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  1. Or rhetoric aside, just the more talented US team played to their abilities and boat raced a team that didn't have as much firepower.
  2. Best Grips are great, leather in general are worth every penny. I have the Best Grip Augusta Mids on my irons and wedges and love them. Simple wipe down with some water and a towel after and between usage and they keep sticky icky that snoop dog would appreciate. Only thing to watch, is installing if you use mineral spirits, just keep an eye on it as sometimes it can stain the leather depending on how much you use. It wont ruin it or anything, just could leave a little spot. Also, while the cost is higher but with how long they last and a little taking care of them there is no reason they shouldn't last 5 season or more.
  3. Lol right? If Refs were mic'd up more often in sports, what Brooks and Berger were saying is extremely passive and soft lol. Well within their right to call over another opinion, and they both (all 3) clearly disagreed. Nothing really to see, or over emphasize.
  4. Brooks is playing out there, didn't relinquish his spot, Stricker played him in team formats, and he's playing just fine....think the attitude and team ability is fine. Maybe views and vibes inside the locker room are a bit diff than perceived in the media/public.
  5. Berger putting with hood on, *collective purists clutching their pearls*
  6. 1. City, State- Fairfax, VA2. Handicap- 63. Do you currently use a rangefinder? If so, what model? Yes, Leupold. 4. What is your preferred price point for a rangefinder? $200ish5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  7. Every running of the RC, the US should leave a pick for Anthony Kim, have us all hoping he shows like Santa. Comes through in his 2008 RC outfit on the first tee still hammered from the night before and ready to stack bodies.
  8. Yah, was agreeing with you. They are both equally as unrelated to the future matches results, its just toss away comments with really little validity.
  9. I'd look more at your outspoken nature on the topic, and quantity of posts and what your point is in regards to your opinion. The Stephen A Smith style opinions, tend to grab more responses than more mundane ones. There really is no worked up, its just the most relevant and interesting golf talk for a while. Good banter is all it really is.
  10. This, is basically the same thing on the opposite side.
  11. Reed is unbeaten in singles, we all know this, 3-0. But to misconstrue that and deal with it in certainties going forward as you did, is janky and desperate to force the narrative.
  12. Visual displays of shouting "Lets Go" or "Come On" seems to resonate a lot with people in the definition of "caring", "nationalism". If that isn't you swag, stay home because you don't care.
  13. Who hurt you lol? Seems like everybody involved had a nice giggle. Viral photo, smile from Tiger, well worth the 20 bucks.
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