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  1. Would respectfully wholeheartedly disagree. If you can make your way to Black Mesa or Paako Ridge you should do it. Paako is better know / played, but Black Mesa is a special place for a lot of reasons.
  2. You've really got to mash the ball if you're going to rock these.
  3. Really killer collection, wish I played enough to justify buying the napa
  4. Thats what I was thinking like for a demo or a rep. The next question is do any of you guys know of any for sale?
  5. Yeah its a great place to be apart of and play. Not many better clubs in my opinion. [quote name='Golf_LU' timestamp='1374618319' post='7525020'] Not really sure, wish I could help? But SVCC is my favorite club. Not many places in the country with 3 nicer courses. [/quote]
  6. Okay WRX I need your help. At the club I caddie at, Saucon Valley CC, there is a laundry bag for our bibs and towels, and its an old ping tour bag, like the sexy vintage white ones with black lettering and piping. One thing. Its like a foot and a half across. This thing is massive. I want one. Anyone know what the hell these things are and what they were for? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks WRX.
  7. [quote name='NWfan001' timestamp='1340510172' post='5156766'] True, well in my point of view, being a 2, with scores all from your homecourse is not really a real 2 hcp, because a 2 hcp, would consistently be low - mid 70 in a tournament, or other courses he played at, play more tournaments and you will see how good you really are. [/quote]dude get a clue and get off his thread
  8. Really interested in this. How minimally is minimally? Like are the grooves spotless and is the milling still there?
  9. You could not be any more wrong. Try hooking a gap wedge, please. You might get twenty yards one out of fifteen times. Maybe, like a big maybe. Then try hooking it 40 yards one time. Didnt think so. Lawyered. [quote name='The Dane' timestamp='1334325187' post='4714096'] The shot in itself wasn't really that hard and anyone who can move the ball at all would agree.... but to do it under those circumstances and to get it as close to the pin as he did was truly awesome to watch. [/quote]
  10. That is hugely disappointing, lol, thanks. . [quote name='apprenti23' timestamp='1334010424' post='4687940'] [quote name='babbaboey' timestamp='1334009676' post='4687840'] So I currently wear a 13 nike shoe, would I be able to wear a 14 without it being a boat?? Because those are unbelievable. [/quote] Thanks- I have tried 13 Nike's and they're too small so I think they'd fit but only with a couple extra pairs of socks. Sorry [/quote]
  11. So I currently wear a 13 nike shoe, would I be able to wear a 14 without it being a boat?? Because those are unbelievable.
  12. dude, have you not seen caddyshack? Im pretty sure its viewing is requisite per the bylaws of the site. [quote name='XFelon' timestamp='1333036559' post='4606119'] [quote name='Cliffy' timestamp='1333008016' post='4604319'] haha XFelon fail [/quote] How??? Ssarcasm not shown when typing... Great post! Just kidding.... you suck again [/quote]
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