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  1. Heard Strick went to a SS wrist lock? Anyone have a photo of him with it?
  2. Did the virtual ball fitting; was outstanding. They really have made a linear progression, per the rep of AVX - V1 - V1x left dash - V1X. I think for many of us over 40, it was just so hard to finally grasp that the X is a higher spinning ball in SOME areas. I was V1 all the way but he wants me to try left dash as well. awesome experience; highly recommend
  3. Yes, I see what you did there. Very witty my friend; loved it!
  4. Oh I know.... pages upon pages of them. See autoflex thread. I just appreciate threads like this where people are keen to help, like BCFLY asking those two questions for no their reason then to be helpful. Refreshing that’s all.
  5. Love it all the guys, thx. WRX is so great without snarky pointless jabs. Really appreciate it! I’ll take a look at all... still want to hear about this March ball
  6. my fault.... you said same characteristics as TM. maybe SRIX or Cally?
  7. Super helpful man, thank you! Is that manufacturer TM? I’ve heard rumblings of outstanding new TP5 balls....
  8. Great questions! 1.) great in the wind. long and lower spinning which helps me from ballooning through the bag 2.). Wish it launched lower
  9. Thanks, fella! My goal is for this to be a definitive consultation. I am a gear freak that has learned a ton over the years. And, I still can't for the life of me figure out which ball I should play with Titleist..... I played the X for years. Then.... "THE FLIP" or "FLIPGATE" happened. If I 'm honest, ever since then I've been completely baffled.... spin causes launch (to a degree; pun intended). In the past the X was always the low launch/low spin. Now, the V is the low launch, low spin. Or is it? To further complicate, I'm hearing from Wunder and folks that now they ar
  10. Sorry if addressed in a prior thread but isn't there a way to chat with someone at Titleist online about what ball you might best fit? The way the models have flipped over the last 3 years, etc., I'd love to chat with someone - anyone know if that's a thing or am I hallucinating?
  11. I really only try to post to add true value so here goes... Extremely happy with my Sim w VENTUS black 6X. Have 9* down at about 7.5 as I hit up a lot. Great driver for me and could game it for years. I was legit concerned I’d see no gains in Sim2 given what I’ve read so far/seen online. Hit the Sim2 9 today with a Fuji Evo III that I gamed for a long time (letting a friend try my VENTUS). Was VERY pleased with Sim2. I’m not sure it’s longer at all. But was crazy controlled. Felt like Pings as described by loyalists. There were swings that with my Sim, I’d be looki
  12. I actually could see the Nike thing as close as he and TW are.....Nike stood by Tiger, Kobe, etc. I know Nike made exceptions for a few guys a few years back (letting them have a sponsor name on the apparel.). Maybe they’ll do the same for him. if TW brand is gonna pass the baton like Jordan did....he’ll need to start thinking about who the guy or gal will be
  13. Great stuff....interest catch, Nic. Didn’t realize RL left the door ajar.....
  14. Apologies if there is already a topic, here. Any thoughts on where he might land? I know he wears Titleist FJ hat/glove/shoes. So, my guess is Nike is out? I think they typically prefer all-in deals.... He's a top three player in the world, you gotta think someone is going to jump on this opportunity. Anyone hearing anything?
  15. Anyone know the size of the 7? They varied a lot over the years. Prefer the smaller, myself.
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