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  1. Exactly, she made a commitment, being out of shape and not caring about the money doesn't excuse the behavior. She stated she'd have competed in the final so she wasn't injured, just out of shape.
  2. She knew what she was signing up for, she quit, she shouldn't be rewarded for quitting.
  3. Shan Shan should have been forced to forfeit the event, not the match. If you can't compete until the end you should lose all the money. If it was stroke play she'd not get 4th place.
  4. I'd suggest a few lessons before you dump the irons, your misses are swing related not club related. While JPX 900 Forged are not SGI irons, they are fairly forgiving.
  5. I've been playing a lot of golf lately and was a big fan of the FJ Pro SL's but noticed my 2nd toe (which is longer than my big toe) on my back foot was hurting during the follow thru on my downswing. It appears the lack of a solid sole allows the shoe to flex on my downswing as I push off on the toe of my rear foot and a lot of pressure gets placed on that one toe. I don't notice the problem as much with more solid soled shoes that have replaceable cleats. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. Seemore putter alignment is much faster and effective for me than 2 Ball. Once you have your line it takes no time to align the RS to ensure you maintain that line.
  7. I just ordered it, had the SC300 but heard the new doppler unit is much improved. Should be here next week.
  8. Is it possible that the cutting process itself could give the appearance of an off center ball. Unless there are a lot more off center balls than we're led to believe there are, it seems strange that so many are found.
  9. Tried the RX for the first time today and was pretty impressed. Was happy distance wise, checked up well on short wedge shots and felt good off the putter.
  10. Pro V1x is high spin on long game and short game, also high flight, with firmer feel. Pro V1 is mid flight, soft feel, mid long game spin and high short game spin. There are so many variables that decide which ball is best for an individual based on their swing speed and the clubs they play. You need to test them head to head and not just go by what the manufacturers tell you. I have one set of irons that are ideal for Pro V1 as I generate enough spin with them but another set requires the Pro V1x to get the "proper" spin numbers.
  11. People expect to haggle at a car dealership. Demand and inventory changes daily, maybe the dealership only had 1 black car left and they knew they could get $35K, then they got a shipment of black cars and called customers back offering the car at $33K. I don't see many people haggle golf clubs, they either pay the sticker / sale price or they wait to that model is replaced and hope to get it on clearance rack. I don't think tour professionals influence golf club sales as much as many think. When Tiger was dominating, yes, but today, anyone can win and with any manufacturers clubs. Beside Bryson / Cobra single length irons I'm not aware of my clients customers running into their stores asking for the driver that the last PGA Tour tournament winner used. PXG has done a good job marketing their brand, people know who they are, think they are high end and think given the price tag they must be good - great clubs. I've had a lot of people ask me about my PXG's and none of them voiced concern about their PGA Tour representation.
  12. You scale the business to your revenue and profits, PXG entered the market as a high end provider of golf equipment and built their reputation on that. Parsons is very wealthy and doesn't need PXG to keep a roof over his head. He can keep the doors open on PXG for as long as he wants to be involved in the golf business. The factors that influence other golf businesses don't apply to PXG. Golf equipment is an afterthought for Bridgestone, their focus is golf balls because it's complementary to their core business. Cleveland has Srixon and XXIO behind it under Dunlop, they have much better sales outside the US than they do within the US. XXIO and Srixon are gaining market share in the US, which will only strengthen their brand long term. While I agree Titleist controls the golf ball market, they are losing share every year. We're seeing Titleist for the first time reacting to what their competition is doing and changing their product offering to compete against their rivals products. This is a key change within Titleist who were the trend setters and are now being forced to respond to their competitors offerings or risk losing market share. Pro V's are the #1 ball on Tour, but I see guys playing a lot more different balls today than I did 5 years ago.
  13. PXG is doing the same thing Mercedes, BMW and Porsche did. They made high end expensive cars that could only be afforded by a small percentage of the population and when sales became stagnant, they slowly released new models at a lower price points. PXG got a glimpse to their potential sales each time they'd run a clearance sale on a previous generation of club. They realized they could gain larger market share by offering a lower price model while still maintaining the margins and exclusivity on their 0311 models. I think it's smart business, the more bags filled with PXG clubs, the more likely someone else will consider PXG the next time they go shopping for clubs.
  14. Everyone has different tolerances to what they will spend on their hobbies, especially golf. The same rationale that is used to justify people buying the latest and greatest driver from BrandX every year is the same logic applied to people who opt to spend more for a certain brand or model of irons. Titleist, TM and Callaway all have "tech" irons that come with an much higher price tag than their regular gear. I know single digit players that use 10 year old clubs, obviously the person swinging the club is the most important factor by far, but if certain clubs give them more confidence, who cares. I have a set of Concept C16 irons, they are great irons, also have a set of PXG Gen 2 P and Epic Forged. I enjoy playing them all but all are limited by the guy swinging them.
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