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  1. M5 12* with TENSEI CK Orange x-flex. Shaft has been shortened by 1/4". Headcover included, but no wrench. $SOLD Cameron Circa 62 No. 3. Does not have a grip. 35", old headcover included just for shipping purposes. $SOLD. Cameron Studio Select Fastback No. 1. 35". Old headcover included, but not Studio Select. SuperStroke Slim 3.0 grip in good condition. $SOLD
  2. Looking for a TS2 5W w/ stock HZRDUS stiff shaft. Not interested in TSi2. Thanks
  3. Looking for a TSi2 10* with stock HZRDUS shaft.
  4. T200 black finish, 4-48*. AMT S300 shafts. Excellent condition, only used for ~6 rounds and maybe a handful of range balls (only used 7 and 48* on range). Standard L/L/L. I put on new GolfPride MCC grips. Wanted to keep them, but I'm sticking with my AP3s. $1200 PP/shipped (CONUS only) TS2 17* hybrid. Stock HZRDUS stiff shaft. Like new condition, hit less than 20 balls with it. New GolfPride MCC grip (black/white). Headcover included. $200 PP/shipped (CONUS only)
  5. Ping i500s in excellent condition. Used for less than a year. -Green dot -Standard length -3 thru UW (3-iron was added separately, different serial #) -PX LZ 6.0 shafts Selling for a friend. No trade offers, please. $825 PP/shipped
  6. Got sucked in and couldn't resist...bought a set of T200s in the new black finish. Now I need to unload some things to pay for them. AP3s with AMT S300s. 4-GW, standard L/L/L. Set came with AMTs, but I did put Project X 6.0s in them for a few weeks (shafts are for sale, too). Didn't like the feel and went back to the AMTs. All work done by local Edwin Watts. Full disclosure, you can see a little separation between club heads and ferrules in a few clubs. Certainly nothing that affects play. Black/white Golf Pride MCCs (standard) on all irons. No scratches on back of the clubs, it's
  7. Like-new 9.5* TS2 head...with a small scratch on the toe. I was playing around with two different heads/lofts last week. I was putting the 9.5* back in the bag when it happened. I missed the compartment in my bag and watched it fall to the cart path in painful slow motion! Hopefully my loss is your gain. I tried to include pics that best show the scratch, including one at address. I obviously know its there, so I see it, but it is not glaring at regular address position (especially with some touch up paint). Let me know if you'd like any additional pics. $SOLD$
  8. Thx, appreciate the link. Don't want other users to think I'm bad to deal with.
  9. Just posted in For Sale Forum for the first time in several months. Noticed that I now have a 2-star Feedback Score. I had all positive feedback ratings on the old site (well over 50, if I remember correctly). What is this new Feedback Score? I'm having troubling finding information on it.
  10. Backup set of irons excellent condition. 4-GW with PX LZ 5.5 shafts, standard L/L/L. Like new GolfPride MCC grips. 1st pic collage is 4-7 and 2nd is 8-G. **First time posting in For Sale in a while and noticed I have a Feedback Score of 2 stars. I have no idea what that means, but it sounds like the old feedback system is not in place and WRX is working on the issue. I had positive ratings on over 75 transactions on the old site. You can also check my eBay rating (2playgolf).**$SOLD 4-7 (4 is upper left, 7 is lower right). 8-GW (8 is upper left, GW is lower right).
  11. Callaway Epic 15* 3W with stock HZRDUS stiff shaft. Excellent condition with new GolfPride MCC grip. Headcover included. Looking at the pics after posting, the reflection may look like a sky mark on the 3W. There are no sky marks on it, look at both pics for verification. **$125 shipped.** Callaway Epic 20* 3H with stock Recoil stiff shaft. Also in excellent condition with new GolfPride MCC grip. Headcover included. **$110 shipped.**
  12. Stiff shafts in the irons. I would rather not split the heads and shafts.
  13. Ping i200s 4-U with SteelFiber i95 shafts. Standard black dot. Shafts were installed by local Edwin Watts shop. Used for 2 seasons. New Golf Pride Tour Velvet cord grips. 4-W have matching serial numbers, U wedge was bought separately and has KBS Tour S shaft (rarely used). **SOLD** Cameron Newport 2 Notchback. 34" with midsize Cameron grip. Barely used, like-new condition. **SOLD** Cameron Futura X5. Plays 34", Edwin Watts removed extension to make it play 34". Bought it here and I only played 2 rounds with it. New SuperStroke Ultra Slim 1.0 grip. **SOLD**
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