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  1. https://www.golfwrx.com/134765/elbow-and-wrist-pain-how-to-get-rid-of-it/ I still believe in this method 100%.. During the golf season I have a standing appointment once a month.. definitely a game changer for me..
  2. If you searched by @StillCantPutt content you can find them...
  3. Just a bit of an update.. my buddy plays the 2019 Cobra King Forged MB's and plays the RF MB's.. I asked him how they compared.. he send me some photo's of them to compare.. He lives in NC and plays there most of the summer.. so far about 6-7 rounds on the RF MB's and 30-40 on the Forged MB's..
  4. I had G420 LST & G410 Plus, both are gone, played a G425 LST 10.5° for a while, picked up a G400 Max 9° to try, kept it in the bag for most of the season, traded off the G425 LST as the G400 Max was solid.. bought a G425 Max 10.5° to test as I liked the G400 9° so much.. 18 holes later I traded it off for another G425 LST 10.5°.. from my brief use of the G425 Max, it is very straight... very high launching, and as others have said.. very loud. I could have gotten used to the sound, but for me having a G400 Max as an option, the sound and performance were so similar ultimately due to the high launch of the G425 Max (and sound) was the main reason I moved it. That said; here's my current line up of Ping driver options (my G30 LS is not included..) One other thing to mention.. for me I like options.. so I have plenty of shaft choices to tweak with when I get the urge to try something new.. just change the shaft.. Ping G400 Max 9° & 10.5° options; Graphite Design Tour AD BB 6s Graphite Design Tour AD BB 6x Ping ALTA CB 55 X-Stiff Ping ALTA CB 55 Stiff Ping Tour 65 stiff Ping G425 LST 10.5° options; Ping Tour 65 stiff Ping ALTA CB Slate 55 stiff Aldila Rouge White 130 70 stiff Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60g 6.0
  5. Add me to the ZX7 camp.. while I really liked mine when I owned them.. I could not get along with the stock Modus3 Tour 120 stiff shafts. My other iron sets , all with Dynamic Gold S300's in them just hold their intended line way better. At some point I might snag another set of ZX7's if they have DG S300's or DG TI S400's in them.. to be fair, I've never hit the P770's, but comparing the ZX7's to my Wilson Staff Model blades, Mizuno MP-20 MMC/MB's, the ZX7's are very forgiving, even if I miss left and right with them more than the others. I think there's probably some YT video's on their comparisons. I will be very interested to test out the MP-223 and Titleist T100 / T100s once I finally get my knee replacement surgery and rehab done.. (No elective surgeries allowed in NY State at the moment, my surgery date came and went.. missed it by a week...)
  6. Legit question.. if I run that serial number thru Titleist I can get the actual confirmed build specs from them.. just want to be sure that is of the club being sold.
  7. Are those photo's of the actual driver or just an example of one available?
  8. Purchased this on Monday, arrived on my door today.. Even though I have a total knee replacement scheduled in less than a month.. might have to do a head to head come Spring / Post Op rehab with my G400 Max 9° and G425 LST 10.5°..
  9. I can confirm this.. I spoke at length a while back with one of their head engineers who is now retired.. if it has an adapter on it, it's tipped 1"
  10. Regarding the Tour AD DI 7x....Dimension from the tip to the first green ring please..? (24.75" would signify untipped)
  11. Of my current iron sets.. I like my MP-20 MMC 4-6, MP-20 MB 7-PW setup with C-Taper Lite 110s... but to be honest, any Mizuno irons I've tried with C-Taper Lite 110's have worked well (originally started with MP-H5 with CTL's)..
  12. Ping G400 Max 9° driver and Ping G400 5/17.5° (with ALTA CB 65s 3 wood length shaft).. it works for me..
  13. 2016 M2 10.5° with UST Elements Chrome 6F5T... ! Only have tried the 2017 M2 and M6 since.. and now moved into other brands..
  14. Might want to add some photo's of the faces on these.. GLWS..
  15. Thanks Craig... hope you're hitting them well my friend..!
  16. I just bought a G425 Max 10.5° head myself today, I've been playing a G400 Max 9° and G400 SFT 12° for a few weeks and like them both. I had a G425 LST 10.5° for a month in July and sold it off.. the G400 Max is a straight club.. but needed more loft. If I could find a G400 Max 10.5° I would game it instead of the G400 Max 9°, but typically those that have them must like them and keep them.. Time will tell on the G425 Max coming... Always good to tinker, it's the GolfWRX creed..!!
  17. I have a G400 5/17.5° head with an ALTA CB 65s from a 3 wood as well.. I have not hit it yet, but will be testing it this s weekend hopefully.. FWIW.. head weight is 216g (with OEM weight) playing 253 CPM's @ D2.5 swing weight @ 43" with stock GPTV 360 grip..
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