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  1. iBlade 4-W tour issue x100- like new Standard length Bent to 1 degree flat however 4-6 are red dot, 7-w are black dotBrand new MCC +4 on all $old Scotty Cameron Phantom 5.5- brand new plays 1/4" below 35"Includes set of 10 gram weightsIncludes phantom head cover just noticed a slight chip on the picture- not noticeable but want to be transparent$375 shipped- OBO$400 with 20 gram set of weights and wrenchScotty Cameron Matador and Pistolero gripsMatador- Black with silver Pistolero- Grey$25 shipped ($15 if bought with putter)
  2. Question on pured shafts on the tour.... when a shaft is pured there is no guarantee the shaft logo is face down correct? Are pured shafts on tour done prior to being logos? I have never seen someone on tour have a logo that isn’t facing down...maybe I’m not looking hard enough haha! Are tour shafts pured or just installed logo down? thanks!
  3. I am hoping someone can provide some feedback on the two- 120x feels awesome however loose and light at times, when I hit the 120tx the flight is awesome just lose the “feel” of being able to manipulate the club. does anyone have experience with soft stepped the tx or hard stepping the x and what the results would be? thanks!
  4. Thanks for the comments, the only way it would make me a scratch is if it replaced my putter.....I have additional weights for the head in order to feel it with Tensei on it so wasn't looking to add more than 3-6 grams for feel and sound on both clubs
  5. New to hot-melting so I am looking for some direction/knowledge. I hit a 5w with HM the other day and LOVED the feel so want to add it to my Epic Flash Sub Zero triple diamond and my m5 rocket 3w. Here are my questions: 1) I play tensei orange 70tx and 80tx in both clubs- if I switched shafts after adding the hot-melt would I be completely out of wack due to the counterbalancing? 2) does it really matter where in the head the hot-melt settles? Neutral, toe side, heel side? Top/bottom? 3) any recommendations on doing it yourself vs finding someone who does it? Any recommendations if I need to s
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