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  1. It is indentical to the PX5, PX6 in terms of practical use. Styling has changed (minimally).
  2. It's okay, a lot like orchard hills in Washougal. Pretty blue collar, finances aren't great... so condition suffers a little. If greens were 12+ it might be impossible for some people. Tons of slopes >5%. Good people there though. A few pretty good golf holes. Barren wasteland up there for private golf, so you kinda get what you get.
  3. I'm no longer a member there, but I would bet with near certainty initiation is $4k+ and dues will be north of $425/month for individuals, $525+ for full family.
  4. In years past, I have just picked the most optimistic forecast But truthfully, the Dark Skies app on your respective phone platform has been the most accurate for me... like literally to the hour for precipitation.
  5. Thanks for all the reviews. Looks like the trip was a blast. I tested the SIM in January and it wasn't for me, but am more interested in the fairways for sure.
  6. That's fantastic service... really what that place is about. Unfortunately, I can't say a few guys in our group got the same level of service (one lost a pitching wedge, one lost a range finder--neither returned). Guest services couldn't be less enthusiastic or helpful. Marshals couldn't be bothered to get off the stopwatch and go ask a couple of the groups behind ours. I've worked in the industry for nearly 20 years and was surprised not that they were never recovered, but the almost zero effort towards a resolution was pretty surprising to me. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that Pr
  7. Our group just got home Sunday evening. Nice trip, lucked out on weather compared to what was forecasted. It blew pretty hard Saturday at Bandon, but not really much rain to speak of. Lots of tricky pins Thur-Sat (Trails & Pac especially). Some I've literally never seen before, even in tournament play there. Greens were definitely iffy on Trails (they had obviously recently top dressed), but were very bumpy and extremely slow. I was disappointed because they were so good last year at the same time. Pacific had a lot going on... some tined, some sliced, some top dressed, etc. I would gue
  8. I played Crosswater a ton in October. Not sure there was a better conditioned course in the entire NW. If I could pick any of them, I'd probably pick Pronghorn Fazio, then Crosswater.
  9. We are playing the same rotation of courses, but we also play Old Mac on Sunday. Do you have the Callaway bag with the short legs? I've always wondered how those do.
  10. You really should. A waterproof bag with a rain hood is pretty adequate unless you get biblical weather. As mentioned earlier, they do a better job for sure than a standard bag and don't get heavy from soaking up water. I actually take 3 bags to Bandon, my stitch sl1 is waterproof, 4 up sta dry, and a moon lite.
  11. I hope the weather is like this next week! My group will be there Thur-Sun and I'm crossing my fingers. We've taken a beating one or two days each year for the last few years.
  12. I would suggest Redtail (just for quantity of options). Fittings there can be hit or miss depending on who is doing the fitting. Redtail is a good option if you have fitting experience or you can bring someone who does. Not sure if it fits your timeline, but I'd just wait for Ben Giunta to get back in town. Probably the best, most complete fitting you'll get here.
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