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  1. 2-3 pairs of Perma Soft on rotation during a round and on the range. I have sweaty a$ hands and live in Florida. Only way to stay dry and use a quality glove with good feel.
  2. Dude, life is all about learning, as is golf. You never stop learning. If you don't enjoy the process of learning and the challenge, then you need to find something else. I have been playing golf for 30 years and I am just as frustrated and determined to get better as I was when I started. The joy of it IS the struggle and finding a way to overcome. You need to find out what it is about golf that you love. Slow down. Go play a bunch by yourself, walking, without a cart, go hit the range a ton, by yourself, wear some headphones, don't wear headphones, do what you do and just be for a little whi
  3. My first "set" were Northwesterns. I was around 7. Don't remember where they came from but I put in work with those things in the Saint Augustine grass back yard becoming a ninja from 35 yards with a plastic bucket and a Northwestern PW. OMG THESE!!!
  4. Never hit them, but I freaking loved the x protos. I wanted a set bad...
  5. I absolutely love my JLab Epic Air Elite headphones. I think they upgraded them recently with the name Epic Air Sport? Either way, they aren't super expensive, they have great battery life, super comfy and come with my favorite "foam" ear tips, great sound, and don't move or fall out during physical activity. Out of all the headphones I've bought in my life, these are my favorite by far. https://www.jlabaudio.com/collections/epic-family/products/epic-air-sport-true-wireless-earbuds
  6. Since this thing got resurrected, I went to an MB with a PX 6.0 shaft recently. My spin numbers and launch improved and lost no distance. The C-tapers were hurting me in the past. Take that info and do what you like. 7 iron goes around 165 on average for me.
  7. This is a great idea, if it actually worked. I do t think it would. I’m a pretty low hc player and anytime I post a question, I just have to weed out the irrelevant responses. It’s pretty easy to tell a better player answering a question with experiences.
  8. Play whatever you like, man. If you like the purity and don't mind your mistakes being put in your face, go blades. Otherwise, go with whatever you like. I say play something as forgiving as you can while still enjoying the look and feel. For me, that's the Titleist CB. I simply cant move out of the CB and into the AP2 or similar irions. Dont like the look and feel.
  9. I've been buying nothing but the Old Navy Active shorts. Pants, I have to go for something more expensive.
  10. Yes, they are great. I have tried a lot of shoes, most by FJ that are supposed to be "more comfortable", and I always end up back in my icons.
  11. I like wedges and irons naked. Once my paint starts coming out, I strip em' and let it ride.
  12. Anybody know why they aren't offering this hat in the smaller size? I can understand if if they don't sell many of them, but I know they sell plenty and it's the kind of thing like, "well what am I supposed to do now? Buy a Taylormade hat?" Anybody know about this or if the size will be introduced at a later date? I really like this hat but Med/Lg doesn't cut it for my head. I have tried all the other hats in their line this year as well and don't really care for them as again, I have a small head I guess and they look bulky.
  13. You can meet/play with better players. Cheaper. When you hit range balls 3 times a week and play more than twice a week, you can save some money. It depends on what you are looking at. If you play and practice a lot and purchase a golf membership it makes sense. If you pay for a luxury full club membership, it's for other reasons than golf. Another big bonus is being able to jump on the course for 9 whenever. I find it difficult anymore to get in a full 18. I'm either just too tired or I have too much other crap to do. I'm not in the mood for it when I pay for 18, start getting tired, make
  14. Many times, you just need more solvent. When I dont use enough, it gets real tough to get the grip on. When I use a lot of solvent, grips slide on like nobody's business.
  15. > @djfalcone said: > Picture? > @brintamatic said: > Still available? Pics up.
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