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  1. caddyshack by far. But Happy Gilmore is second
  2. I recently purchased a White Hot XG Sabertooth putter. I like putting out of the rough sometimes when I am just off the green. The problem with that is it gets grass stains on the white putter face. I'm afraid to take a brush to it like I do for my other clubs, so I've just been wiping it off with water, to make the face itself last. It gets the grass off, but there still is a big yellow spot from where the grass was right on the sweet spot. What can I use to remove the stain without hurting the putter face? This is by far the best (and most expensive) putter I have ever owned, and I want to
  3. probably would have to be on hole 3 on my home course. It's a 580 yard par 5 and I started completely crappy. I chunked my tee shot, which went about 90 yards. Than I hit 3 wood and ended up being about 280 out. The fairway carries about 190 yards before it goes to a creek, and then there's the green. There was a tail wind so I hit my 6 iron. When I hit it I pulled it a tad and it looked like it was headed straight for the cart path. Somehow it landed in the rough and had enough spin that it caught the cart path and rolled....and rolled....and rolled some more, over the bridge going over the
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