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  1. 3 hours ago, Socrates said:

    Yes.  This will more closely reflect how TM measures irons.  And most of us.

    @Socrates Thanks- measured each to 1/2" increments with heads on. 


    With heads off the shafts are now even more all over the place haha- is this an issue or should I just cut based on the 1/2" with the heads on

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  2. 28 minutes ago, Golfrnut said:

    I feel as though you are going to find that something is off. What does you measuring setup look like?  Do you have a solid block at the bottom to rest the head sole on?  Only differing by that amount would suggest you have a incremental BBTG height in your clubs, not unfathomable, but I’ve never heard of it personally.  Lie angles I guess could be crazy also. 

    Pics attached- would the lie angles of the higher clubs be the reason I’m off 



  3. Thanks for the responses- let me clarify my issue 


    head and shaft combined- 3-9 are all measured to 1/2” increments between clubs off a 60 angle and ruler 


    shaft only:

    9- 34 3/8

    8- 34 7/8

    7- 35 3/8

    6- 35 7/8

    5- 36 5/8

    4- 37 2/8

    3- 37 4/8


    I’m off by 1/8-3/8ths of an inch in the 3,4, 5 and can’t figure out if where I measured is a good cut line. Or should I cut at 5-36 3/8, 4-37 3/8 and 3- 37 7/8ths like I have in the lower lofted irons?



  4. Build question, I have measured all shafts to what i believe is standard length off a 60 degree angle. measured twice etc.


    This is where I might be overthinking things but could use some help/confirmation. 


    6 iron is built to spec and going down to 9 iron there is exactly a 1/4" difference in each shaft without the heads on them, as well as with them. 


    3,4 and 5 iron are ALL over the place. The lie angle has to be the difference but do I cut to measured length or do I go off the 1/2" increments?


    Thanks in advance 

  5. Hey all- was hoping to get more specific information on Tour issue X100’s vs Nippon Super Peening Blue.


    i have 1/4 in tipped x100’s and love the the overall functionality and the flight however am running into some elbow issues....#gettingoldersucks.

    Do the SPB’s play more like X100s? Not sure swing speed but 6i flies 190-195.


    tried both modus 120x and tx and neither are for me.




    ps- if there is a thread out there already please point me that way but hoping to get specific info on X100 vs SPB

  6. First up is my Artisan 0217 saddleback bumper blade- this thing is money but off to a mallet for me,  all prices shipped



    • Carbon Body
    • Oxidado(Rusty) finish
    • Single dot sightline
    • Deep milled
    • 34.5" 
    • 70 lie angle 3 or 4 degree loft (slipping my mind)
    • 3 different weight sets included- 20g each, 15g each and 7g(10g weights drilled out to 7 each)
    • 2 head cover (one personalized with Bryce), will talk about including a TBC headcover if needed
    • Grip- current is brand new Iomic I-classic mid-pistol (If you want I will put one either flatso 1.0 or the superstroke 1.0 SGP pictured or a ping 58)


    Shaft clear out (all are OBO)

    • Driver
      • Tensei pro orange 70tx $200
        • 44.25" w/ Callaway tip
      • Graphite Design Tour AD TP-6x $sold
        • 44" w/ Callaway tip
      • Accra TZ6 Proto 65 M5 $200
        • 44" w/ Callaway tip
    • Fairway 
      • Tensei pro orange 80tx
        • 42.25" without grip and Taylor Made tip $sold
      • Accra TZ6 Proto 75 M5
        • 41.75" w/ Taylor Made tip $175

















    pin 10/15

  7. Had both of these about a month ago

    x hs- felt like the regular x from a feel stand point. Had the soft mid section you get with the 120x however didn't bring my flight down enough and I couldn't get used to the mid section.

    tx- thought I liked them....felt stout and nothing like the 120x but then I tried x7 and x100 hs and I couldn't go back to these. Felt too boardy and just odd.

    The 120 hs weren't bad if you're still looking for the modus feel. I may be wrong but I didn't feel the smooth modus profile with the tx's


  8. I’ve used a Tensei Orange pro for the last 3 years and its been awesome. I will say you need to add head weight in order to feel the face of the club, when I first switched I lost the feeling around the club face due to the kick point. As long as you take that into account, counterbalanced shafts can feel great.

  9. reshafting a combo set of p730’s (7-W)and p750’s (3-6)

    when cleaning out the hosel’s I came to find out whoever owned them before bored out the 6 iron to where the head is 3g LIGHTER than the 5 iron head.


    6- 258.8

    7- 271.5

    here is the question:

    what would be the downside of adding the weight back in the form of a tip weight? 6 or 8g, is that too much?

    do I need to get a new head to keep weight progression?




  10. When I had my test club built the other day it actually came in at a lighter SW then with a modus 120x hard stepped(which I was misfitted for). Went from D3.5 to D2 in p730 8 iron.

    The x7's are obviously heavier but felt smoother than the x100 and my face contact was 100x better.

    The butt diameter in the wedges is going to be a nightmare




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