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  1. Wilson is more respected overseas but I agree overall that their price is too high for the US Market. Srixon, TM, Titleist and Callaway all offer more popular options and then throw in Snell and Vice there is no real motivation to spend $30 / dozen on Wilson golf balls.
  2. I've been using the Tour Speed last few rounds, having been a fan of the Tour Response and TP5. Tour Speed seems a little longer than the other two, checks up nicely on the greens and has a nice feel off the putter. I've used the same ball for 36 holes and while it's slightly scuffed, it's nowhere near unplayable. Overall, it's a good ball, I think it should be priced a bit lower, but it's right around the same price as Tour Response and under the Pro V1 / TP5 premium ball price.
  3. I liked the Z80 but hated having to take it home after every round to charge. I like how batteries last an entire season in a typical rangefinder, but understand due to the 2D overlay screen it's more like a GPS. Fortunately more and more carts are installed with USB ports so you can charge while you play.
  4. Left hand golfer wearing it on right hand and having issues with it reading practice swings and other actions as real swings. I just upgraded the firmware so will try it out tomorrow to see if anything is fixed.
  5. Played yesterday, will play tomorrow and weekend. Seems like golf is one of the safer sports given it's open air and plenty of space to maintain social distancing.
  6. Lots of panic and chaos while all CEO's try to save their collective as$es from law suits for being the ones to stay open when everyone else closes. It's the flu, people will die from it, but certainly not worthy of shutting down the world for a month.
  7. seems like the haters are posting more
  8. Focus should be on carry distance not actual distance. Rollout can be controlled by course setup. Seems a lot of courses the pro's play provide them with a lot of downhill fairways that are designed to run for ever, so who's shocked that Rory or DJ can hit it 350+? Emphasis has always been on long hitters and touting the longest drives of the day but there are plenty of holes where guys have to throttle back.
  9. XE has worked great for over a year. No issues with magnet either, sticks to my cart tight even on rough terrain and hard bumps. No issues with display and seems some here just need to read the manual.
  10. Parsons is a business man first, if he thinks he can make money selling golf balls he'll find a way to make them. If he determines he can't make money, he won't. People laughed at his clubs and the idea anyone would pay $300 per iron, but here he is on his 3rd generation and guess what people are buying them. Seems people are too worried about how others spend their money. I hear the same things from people using $100 putters talking about SC and Betti putters. I want Parsons to make a golf ball, not cause I'd buy it but because it means he sees a market for it. We want more manufacture
  11. I feel like the use of the microphone is a flawed approach. It prevents use of other devices and not every shot makes a loud enough (putter, wedge) sound to be heard by the phone in your pocket or Watch. The Apple Watch option doesn't appear to work and I don't like having my phone in my pocket. Given all the variables that need to be factored in (practice shots, post shot swings, putts), there doesn't appear to be an easy solution. I like having the ability to track a round but it needs to be more accurate and seamless.
  12. Marketing rules everything, why would golf be any different. The job of marketing is to make you desire / want something the company is selling. Marketing will always exaggerate the benefits by framing the results in a very specific manner. If you want reality, take your driver down to a store with a FlightScope or GC2 and test it head to head against every new driver. Chances are if your driver is less than 3 years old and you were properly fit for it, none of the new drivers performance will warrant the outlay of $500+
  13. Rumor was Reed's caddy got into an altercation and punched someone in the face. They've been riding Reed pretty hard and he's not played well so I'm not surprised.
  14. Costco did the right thing, makes me want to do more business with them given how quickly and professionally they handled the problem. I doubt Titleist or Callaway would offer full refunds so easily if at all, so I'm anxious to see what the next offering from KSig is.
  15. Callaway mass produced the ERC2 driver which was non-compliant so yes sometimes manufacturers in an attempt to gain a market advantage push the limits too far. Serious golfers know that drivers are at their max limits and it's very possible given the manufacturing process a low percentage of drivers roll off the production line non-compliant. it's on the manufacturer to ensure that the driver is compliant before they put it in the hands of their pro's. It may not be active or intentional cheating, but ignorance is usually not accepted as a valid excuse to break the rules or the law.
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