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  1. I have experimented with this extensively and have actually thrown a similar "on brand" muscle back PW into the mix, have tried the Vokey 46, and, of course, the traditional matching PW. For a long time when I was in high school and college I had MP14 short irons I combed with a variety of different long irons. Then, I moved to the Nike VR Pro Combos. Next, I I played MC 2011 for 8 or 9 years. I lost the PW and happened to have the matching MB head and added it for the rest of my time with this set. I just loved the control I had with the blade PW and the ability to hit low pitches and chips with it. I also always got along well with the narrow sole MBs tend to have. I also tried the Vokey PW years ago but it never lasted long. With my current JPX 919s I've never had strong feelings about the PW one way or another. I snagged an MP18 PW and 9 iron and after they sat in my garage for a year I've finally sent them off to get shafted. While waiting for the MB heads to get shafted up I could help myself but snag a SM7 46 . . . All I can say is I wish I had given the Vokey another shot sooner. In the month I have had it in the bag a huge percentage of my birdies have resulted from hitting it close with this wedge. It's also been a weapon around the greens for any shot that isn't a drop and stop situation. I've also like the continuity between my gamer 50* and my 46* being the same club, grind, shaft etc. Regarding shafts, I've played s400 as my main iron shaft for a decade or more. Now that I am using C Tapers I've stuck with the s400 in the PW which seems to work well . Having played s400s through the set historically, I have no issue hitting full shots with the shaft.
  2. Honestly, I think the SM7 is a better club. I have tried and failed to get along with the SM8. I always go back to the 7's and 6's I have in my spare bags. For me, it's partially about feel but also about touch and trajectory. The 7/6 models feel so pure and have a nice soft trajectory. Thomas, Cantley, and many others seem to insist on the 7s in some wedge slots even though they are full Titleist sponsored guys... this doesn't seem to be as much the case in the lob but for the 46-52* range tons of SM7s out there.
  3. Breath buddy, breath. Everything will be okay.
  4. All the fair points. Obviously, everyone prioritizes amenities differently. Personally, I like that it's all about the golf and couldn't care less about the rest. I appreciate that may not be everyone's opinion. I lived in the area for 12 years and was not a member at a private course because I had just graduated law school. For my money, I knew at NN I was getting a challenging layout in great condition with no b.s. - no target golf, always in good condition. The comparison to me was Red Tail or Granite. I love a lot of the holes at Red Tail but the condition was hit or miss over the years and pricing was always premium there too. Granite has all the amenities but the layout sucks for the premium price. For my money, I'd rather go to NN and know I was getting a premium experience on the course and then go to Newport after - and if I were on a golf trip to the area I'd want to do the same, personally.
  5. Looking for a clean SM7, raw finish, in either 46 or 48 head only. (What will I also consider? SM6 models instead of SM7, satin/tour chrome finish instead of raw as long as it's clean. Will considered shafted but really only interested in that if an s400 or Modus 125 a bit over standard in length.)
  6. Ohhh fun . . . an internet tough guy. Your grammar and sentence structure is pretty bad for a guy telling someone to learn to read. As for golf, my comment stands. The course is well worth playing and the cost is completely reasonable for a premium public course.
  7. Posting this for someone who checks the thread in the future... The suggestion that Newport National be take OFF this list is surprising to me. I used to live in Boston and have played most of the courses mentioned. If I had a chance to go back to the area Newport National is the FIRST place I would play. Awesome layout, no B.S. golf, better conditioned than Red Tail. Unless you hate links golf I don't know how you skip this place.
  8. Always fun to be able to answer your own thread. Hopefully, this is useful to others in the future the way Valtiel's post of helpful to me. I am now the proud owner of the White 130 in X and TX in both driver and three wood shafts (Titleist tips). As previously mentioned, I have the Black 70 TX for my driver as well. After a week owning it, the White 130 TX is fairly firmly planted in my bag, and that's after some of the best driving rounds of my life with the "regular" White X. The TX does not play like a flex "up" in stiffness. It's just a tighter version of the shaft. I have supreme confidence going after it with the White TX and had no surprises. I'd say it plays slightly stiffer and encourages a slightly lower launch than the X but not night and day. I also had the lowest round of my life the first day I owned the shaft. Threw it in in the bag after maybe 10 balls at the range and didn't miss a fairway the whole round. I haven't spend enough time comparing the X and TX in the three wood, but will update the post when I do!
  9. Thank you. I am aware of the retailWedgeworks AD Sixty. I am looking for information about the AD+ grind applied to D and M grinds and seen on tour. I have an AD+ in hand and it is not a modified L with 4*. Perhaps it has similar characteristics but not the same.
  10. In short, yes, it is tour only. I already know that the AD+ hand stamp indicates it is hand ground by Aaron Dill in the tour trailer and is a particular grind he does for tour players, usually on an M or D grind. It's not retail. My question is not if you can get "smooth grind lines" from Wedgeworks. I was hoping someone who had actual experience with the grind could tell me more about its playing characteristics.
  11. The AD+ is definitely a tour trailer only grind, not WedgeWorks. Maybe similar to what you describe with the smooth grind lines but hoping someone knows more!
  12. Can anyone offer more detail on the "AD+" stamp on the tow of the 60*? I know it stands for Aaron Dill from Vokey, but is there any intel on the particulars of the grind? I have seen this on M and D grind heads. However, each appears to have a smoother sole with less obvious "edges" where the heel and toe grind begins on the sole. Would love to know more.
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