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  1. I will be closing this one up at the end of the day.. I will sell these items off on another site or locally if they remain.
  2. Driving irons for sale.. not going to need them for a while with total left knee replacement scheduled already.. Shipping TBD... All are stock specs / OEM assembled items.. Titleist U500 2/17° with HZRDUS Smoke Black 90g 6.0 $$ SOLD $$ *** CLOSING ***
  3. I bit the bullet and decided to go to a local massage therapist and endured some very painful work on my shoulders, arms, forearms and wrists, I was black and blue for a week or so.. but I was pain free the rest of the season. (About 3 months).. I now have a monthly appointment for a deep tissue massage and I have not had any arm pain in 3 years..
  4. https://www.golfwrx.com/134765/elbow-and-wrist-pain-how-to-get-rid-of-it/
  5. Funny that you mention that.. I found the same with my other sets of Srixons (z945's, z765's) I even had Srixon reshaft my z945's from DG S300's to Modus3 Tour 105s.. I might need to send in my ZX7's for a reshaft, or order a new set with 105s in them and sell off the 120s set..
  6. This is GolfWRX... the answer will be.. "That's my 200 yard club..!!" sweet looking irons great condition for their age.. GLWS>>!!
  7. It works well, although I rarely hit it.. just think of it as a high lofted 3 wood.. easy to launch from a short tee, and easier to hit off the deck.. TBH I don't really remember what the setting is on the TS2 16.5° as far as loft goes. Playing it at 43" works for me, and plenty long.
  8. One step further.. TS2 16.5° with the shaft from a TS2 15°.. so it's playing at standard 3 wood length (in 4 wood head)...
  9. That's a Callaway fitting head... I don't own APEX MB's..
  10. I think that Wilson Staff Model blades are one of the longer length blades out there, and like others have mentioned.. the Srixon ZX7's are pretty close to those .. here's some comparison photo's Wilson Staff Model blades vs 2021 Callaway APEX MB Wilson Staff Model blades vs Mizuno MP-20 MB vs 718 AP2 Wilson Staff Model blades vs Srixon ZX7's...
  11. Assuming these are steel shafts.. heat up the end and pull the extension, and heat up the one that was cut off, and grab the inner one with needle nose and pull that as well. Still would have been better to know this before you bought them..
  12. I was thinking about reshafting my ZX7's and wondered how I'd like all black ferrules.. but those look very good like that.. GLWS..
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