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  1. I did pick up almost 10MPH of effortless CHS just by throwing to 8 O'clock. Saturday played with a regular partner that is always 30+ yards past me and he decided to play from the tips. One hole he teed up nearly 70 yards behind me and when we got to our balls I was 70 in front of him. Nice! I have picked up a few yards with irons also as NTC is helping with lag and compression/lowering my high ball flight plus the CHS.
  2. By casting to 8 this has brought my path more inside out so I have gone from fairly straight to fade being my natural shape to fairly straight to draw with NTC. Kinda cool. I setup an alignment stick (Eric Cogorno best drill ever style) so that if the club head is outside (ball side) my hands at P6 I will whack it. Filming with HS (240FPS) using NTC shows I'm missing the stick by more inches than normal.
  3. I hate mats. Injury prone and hide fat shots. I would be a tour pro today if I had not started my golfing life hitting off mats at a PAR 3 course. Now I'm an 18 cap.
  4. Add a metal yard stick to your arsenal. Get a skinny one, mine is about 3/4". Hit various speeds keeping it on the stick. I do from 20ft down to getting it to barely roll off the end. Ten in a row is pretty good for me.
  5. Mizuno MP-60 (released 2008) that I got a while back 3-PW $110 shipped. I will never be as good as these clubs.
  6. 59 yr old, 18 handicap. I would have to guess an average of 220 with carry around 210. I would think "distance" is VERY inaccurate. Too many variables, altitude, fairway height, wind, downhill, uphill. Really should be an average ball speed chart. Still launch and spin variables but more accurate than distance.
  7. I hit a lot of balls in the living room, no issues... yet. Tall ceiling, I hit off a $25 Skilz mat to save carpet, unless chipping less than 25 feet total I hit Skilz rubbery wiffle balls max half speed down a hallway off a bedroom door.
  8. I got the PRGR Red for $88 shipped on Ebay about a year ago. Yes, manual in Japanese and CHS and Ball speed in meters per second (MPS x 2.236 = MPH). Unit is simple to operate and there is Google translate if needed. Works with all clubs and does not require hitting a ball to get a reading. I've used it from behind and face on with no difference. I discount the distance reading (in yards no less) because they are estimated but I believe the CHS and BS are somewhat accurate and appear to be quite consistent. The speeds can be off if you chunk a beaver pelt, I believe it confuse
  9. Well done! I'm still trying to break 80. Soon I'm sure. My sister lives in Minden and I have played Carson Valley a couple times. I'll have to try Silver Oak as she is just off of Stephanie way, pretty close to Carson. Love that area.
  10. I am VERY right handed but VERY left eye dominant. I made one of these out of cardboard http://sightrightgolf.com/new-sightright-putting-aid/ I found that my natural position, ball slightly forward of center, eyes directly over the ball made it a perfect single line both down the line and perpendicular to target line at putter face. Just knowing that seemed to improve my putting even though I didn't change much. Gave me confidence.
  11. PRGR radar showed increased CHS and ball speed at the few range sessions I did while concentrating on NTC. Played Saturday and the front 9 was a little iffy on strike and hitting fairways but wasn't missing by much. Got in the groove on the back hitting the ball solid and splitting fairways. Comparing to normal distances with regular playing partners the radar was not lying. One guy that is normally long enough there is no need to check to see who's ball it was in our group was actually checking my ball to see if it was his! He is normally 30 yards past me. Irons h
  12. Here is the YT of Clay Ballard Top Speed Golf showing the PT band/pit drill.
  13. Hours of hitting wiffle balls in the living room from wicked slow to half speed with the Eric Cogorno "Best Drill I've Ever Seen" practice station setup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APsIJ4M2oSY With slow motion confirmation video. I smacked that rear alignment stick A LOT! Not so much any more. Three range sessions relearning at slow to full speed with same practice station and video. After initial debacle went REALLY well. Crisp contact and added 10MPH on driver CHS, 38 meters per second to 42 meters per second with same effort. Playing
  14. I'll admit I kind of blazed through this very interesting thread just to make sure this has not been mentioned. I will definitely go back and scour it more thoroughly. I wanted to make sure your camera angle is accurate as just being off a bit can cause an illusion. Maybe you are not as OTT as you think. This AMG vid covers camera angles and issues at 5:20. You might want a retake to re-evaluate.
  15. ^^^^^ This was my first thought. But probably would not have said it out loud.
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