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  1. To be honest I think it was on one of the Wilson pages.. I don't think that other OEM's would have codes listed there.
  2. Just found a revised code on FB and added it into the first post..
  3. I pre-ordered my WS Model CB's 4-PW set all stock 5 weeks ago, (before I found the code) and just received them in the mail yesterday. I know when I ordered my WS Model blades 3-PW set all stock last year it was also 5 weeks, Hang in there.. worth waiting for. I haven't hit mine yet, but I did check the build specs on them.. all stock specs checked out. Hoping to get to a sim or golf dome later this week, not expecting to learn much as I haven't swung a club since November..
  4. Another one who is a fan of the TS2 16.5°... I purchased mine with the shaft length of a 15° 3 wood though as that's what I use it as. Easy to launch and very forgiving for me.
  5. What did you decide to keep instead of these? Mine are still in route..
  6. It appears that the fairway is a draw model, is this correct?
  7. I've owned 3 sets of Mizuno MX-25's.. my brother has my first set still, my oldest son (25) has my second set in play when we go, and the third set I reshafted last season for my wife to use as she's wanted to get back into golf. Not the same as the MX-200's but definitely great irons.
  8. Glad it helped.. hopefully winter's grasp will release here in New York and the season will change for the better.. looking forward to testing out my WS Model CB 2 and 3 iron versus my WS Model 18° and 21° utilities.
  9. As far as I know it's still good. I keep looking at a bag for my new CB's and I'll use the code for that. Still waiting for delivery of my 4-PW CB's.
  10. Titleist TS2 16.5° with a shaft from a TS2 15° (3 wood length in a 4 wood basically)
  11. Wilson's.. they dumped my Cobra King Forged MB's and MP-20 MB's out of the the bag last year..
  12. What did you go with? Just curious what is going to be in play..
  13. Yeah, you used to be able to get upgraded shafts from some OEM @ no charge like the Tour Issue versions of shafts from Mizuno and Srixon, but both are an upcharge now, which kind of stinks. Although with the 20% discount it does help somewhat. I'm lucky enough that all stock specs fits my swing well. I'm really looking forward to putting the WS Model CB 2 and 3 into the bag and see if they can replace the WS Model Utilities I have been using.
  14. Do it.. LOL.. I've only got the Wilson Staff Model CB 2, 3, and GW in hand as I ordered them a week before I order the matching 4-PW, but I will say they are spot on spec from Wilson's chart on their website, and the soles don't look anywhere near as wide as I thought they might. I think the V6 fan's will like the CB's.
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