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  1. Scotty Studio Select Fast Back - SOLD Futura X - SOLD
  2. Ping i500 irons 5-PW, orange dot, KBS Tour 90 S shafts (no shaft bands), GP CP2 Pro grips. 8.5/10, $575, $500 Ping Glide 2.0 Wedges: 52*, 54*, 60*. GP CP2 Pro grips. 7.5/10, $125, $100 Ping G400 8.5* SFT Driver, head only, 9/10, $275, $225 Ping G400 13* Stretch 3 Wood P CP2 Pro grip 9/10, $200, $175 G30 5 Wood 18* TCF 419 shaft, 7.5/10, $125, $100 Ping G400 22* Hybrid P CP2 Pro grip 8/10, $175, $140
  3. # **All the items below will include free shipping to the CONUS.** ## **Bettinardi BB1 353G, 33", like new Super Stroke Slim 3.0 grip, Betti HC, 9.0 cond - $200** ## **Scotty Studio Select Fast Back No 1.5, 34", Junk Yard Dog weights, shaft band, and head cover. Putter is in great shape other than peeling on the shaft band and some missing paint fill on the sole. $350 ** ## **Taylor Made TP5 2019 - Unopened case of 6 dozen - $240**
  4. I haven't been able to find a great resource online that explains the new adjustment on the Ping G410 driver. I'm not much of a tinkering geek, so I'm a bit confused. For example, the Ping site states up to 3* flat from standard, but the chart does not suggest that. Please see below and help me understand the adjustments. TIA!
  5. Ping i200 Heads 5 thru PW, Orange dot. 8/10 condition - $250 firm Dynamic Gold S300 Stiff shafts with Golf Pride CP2 Pro grips, standard size. 5-PW, like new, professionally pulled. - $125
  6. Ping G400 Max - SOLD Ping i200 Irons - 8/10 condition. 5 thru PW. Orange dot. KBS Tour 90 Shift shafts. Golf Pride CP2 Pro grips. $329 Titelst 816 H1 Hybrids. 8/10 condition. 21* & 25*. Diamana S70+ HY Stiff shafts. Golf Pride CP2 Pro grips. $125 each or both for $200
  7. No trade offers please! KBS 120 Stiff professionally pulled shafts. 5-PW and 3 SW shafts. GP CP2 grips. Came out of Ping i200s. Tips have been cleaned up. Like new, 9.8/10. $100 firm Very Nice Bettinardi BB1 353 gram Milled Putter, 34 inches in length, brand new Super Stroke Slim 3.0 grip, 9/10. $225 firm
  8. I'm currently gaming the Ping i EI irons. I had a fitting yesterday for the i200s. My numbers were much better all around with my current irons. I tried all the Ping shaft options in the i200s and none of them could kick the i EIs out of the bag. I would suggest you give them a try as well.
  9. I have 3 pair of Oakleys for sale. #1. Custom Flak 2.0, only wore 3 or 4 times... 9.9/10 condition. Comes with case, extra nose pads, and custom bag. Below are the details: SOLD #2. RadarLock Path with Polished Black and Silver frame. 3 lenses... VR28, Black Iridium, and Golf G30 vented. Comes with case and extra nose pads. 9/10 condition. SOLD #3. Flak Jacket XL with white frame and grey socks. Comes with a case. 8.8-9/10 condition. $80 shipped I take care of my sunglasses, so be assured you are getting clean, quality, and authentic Oakleys.
  10. [quote name='animalgolfs' timestamp='1437620793' post='12003990'] Anyone got comparison vs 2012 Anser [/quote] I bought the 2012 Ansers as soon as they came out and have had them ever since. They have DG S300's in them. I compared the 7 iron to a iE 7 iron with the Modus 105 shaft. The iE flew higher (which I need unlike others who felt it flew too high), was 5-10 yards longer (expected it to be longer due to the diff in lofts - 33.5º vs 32º) and shot dispersion was much tighter. iE's were also more forgiving IMO. The Modus 105 shaft was very smooth. I ordered a set right then and there. The iE's (and maybe more so the shaft) just fit me better. I'm 53 with a 6.4 HI and believe I need to go lighter... just put the Fuji Evolution 569 in my G30 with great results.
  11. Yeah... the ones in the glass top boxes are always the cream of the crop...
  12. Padrons hold up well on the course... I prefer the 3000 maduro when I'm playing.
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