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  1. Looking for a full set but would entertain a large portion. Actually order g le, but either works, thanks!
  2. Works as it should, just moved onto something newer. Pics show condition but no major blems that I can find. $old shipped OBO. No trades please.
  3. Yea, not sure. I ordered 2/22 with an AV Raw White proto 2.0 65 and it is out for delivery today. Sorry yours is hung up - they told you it wont ship until 3/23? I didnt hear a peep until it shipped.
  4. Ordered 2/22 through Dan's and got the shipping notification today. Looks like it should come next Monday. Pretty solid turnaround time if that holds true!
  5. He’s solid, a great mix of humor and not needing the spotlight. Really have enjoyed the sub par podcast - it’s my favorite golf podcast to date. Get Sleeze out there too!
  6. Great chance to try some cult favorite tour issue clubs for short money! Pics say it all, these clubs are in fantastic shape, but at collecting dust. Spec sheets are included in pics, but driver is 8.9* and 3 wood is 15.5*. Someone scoop these up, as they are as long if not longer than most new offerings! $old shipped CONUS for both.
  7. I thought the 120 were stock. So they were built for you, just not an up charge shaft? Mine were with modus 130. Just hoping I’m not going to be pushing out longer than the 4-5 weeks I was quoted on 2/10 when I ordered.
  8. Custom order or stock configuration? I ordered ZX7 through Dan’s 2/10, but with exotic shafts.
  9. Size Medium, worn once and washed. Could pass as new without tags. $old shipped CONUS. Thanks!
  10. If I recall correctly Paul Casey was using AV Raw in both white and orange at various times earlier this year. Seems unlikely he would use a stock shaft. I think these are just different variations on the original CK line, as I think someone had noted above. Maybe 1k has premium materials and a better profile, but I don't think its fair to call the av raw a stock shaft. My .02
  11. Fair enough, I was thinking now that it was the TX offering it was no longer a prototype. Just curious what these shafts will look like that come with the TSi, if someone can confirm it looks like the picture above, that's great. If not, also great. I have a few weeks to wait before I find out, so was just wondering if anyone already knew.
  12. Thought was it’s not a prototype anymore, it’s the new TX flex for the line...so it may not say that. Does that answer your question?
  13. Exactly, wondering if anyone has received one yet and can confirm if it looks like this or otherwise?
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