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  1. I tried the 120x and found i was losing yard ballooning shots and the soft midsection was messing with me however I loved the nippon feel. I went back to x100 and loved the way they played and the weight but missed the nippon feel. Installed 125x and I swear they are what I’ve been looking for- feel of a 120(minus the midsection) but weight and playability of an X100. I have a similar aggressive transition and the 125x just allow me to swing smooth and the ball just goes. The 125x doesn’t feel too stout to me, I’d try one before you soft or hard step anything as they are pretty money
  2. That’s what I’ll do- Appreciate the time.
  3. @Socrates Thanks- measured each to 1/2" increments with heads on. With heads off the shafts are now even more all over the place haha- is this an issue or should I just cut based on the 1/2" with the heads on
  4. @Socrates, @tbccgolfer- are the two of you more comfortable with this set up? Ps thanks for the help! Scott
  5. Pics attached- would the lie angles of the higher clubs be the reason I’m off
  6. P730 4-W and p750 3 iron- I rolled with 70 off Ryan’s recommendation on here. I think the lies are what are messing it up I’ll just build off measured and hope haha!
  7. Thanks for the responses- let me clarify my issue head and shaft combined- 3-9 are all measured to 1/2” increments between clubs off a 60 angle and ruler shaft only: 9- 34 3/8 8- 34 7/8 7- 35 3/8 6- 35 7/8 5- 36 5/8 4- 37 2/8 3- 37 4/8 I’m off by 1/8-3/8ths of an inch in the 3,4, 5 and can’t figure out if where I measured is a good cut line. Or should I cut at 5-36 3/8, 4-37 3/8 and 3- 37 7/8ths like I have in the lower lofted irons?
  8. Build question, I have measured all shafts to what i believe is standard length off a 60 degree angle. measured twice etc. This is where I might be overthinking things but could use some help/confirmation. 6 iron is built to spec and going down to 9 iron there is exactly a 1/4" difference in each shaft without the heads on them, as well as with them. 3,4 and 5 iron are ALL over the place. The lie angle has to be the difference but do I cut to measured length or do I go off the 1/2" increments? Thanks in advance
  9. Hey all- was hoping to get more specific information on Tour issue X100’s vs Nippon Super Peening Blue. i have 1/4 in tipped x100’s and love the the overall functionality and the flight however am running into some elbow issues....#gettingoldersucks. Do the SPB’s play more like X100s? Not sure swing speed but 6i flies 190-195. tried both modus 120x and tx and neither are for me. thanks ps- if there is a thread out there already please point me that way but hoping to get specific info on X100 vs SPB
  10. @blev2 it’s as solid of feeling putter I’ve ever felt! The rare comment is for the BST forum specifically. Rolled into the JT and mallet just works for me
  11. Well if it doesn't go on here I may have to re-try it out haha! The orange line has the MR70 reinforced tip section not the boron- from the website it is states its their strongest carbon fiber to date
  12. The putters are very rare- yes run out of the old Oven in Fort Worth and are so awesome! Driver shafts are great but have settled in the tensei pro 60tx and love it. Honestly can’t say anything bad about the others just fit better with the 60tx
  13. First up is my Artisan 0217 saddleback bumper blade- this thing is money but off to a mallet for me, all prices shipped $sold Carbon Body Oxidado(Rusty) finish Single dot sightline Deep milled 34.5" 70 lie angle 3 or 4 degree loft (slipping my mind) 3 different weight sets included- 20g each, 15g each and 7g(10g weights drilled out to 7 each) 2 head cover (one personalized with Bryce), will talk about including a TBC headcover if needed Grip- current is brand new Iomic I-classic mid-pistol (If you want I will put one either fl
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