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  1. I just upgraded my Epic Sub Zero the the TSI3. Best freaking driver I have ever owned. Love the look, sound, feel, and performs better than anything I’ve owned. I didn’t think anything would ever beat my 910D3 but the TSI3 is like the updated 910D3 with more forgiveness, feel and performance.
  2. I wear a Small in the traditional FJ polos and they are still a bit bigger than I like, especially in the sleeves. I tried a small athletic fit and it is tighter around the mid section, a little too tight for me but still big in the sleeves. A medium in the athletic fit will be too big so I stick with the traditional Smalls. I am not a fan of the fit but I just love some of the recent designs so I deal with it.
  3. Yeah I can flight it down whenever I want. I need to work on my swing a bit. We didn’t get any numbers off the grass. I really need to just order this fitted set and work a bit on my swing, I know that. I’ve been compensating for too long.
  4. About what I suspected. We are going T100 with AMT White 2 deg flat and -1 deg loft. Got slightly better numbers and dispersion tightened up a bit. Mishits are less punished with the T100 over an MB so that what I was looking for. T100S was just a little to unpredictable and juiced for me but I think the S is a great option for someone looking to really get better as a ball striker and still needs that little extra juice to "keep up with the boys". I like the feel of the T100 over the S as well. Now it's a matter of fixing a swing that Ive been compensating for for so long.
  5. I decided to get a proper fitting done at TPC Sawgrass. I will report back tomorrow! I have not had a fitting in a very long time and just ordered clubs based on what I see and some research online. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this. I feel I may need to go flat 1 deg and possible shaft change. We shall see!
  6. I purposely left out the equipment to hear some feedback on what may need changing. These were T100 with a Project X 6.0 with ProV1.
  7. I hit them the other day. I'm going to be replacing my 718MB's with the new T100. They feel very close to a blade. The T100s has a bit more of a clicky feel. The T100 feels more like a single piece of steel, very much like a CB.
  8. Wanted some opinions on these 7i numbers. What does this say to you fitters? Thanks in advance.
  9. Delete
  10. Get the new premiers, dude. I’m an icon man and really stoked to see these come out. It’s essentially an updated lighter weight icon.
  11. same for me but I have a small head. I end up picking through every hat to find 1 that doesn’t look “too” ridiculous.
  12. This is amazing. I have been looking for a lower crown dad style hat from Titleist... even going as far as looking at women’s and youth hats. This sounds like exactly what I’m after. Can’t seem to find them right now for purchase tho. Need white ones ASAP. I will buy literally 20.
  13. I love the older Icons. I have tried a lot of the other stuff and it never worked like an Icon. I do have a pair of FJ Contours that I actually like. First shoe other than the Icon that felt good.
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