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  1. Titleist - Audi Callaway - Mercedes Ping - Volvo Mizuno - BMW Srixon - Infiniti TM - Acura Cobra - Jeep / Dodge PXG - Tesla Tour Edge - Kia Cleveland - Chevy Honma - Ferrari Miura - Porsche Wilson - Ford
  2. The Tag Heuer Golf App is awesome. You can use the dial to scroll the course and get exact distances to hazards.
  3. I don't care what the bottom of the club looks like, as long as the crown looks okay, I'm good.
  4. When I'm struggling with my regular driver, the G400 MAX gets put back into the bag. It's saved many rounds for me, not sure if it's mental or magic but it finds fairways.
  5. To promote a product they are trying to sell or help sell and competitors to the product to trash it.
  6. Great analysis on Sei Young and the course. I think some people are better being the rabbit and others are better being the dog. The closer the dogs get the more distracted the rabbit gets. A lot of male golfers would shrivel up when Tiger was chasing them. On my limited experience in tournament golf, you try to avoid making mistakes with a lead and that is usually a flawed strategy because everyone behind you is playing to catch you. Sei needs to remain aggressive and play her best golf without worrying about who is behind her. I also agree with you on the course, the women almost n
  7. I'm seeing about 750 rpm increase in spin using the Bridgestone BXS over the TP5, TP5x, Pro V1 and Pro V1x with the X Forged CB 7i iron.
  8. After watching Phil with Barkley for 18 holes I'll pass. I love Phil but man that guy never shuts up.
  9. I believe you play the clubs that make you the best golfer. I rather people judge my golf game, not my clubs. I have a buddy that is using the latest Titleist Concept irons ($500 per iron), he hits them no better than he did the AP3's he last had but he likes attention. He knows all the specs on them and can talk for hours about all the tech that's inside them, but then he hits them and people lose interest. I think a lot of golfers are looking for that silver bullet that will elevate their game and will pay any price to get them. I've honestly never run any golfer playing PXG's that
  10. I've been spending more time on the GC2 and despite the lower backspin numbers I'm pretty happy with them. The Project X IO shaft does create more backspin than the KBS shafts I opted for when I found out the delay on the IO's. I've been working on creating more lag in my swing and getting the launch angle down a bit to increase the backspin and get a 45* angle of descent (at around 42-43 now). Dispersion is really good with them and I'm able to fade or draw the ball pretty easily. At some point I may just swap out the shafts if I can't get the numbers where I'd like them to be.
  11. What's your game like and what are you looking for in new irons? Gen 3's are $250 per club, I'd expect the Apex CF21's to be around $200 per club so on a 8 club set, about $400 difference. I have the PXG Gen 2 0311P's and Apex CF19's both with the same shafts, the PXG's perform better for me distance and dispersion wise. I'd also check more into the sole of the Gen 3 XP because I think it's going to be wider than the Apex CF19 or 21. I know when I looked at the Gen 2 XF is was a much wider sole than the Apex irons.
  12. PXG came out as a high end brand and took a lot of heat for it along with the fact many don't like Parsons. I see them no different than Callaway with their Epic Forged or Titleist with their CNCPT irons. If someone wants to pay $350 - $500 per iron what do I care? What most people don't realize is that previous generations of their clubs are sold much cheaper and they have the 0211 for the budget conscious so I'm not why anyone rags on PXG for being overpriced when they can be purchased at the same price or cheaper than other manufacturers. As for guys that play full staff bags of the
  13. Best advice here. I remember when I first started out and thought i was ready for blades cause that's what these types of golf forums said the "good" players played. So I bought a used set of Mizuno MP-68's and a used set of Titleist 712MB's. I ran to the range and was waiting for that big moment where the angels sang and I would be so overwhelmed with amazement I'd never again wish to swing a cavity back club in my life. Sad to say the ball traveled 15 yards less and the feel wasn't so amazing. I went through an entire bucket of balls, giving both clubs the opportunity to convince me eve
  14. I'd guess the balls might be colder than 30* and are partially freezing. Combine the cold temps with overuse and I'm not shocked they crack in half.
  15. The only time I ask someone about their clubs is if I'm interested in buying them and want their opinion.
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