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  1. Looking to clear non-essentials so here it goes. Paypal and shipping to CONUS. I've hit many balls into a net and played these heads a few rounds. Both seem to work ok. Noteworthy is that the M6 does not have the ports on the face. I don't have much info on them, but I'll try to answer any questions as best I can. Asking $old for the M6 and $190 for the M4. Trade interest... swing weight scale, new wedges, spider x or spider tour in 34" (not single bend)
  2. Note that this is the M5 Tour. 435cc vs 460 for regular m5.
  3. Proto naked head I managed to snag on the local market here in socal. Played it a handful of rounds and, FWIW from a ~12 handicap, seems to perform just fine. Definitely a conversation starter. Not sure what it's really worth so let's start at $old shipped conus only. Trades: New Sim Max 19 hybrid in stiff New/new-ish 3 wedge set - 50/55/60 or 52/56/60 Scottys, Seemores, SpiderX, maybe other putters - even center shafts.
  4. I did come across this fake on dhgate, but it has white diamonds by the SSS. The one in the ad does not look like it has them. And the cavities are different.
  5. Last I heard, it had been bid up to 700, but probably went for a bit more.
  6. Came across this ad today and missed out. ?. If authentic, someone got very lucky, probably the unicorn find of the year. From the pics, looks real to me, but I'm no expert. What do you think? Real or fake?
  7. Couple of used aftermarket shafts for sale... I'm just going to say $125 shipped per shaft. Let me know if I'm out of line, but I think that's fair. I'll work with you if you purchase multiples. Open to offers, but I probably won't respond to lowballs. All shafts are in good shape overall and have normal bag wear. May have very small paint scrapes. Everything is just cosmetic. Shafts will perform just fine. 1) Speeder 474 Evo III reg Flex. Cobra tip. 44.125". 2) Speeder 661 Evo III x Flex. Cobra tip. 44.125". SOLD 3) Pro 2.0 6R. Cobra tip. 44.25". 4) Pro 2.0 6R. Wilson tip. 44.5". SOLD. 5
  8. Happy Labor Day weekend. Got some heads up for grabs. 1) M6 D type 16* head in decent shape. Small paint chips on the toe not visible at address and some very light scratches here and there. $125 shipped 2 & 3) M4 3 & 5 HL heads which have some cosmetic scratches and paint chips. $65 each or $120 for both.
  9. Barely hit but heads do show some handling cosmetic issues. These are the black d-type heads which I don't know too much about, but I can see that they have shallower faces then the retail read version. Maybe someone knowledgeable can shed some light on these. They could be prototypes or tour heads for all I know. FYI, the 3-wood does not have the bottom of the hosel plugged as the pic shows. Not real sure how to price these, let me know if I'm out of line. Would prefer to sell as a set, 250 shipped for both. Or 140 each if I have buyers for both.
  10. > @DannyK said: > What tip is on the Atmos black xflex? It's the top one in the last pic. They are all TM tips
  11. Looking for new homes... Multiple item buyers will get priority. Shipping to CONUS only. Prices include shipping. Please add $5 east of Mississippi. All shafts are in excellent condition with very minor signs of wear. Grips are in excellent shape as well. Trade interests: Center shaft putters, new wedges 50/55/60. Prefer Vokey or pxg. 1) TM 3HL 16.5 head. $old 2) Atmos black xflex. 44-5/8" $old 3) Atmos black sflex. 44-5/8" $old 4) Rogue silver stiff. 44-1/8" has small cosmetic blemishes on ferrule as seen in pics. $60 5) Tensei orange stiff. 44-3/4". $old 6) Tensei orange stiff. 44-
  12. My ad is correct. They all have TM tips, but some also have TM branded 360 grips. I believe they are Lamkin grips if in not mistaken.
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