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  1. Yah, was agreeing with you. They are both equally as unrelated to the future matches results, its just toss away comments with really little validity.
  2. I'd look more at your outspoken nature on the topic, and quantity of posts and what your point is in regards to your opinion. The Stephen A Smith style opinions, tend to grab more responses than more mundane ones. There really is no worked up, its just the most relevant and interesting golf talk for a while. Good banter is all it really is.
  3. This, is basically the same thing on the opposite side.
  4. Reed is unbeaten in singles, we all know this, 3-0. But to misconstrue that and deal with it in certainties going forward as you did, is janky and desperate to force the narrative.
  5. Visual displays of shouting "Lets Go" or "Come On" seems to resonate a lot with people in the definition of "caring", "nationalism". If that isn't you swag, stay home because you don't care.
  6. Who hurt you lol? Seems like everybody involved had a nice giggle. Viral photo, smile from Tiger, well worth the 20 bucks.
  7. Not really an indictment given those are are like 1a/1b of ever. I think in that realm of great golfers that is more tangible in real life, Brooks easily features in there and has for a while. Nothing really wrong with that or striving for more.
  8. The optic of the RC to pro's and what it "means" to fans is likely very different levels, same as tour life/prep. We saw that unforgiving lens here of how people were roasting and judging, Matt Wolff when he stepped away to get his s together.
  9. That’s going to be up to each persons existing view of him. I didn’t take his answers in the interview as whining, just how he feels. Personally I also recognize it’s fully normal to have feels on something, but can still carry out the duties at hand regardless. A huge portion of the human workforce does that daily lol. Plus much like Bryson, Brooks moves the needle, so the coverage continues to hammer home on them. Can’t fault them for responding to interview requests, and then answering in their own schtick.
  10. This 100. Some choice people are using this to continue their anti brooks rant from the other 5 threads, but there wasn't a word that Brooks said when answering questions for an interview that was offensive, likely not true, or probs shared by a bunch of other players. Nor did Brooks say hell sleep walk through his matches, or wouldn't participate in functions. But nah, tell us more about playing bball with Billy, and coaches kids.....and back in my dayy.....
  11. This is the nuance, that seems to evading some. He has every right to be disappointed, same probably as a handful of other guys do. But also note how that handful handled it, and how Reed handled it. Further broken down, really no prob either putting out a statement in that you disagree, think you bring X to the table etc.....but accept it and will help/cheer on in whatever form. Then there is what Reed did, then deleted lol.
  12. Sure, except the picks typically tend to be near chalk and highly ranked guys that were in the convo anyway. Hasn't really been many totally off the beaten path,
  13. Bro, lol . Just stop while behind. While you may not be internet or social media savvy and thats cool, this is literally a daily occurrence with celebs/athletes and sports reporting. No stalking, snooping or hypocrisy. Going to a public profile, that has content for literally anybody to see is not back door snooping lol. Nor is it really out of the context, given the Reed's affinity for taking to social media to b*tch about whatever transgression has just occurred against them, for people/journalists to check for a reaction to the no pick.
  14. Took you longer than expected to circle this back to him.
  15. Is it really stalking if its a public platform and Justrick have no issues broadcast every "injustice" ?
  16. This. Also why it is somewhat entertaining to watch the GC obsess over it, and people over analyze it to death with their own spin. There is a decent to large possibility, its as simple as Brooks cant stand Bryson. No beef, no rift, or over involved plot that will pillage the RC or sabotage peoples psyche lol ....
  17. I think we all understand you dont care for Brooks and maybe identify with Bryson? But really unsure what point any of this has in regards to the RC. Pretty sure bottom line, Brooks can hate Bryson all he wants and can still go out and knock pins down. Same as Bryson can be the giant tool he is, and play at a high level....thats really all were looking for.
  18. Since Kuchar is donezo, I'm hypothetically aiming to have Kisner or Billyho fill that grinding dog void.
  19. 7500 is legit, but sacrificing some yards to instill some Kisner/Horschel like juice on the squad may be tradeoff worthwhile.
  20. None of what you said made sense. From the US not wanting to win, to Reed having no baggage, to "loosing".
  21. Just chuck him with Cantlay. Bryson can gripe and complain his way around, and Cantlay will just maintain status quo and operate forward. Bonus points for pairing Cantlay's putter with Bryson off the tee.
  22. Some acting like behind the ropes at East lake this weekend: "CANTLAY IN 4"
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