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  1. You think I'd agree to being three down, if I was two down for example? As I said, if there are strokes involved, then by all means check every hole. And there's plenty of gamesmanship that isn't bad mannered. Taking less off the tee to ensure you hit it first for example. If someone is going to concede a putt at the last second then they get what they're given. Not checking scores isn't gamesmanship, my opponent can check as often as he wants, I'm not going to lie about the score.
  2. Yeah probably didn't type it very clearly. I mean you've made all that effort to get it lined up, may as well roll it in for the practice. Again, if someone is going to play games, then I'm happy to not bring up the score. Plenty of matches I've played have gone nine holes before we check the match score. But I'm certain I know what the match is and am fairly confident my opponent does too. I mean you have to tee off in order so that's a good sign! I don't see the reason to check the score each hole, unless there's a large number of strokes being given and there's pote
  3. Surely this is as easy as announcing to the group when the card doesn't go in? Hey Jim you played with us last week, why hasn't your 71 gone in? Oh I haven't got round to it. No problem, you're out of the match until your handicap catches up.
  4. That's the point I was trying to make. Say it's for a half, make it, no problem, miss it, scoop it up. Wait until some point in the match when checking the score and make sure he's then made aware you knew the putt was conceded, if he thinks it was a missed putt and a loss Just checking I have me two up? No, one up. Huh, I won, x, y, z... No, you won, x, halved y, won z...
  5. Depends if you keep a handicap or not. Or play club haggles. Still have to use legal golf clubs. Otherwise may as well go full noise and track down an Air Hammer or the original Callaway ERC.
  6. Actually I'd hit the putt hearing the concession and take it if I missed, if someone was leaving it that late to give me a putt.
  7. I don't think the J33s are conforming anymore, or was that only the blade?
  8. If you're playing once or twice a year, is it even going to matter? I'd be happy to just make contact. Get something you like the look of when you see them in your garage or lounge. As mentioned there could be a weird discrepancy at the cut over point. I have Mizuno MP20 HMBs in 4-6i, then the MP20 from 7i to PW. But I had the short irons bent stronger to reduce the gap between the 6i and 7i. I think.
  9. I think had J33 Combos, J38s, then J40s. I haven't used them in at least eight years. But they were the only set I've kept.
  10. I was wary of too much mercy, he'd beaten someone on a similar handicap to mine the week before. He did wind up playing awfully though.
  11. That is true, he was trying to work out where to drop and was getting flustered. I should have conceded his ten and try do better than an eight!
  12. Or like some other industries (cycling is another) manufacturers don't want to ramp up production in case they are holding too much when the demand goes back to normal.
  13. Yeah then it just becomes strokeplay with rigorously enforced playing order. I played a match recently where I gave 24 strokes, the poor guy was out the back of the second green in about 10 shots, I had a forty footer for eagle. I was patiently waiting for him to get inside my ball and he was getting all flustered saying, oh you go. Sorry, either I pick up, or you keep going.
  14. Yep and when they miss the three footer you conceded for the match you know what happens on the next hole... I think we've all had matches where a putt has been a foot away and for whatever reason your opponent isn't paying attention and you've had to knock it in. It's more when you have to mark for some reason and you feel like a bit of a dick. But again, I've had plenty of occasions where opponents have either mumbled the concession, so I'm not taking a chance on 'mishearing' them.
  15. I still think the tee for the event should be selected by the committee rather than leaving it to the players. My home course has five tees and my handicap ranges from zero to ten. I just don't think you are playing the same course if you're off different tees. I think personally I'd select the shortest tees and give plenty of strokes if they chose the shortest tees. As an example off the shortest tees all the par fives would be driver and an iron. Off the longest I'd be hitting long irons or even woods in for three. So it would really depend where the strokes fell.
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