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  1. Agree with you; the X is silly long. If you are a high spin player (and I am) it's hard to imagine a better ball. I know for a lot of guys, the X doesn't spin enough.
  2. I wouldn't be worried, my friend. You may need to bend a degree or two but I was able to combo a set of 770s (4,5) and MC(6) into my set of TW blades (which has very, very weak lofts). I even checked with some guys in the iron R&D department of TM and they thought the gapping was great. You might have to think through what to bend a degree weak or strong but you can absolutely manage with just those two models.
  3. Thanks for the pic of the small one! Is that TW's or just a random one? The M5 that he's coming from is very small by today's standards. I'd be suprised if he's not in the small.
  4. Yup. Very well known and not concealed that the stock Ventus in TM woods doesn’t have Velocore.
  5. I’d bet the SIM 3w is the tour issue “small” version. He hates a large footprint on his fairway woods.
  6. I don’t believe so.....if you get a putter custom shop to do it be very careful who you use. It’s not easy abd requires a special 3M tape. BOS does them well.
  7. Got a 9X in JDs Clubs shop waiting for a Sim 3Hybrid head. Cannot wait to try this thing....my former hybrid PXG first gen w an Atmos black was the longest standing club in my bag at three years (sadly, a long time for me).
  8. Say what you will, VENTUS is the shaft if the year. Period. End of story. Michael Thompson wins 3M with it. Fleetwood bags it; Rose; Berger wins with it and now Sergio who is a long time MRC user. This shaft is special. Would be surprised if Rory DOESNT have it in the bag when he returns. FUJI did something special here; there’s no doubt.
  9. Just saw this...subtle Easter egg? Or, did I totally space this shaft? Looks like it’s in the 50g range?
  10. Well... the reigning US OPEN champ doesn’t think so. I’ve wondered about this too, trust me. Makers speak to larger grips; skinny to blades. But, I honestly think it’s a free for all; makes no difference and all personal preference
  11. Yup. That’s what I’m hearing as well.
  12. I read on one of the posts that the changes are just graphics. Did he go back to 4/5 Srixons after trying the 770?.
  13. Hit these today outside with the TM rep at my club. I don’t think it’s overstated to say this will be the best selling iron range in recent memory for TM. I hit all three irons with an DG 120 X100. 770 phenomenal. Combo of force and finesse. Nice bit of offset but not a shovel at all. Felt like I couldn’t miss it. if I tried. MC May steal the show. Could not believe how friendly it was..... soft yet great flight. It’s far from scary and I could see guys playing it 4-P that are any single digit. MB shocked at how playable this was...I actually thought
  14. So....hit this lineup today with the TM rep. Gonna go ahead and say this will be the single best selling line for TM in recent memory. The 770 is outstanding; mixture of force and finesse. The MC was WAAAY more playable then I’ve heard it described. A single digit could play these too to bottom with zero issue. The blade shocked me with how playable it was too....all were hit with DG 120 X100. lastly, the UDI is insane even with the stick thump. This is the best range of clubs I’ve seen in years.
  15. You guys are absolutely crushing this release..... question on the combo chart.... safe to say you should bend more than specified? Say, for example 1 degree in the 770? PS-I know must experts say don’t bend more than 2; but seems like just 1 on the 770?
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