, then you will get -for whatever reasons“ the recommendation g400 Max. But those recommandations are very rough imo. For my ss and specs I was recommended a 9 degree with KK reg. Then I went to a fi
  5. „Callaway Rogue Driver, is it worth buying?“ Imo absolutely NOT. I‘m playing the epic (Driver, woods). Neither the driver nor the FW woods are adjustable. I was even surprised to learn that the FW heads are glued. So no more individual settings. This manufacturing process is much more cheaper than adjustable heads. I remember as I purchased the epic driver the other day that the salesman justified the high price tag with the argument that alot of different manual steps were needed ro assemble the epic. And now? This is not worth it and to expensive for a technology from yesterday. The comm
  6. I went the opposite way. I´ve played the JPX 900 forged last saison with mediocre results especially in the long irons although I think I am not a bad iron player. Then a couple of weeks ago Í read in a posting here that even low single hcpers play the HM with succes (thank you Golfwrx!). So without thinking any further or testing I bought a set at my golfshop. OK I took some risk with no testing but this was the best decision I ´ve ever made in golf up to now. Absolutely no more issues with the long Irons. I first had the intention to mix the sets, long irons HM, short irons forged. But I r
  7. Hi, do you have issues with the paint? When did you buy your putter? My new platinum arrived yesterday. First impressions: it feels great with the SS 2.0 and I start to get used to the "Mickeymouse"-color ;-). Do you happen to know if the putter is counterbalanced? Or is it just a cap on the grip?
  8. After reading the last 22 pages of 52 I had the impression that according to many statements here there must be a huge difference between the red, the black and the platinum. So yesterday I had the opportunity to test them in a golf shop and I found almost no difference between the 3 (I’ve tested only the 2017 models). I could not find that one is more „clickier“ or more open than the other. For me they felt all pretty the same (and good in my hands). Of course it might be that I don‘t have the sensibility to feel the difference as some of the players here. Anyway I decided to go with the pla
  9. hmm. another question. I ordered the set with the New Decade MCC. According to golf pride those are lighter (46,5 g) as the standard grip M31Mizuno grip (49,5 g). Is this difference in weight negligible or does anyone know if Mizuno balances the grip?
  10. Today I've ordered my new set of 900 forged - blind. Well it wasn't as blind as that for my current set is a jpx 850 forged. I was fitted (with the DNA) on XP 105. Second choice was c-taper lite. So according to the many positive reviews on this club with this shaft this time a ordered a set with the c-taper lite. What I don't understand is that Mizuno had as a standard shaft in their jpx 850 forged a XP95 which is quite high launching (I have often issues into the wind). Now they offer as a standard shaft the jpx 900 with a project x LZ which is low launching. Although the heads are quite
  11. Thank you for your comments. I was fitted for the Speeder. Although.. it was not a real Fitting. I had the choice between the KK and the speeder and the last one gave me better numbers. I guess I will have to try other shafts :-(
  12. Today I tested my GBB for the first time on course. As nobody was playing I had the opportunity to test it on a long straight par 5. I wanted to see how much further I could hit it, compared to my old Razr hawk. I played 4 balls (new chrome soft). with each driver and started with the Razr. First Ball went slightly right from the middle of the Fairway but Ok. The 3 following balls went down middle of the Fairway, appr. 250 yards. Which is my normal yardage with the Razr. Then I took the GBB und took the same swing. First ball went with a power fade right almost OB. Th second went left and sto
  13. A bit late but I have a question to the GBB. If you increase/decrease Loft do you open/close the clubface like the TM M1 or stays the face neutral (or slightly closed)? Anyway it is not recommended to test both drivers side by side. The M1 is def. fade bias. The GBB is draw bias. So in my experience if you hit a few balls with the M1 you automatically correct your swing to compensate the fade (at least in my case). But if you play the GBB afterwards the body is still "programmed" to counteract a fade which results (in the draw biased GBB) in power draws or hooks. Or vice versa if you start wit
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