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  1. Assume Lanto's bag bodes well for a black version of the new T100 eventually?
  2. Like many, always thought Kisner out there full chaw in just piling up bodies in the RC would be entertaining.
  3. Listen to his post round interview, and one can easily walk away with that assertion. Add his committal to the whole mad scientist bit, and its got to be miserable to deal with him and his equipment. Given all that, he still moves the needle Id imagine and is worthwhile to have on staff.
  4. Dog, it was just a sarcastic leeway lol. More based on the narcissim, victim status, resentment, unhappiness, lonliness angles of weekly BDC than he cant find somebody to bone lol.
  5. Bryson def has incel vibes, his attitude and demeanor certainly aligns. Anyway, was more just a sarcastic thing, but carry on.
  6. I Sounds like a handful of guys in every scramble ever. Bryson is a total incel and just lives in his own little constructed reality, in the off chance it all aligns, he is really good. But more often than not, all this hoopla boils down to a run of the mill good PGAT pro.
  7. Can chill on the virtue signalling a bit.
  8. Huge step forward for the T200, they look dope, step backward for the T100 imo.
  9. Probs what he takes from most things, amongst his perfect swings and contact this tragedy was done to him and he was the victim.
  10. Zinger setting the stage for a dramatic finish:
  11. Did Azinger just abbreviate "trajectory" as "traj"? "He can really manipulate his traj" Dude is a menace on the mic lol.
  12. Also, player A while wearing a hoodie playing music called player B "Brooksie". *clutches pearls, shivers* "muh golf. what happened. Thanks a lot Bob Parsons"
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