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  1. Sept 4 2010 Way too much time wasted talking about golf
  2. I lived in ATL from early childhood until young adulthood. I went to school there, was young there, had a family there...moved away for a job but only a few years ago, so I can probably give some perspective. I don't know where you're coming from but my view of Atlanta has always been that it's a big city just like most other big cities. It's got all the problems of big cities but has its own unique character that you get to know. IME, I've grown to love the character of most of the cities I've spent measurable amounts of time in (Boston, NY, Chicago, SF) (the one exception is that I don't m
  3. https://www.mikesgolfshop.com/ it's in the caption of the video
  4. i guess i'm on about a 2-year clip. must be something about the early part of the year.... still agree with this OP--quitting WRX was one of the best things that ever happened to me. good to see MTLJeff is still holding down the fort though. =)
  5. i read the first 6 answers in this thread and became very troubled by the state of the advice you're getting here. the source for most everything i'm about to say is bogleheads.com . it's the website of people who follow the founder of Vanguard and famous investor John Bogle. Bogle's big shtick was that the cost of investing is what kills portfolios....and he's exactly right. here's what you need to know for your 401k: -INVESTMENT, NOT TRADING: your 401k is not a trading account. daily, weekly, even yearly trading is NOT what it's there for. it's there to put your money in THE RIGHT inves
  6. [quote name='mshills' timestamp='1446895999' post='12565102'] Yeah, but my experience is that all major airports are like that, particularly when it comes to security. Here is a question. What major (hub) airport is not a logistical nightmare? I can think of two that are at least okay -- DFW and MSP, but they handle a fraction of the volume that comes thru a place like ATL or ORD. [/quote]I moved west and don't fly a ton, but SFO, SAN, and LAS are all easy to maneuver and handle pretty good volume (LAS specifically). I avoid LAX like the plague Also, even before I did move west, I recall
  7. [quote name='mshills' timestamp='1446259715' post='12531542'] IAD was unbelievably bad for a very long time because of all the construction and the "moon buggies." Since all that is done, it is still not the easiest to get around, but the mid-century architecture is very cool -- all kinds of architectural detail in there with unique fonts on the signage, lots of horizontal lines, and other cool details. One of my favorite airports is Reagan National. The view of Georgetown and the Kennedy Center and the Mall as you're landing is just cool, and the newer terminal with all of the airy feeli
  8. [quote name='Shipwreck' timestamp='1446554116' post='12544860'] Have these monstrosities been overtaking your town? In Tucson alone, at one intersection, there are 4 Mattress Firm stores (or sister stores), each within hundreds of feet of each other. I for one think they are some sort of money laundering company, because there is no way in hell that people are buying mattresses THAT often. Walgreens or CVS stores aren't even that close together, and they actually have stuff people need on a daily basis. Thoughts? -Ship [/quote] don't know if you meant this, but I literally couldn't get t
  9. Maybe it's just an open wound because I live in southern California But Taylor Swift has the absolute mfing worst songs my ears have ever encountered. At least 3 songs from her new album have come on the radio and, before I knew they were her, I said "dear God this song is horrible" and changed the channel. And I listen to nearly everything, try to keep an open mind, etc....I just couldn't even make it through her bsht. She sounds like an elephant getting strangled, and her lyrics make less sense than the crap my 3 year old says
  10. Well I, for one, am supremely disappointed. I mean, I'm glad you did it and all, but you easily could've gotten five guys and carried that car off the lot to paint that thing shut. I expected way more--as in, any--pee, and am frankly discouraged that this option want the back plan when the pallet wrap went awry. Finally, that duct tape job is just shoddy. Am expletive or two spelled out on it wouldn't have killed you. Good on you for staying with it though.
  11. Just got it. Already wishing I hadn't
  12. Oy. This one.... I haven't spent a lot of time here lately but felt like this was a topic that could use a comment. Hopefully this goes ok. I understand the struggle, man. I'm working on finishing my seventh year of being married and 15th together. Kids together, the whole deal. But if I'm being honest, we're not great for each other. She doesn't do anything I like. I'm adventurous and she's reserved. Work is much more important to her than my needs. I really struggled with it last year. And we've had spats for awhile. But after a few months of feeling sorry for myself, I snapped out o
  13. The best putter ever made, made by one of the best guys around. Although, few know the true significance of keeping that picture up there. I think it's one of those fun things that has a bit of hidden meaning. Maybe one day I'll get into it when I'm not on my phone
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