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  1. In great condition, titleist tip would be a plus. Thanks!
  2. Totally agree, if you are going new then DD is the place to go. Awesome prices and easy to deal with.
  3. Looking for this exact shaft in driver length, thanks!
  4. Looking for this in driver length, titleist tip preferred but not a big deal. Thanks!
  5. Moved to an 8 degree, so this needs to go. Top and face are in great shape, bottom has the normal scratching from close a year of play. $old shipped conus with stock cover.
  6. Looking to thin out the backup bag and pass on this launch monitor to someone who will use it more frequently! Willing to package things up if folks are interested in multiple, but not interested in trades at this time. If you haven't played TX, but play X, you will get along fine! Thanks! Rapsodo MLM - Purchased in April this year, used twice on golf trip, but my range does not have enough room beyond the teeing ground. My loss is your gain $old shipped conus. Tensei AV Raw White 65TX 2.0 Proto Driver Shaft. 44.5" playing length with genuine titleist tip - $old shipped conus Tensei AV Raw White 75TX 2.0 Proto 3 Wood Shaft. 42.5" playing legnth with genuine titleist tip - $125 shipped conus Tesnei White 100TX driving iron shaft. Has been tip prepped to play in a .355 driving iron, I believe this played in a U500 at 39". Raw length shown in pic. $100 shipped conus Matrix HM2 X flex driving iron shaft. Has been tip prepped to play in a .355 driving iron, I believe this played in a U500 at 39". Raw length shown in pic. $80 shipped conus Tour Issue Kuro Kage 70TX Gold Profile (believe this was the tour seeding of the XM profile before its release). Titleist tip, raw length in pic. $125 shipped conus
  7. Thinning out the heard (again). First up is a TSi3 15 degree 3 wood, playing at 42.5" with a Tensei raw white 75 tx 2.0 proto. I was fitted into earlier this year, and waiting a LONG time for it to come in direct from Titleist. Great stick, but just couldn't kick out old faithful in the end. This was probably used 3-4 rounds tops. I did my best to get the nick in the face on camera, but you absolutely cannot see it from address, this thing is super clean. Going with $old head, $125 shaft shipped on this since the wait time at this point is multiple months so this is a chance to get one much quicker with very little use (headcover and wrench can be included if wanted). Next up is a Tensei raw white 65tx 2.0 proto driver shaft (titleist tip), played to 44.5" in my TSi3, but just went back to an old shaft I love - $175 shipped. Tour issue kuro kage 70tx gold, 42.5" with tip - this is supposed to be the proto for the XM profile that was tour only and these are getting really tough to find - $140. Next up, two legends I am so reluctant to let go of, the original $1k shaft - I literally cant seem to find any in 70x (especially in the AK Kim white with rain graphics), so I may regret this. Matrix TP7HD in X flex, driver has titleist tip and would play to 44.5", 3 wood is without tip and is at 41.5" raw. These really are the smoothest low/low shaft I have ever swung, but they have collected dust for a year now, so they have to go - $old driver, $old 3 wood. Hit me up with any questions or offers. Please don't bother with low-balls and I am not looking for any trade offers. Thanks! TSi3 15* with tensei av raw white 75tx 2.0 proto @ 42.5" - $old head, shaft $125 shipped conus Tensei AV Raw White 65TX 2.0 Proto @ 44.5" playing length - $175 shipped conus Tour Issue Kuro Kage XM 70TX @ 42.5" raw length with titleist tip - $140 shipped conus Matrix TP7HD X Flex Driver Shaft @ 44.5" playing length and titleist tip - $old shipped conus Matrix TP7HD X Flex @ 41.5" raw length, no tip - $old shipped conus
  8. Damn, that’s a bummer, I wanted a backup xt profile since I like the first so much. Bummed this is a different profile. I’ll give it a go and list it if I don’t like it.
  9. Anyone noticed this before? I have two dual core 70tx, one with silver lettering for weight and flex, and one has golf lettering. Also noticed one is mitsu chemical and the other is not, just a batch difference? Curious if anyone has insight.
  10. Not sure if this is the scenario you are saying is acceptable, but I have had no issues with taking hybrid shafts down to fit driving irons. I don't have time at the moment to find the video, but I watched and subsequently messaged Scottegolf (pga tour truck club builder) after watching him use a blade to make a .370 hybrid shaft fit a driving iron. I had the same question at the time, but knowing its good enough for the pros with their reps and speed, its good enough for most of us. Since then I have been playing a 2 iron with a .370 shaft that was taken down to fit the head, and no issues at all. Just my .02.
  11. Bump, itching to get something ordered!
  12. Looking for a cleveland wedge ferrule. It is approx 1.25" and has two white rings at the top. Its for a .355 taper iron shaft, so i believe inside diameter should be .370 at the hosel. Have found old threads on this, but none of the linked products seem to still be around. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Just need one to redo one of my wedges, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. Thanks in advance!
  13. Works as it should, just moved onto something newer. Pics show condition but no major blems that I can find. $old shipped OBO. No trades please.
  14. Yea, not sure. I ordered 2/22 with an AV Raw White proto 2.0 65 and it is out for delivery today. Sorry yours is hung up - they told you it wont ship until 3/23? I didnt hear a peep until it shipped.
  15. Ordered 2/22 through Dan's and got the shipping notification today. Looks like it should come next Monday. Pretty solid turnaround time if that holds true!
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