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  1. My 73 year old neighbor and I play every Monday, and I'd like to have him try out a 12° driver.. if it has a regular or senior flex shaft that would be great. Even better if it is an adjustable one. Not looking to spend $200 for one as it's an experiment to try out.. $100~$150 is the budget for this one. As always, PayPal ready to send for the right deal. Thanks..
  2. For what it's worth.. a little size comparison of a ZX5 3 iron vs ZX7 4 iron.. (photo courtesy of @Yosef..) I haven't hit the ZX5 3 iron yet, nor the ZX Utility 3/20° that I just got, but I'll be interested in which comes out on top. As @Yosef discussed with me the other day, the ZXU work better off a tee, but the ZX5 3 iron works well at both tee and fairway..
  3. Selling my Callaway APEX Pro 21's irons; with 4 rounds on them, zero range time. Men's R/H Callaway APEX Pro 21 (4-PW, AW) True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issue Steel, S400 (Stiff) Standard L,L,L Golf Pride Z Grip Soft 50g + 1/16" $$$ SOLD $$$
  4. THIS .... put a screw in a little bit to catch threads, insert the wrench into the screw as normal, and hit the T handle part of the wrench with the palm of your hand or a wooden block of wood (like a hammer handle).. should pop it off. Either way, that adapter is toast.. don't reuse it. My guess is the after market adapter is of poor quality and probably tapered and wedged in, unless you got epoxy into the threaded end and it ozzed out into the outside of the adapter.
  5. Having owned 3 sets of the MX-25's over the years, I will say they are definitely great irons to game at any level. My first set my brother has been playing for 10+ years, my second set my 25 year old plays when we go out, and my third set was just heads until last season when my wife took an interest in going golfing a couple times, I put some KBS Tour90s in them and she'll be playing those. I think the undercut feature is what makes them so easy to hit. I've tried MX-200's MX-300's JPX 850 Forged (crazy long irons.. watch Rick Shiels old video on those).. and the MX-25's were the best. I wi
  6. Sorry.. I had a taker for it yesterday.. it's already gone..Regards..
  7. Selling my Garmin S60, used about 1.5 seasons, upgraded to the S62 Original box, manual, extra long power cord, factory reset done. There is an aftermarket screen protector on it as well. Functions 100%.. $$$ SOLD $$$
  8. For me the deciding factor was stock lofts of them.. the APEX Pro 21's were closest to my Wilson Staff Model blades (7 irons are at 33° vs 34°) and the APEX 21 7 iron is 30.5° After having been playing irons with the 7 iron at 34° for the last four sets of irons I wanted to stay somewhat similar lofted thru-out the set. A side note, I still have yet to hit my APEX Pro 21's.. minor surgery last week has me sidelined for another week or two.. but looking forward to getting out with them.
  9. I have not hit my new APEX Pro's yet, but they definitely look very nice..
  10. Have you received a reply? I sent a PM on Friday and have not heard back..
  11. Same exact shafts and grip specs as my set of APEX Pro's that I have coming.. very nice looking sticks.. ! GLWS..
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