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  1. [quote name='joey2aces' timestamp='1434437386' post='11760056'] How about consolidating your ads? [/quote] Done
  2. Pair of genuine Oakley Fast Jacket in polished white. Comes with Slate Iridium lenses. The picture shows a Double O Red Iridium lens, which will come with the sunglasses, but those are my prescription lenses. Also comes with extra pair of grey ear socks and black nosepads. Includes accessories: Hard case, lens covers/wiping cloths. I purchased this pair directly from an authorized dealer (my optometrist). Does not come with the box shown in the picture; it was for the extra set of Slate Iridium lenses, which will come in their protective Oakley bag. Price: $100 shipped.
  3. Like New Ping Hoofer 14. This has the 14-way dividers. Latest model, with the rain hood integrated into the back pad, and EXTRA POUCH FOR A RANGEFINDER (I love this feature). Made of the thick, rugged material; old school. Makes the bag just about perfect. I used it for a couple of range sessions, and one riding round. Price: $110 + shipping. Firm. I'd really prefer a local sale, due to shipping costs.
  4. Brand new SeeMore M1 milled. 35" Still in the wrapper. I found this in my collection, and doing some spring (summer) cleaning. Includes headcover. $150 shipped, firm. Oakley Fast Jacket Polished White with Slate Iridium lenses. $$$OLD. Like New Ping Hoofer 14 golf bag. $$$OLD.
  5. [quote name='Platoon' timestamp='1386042709' post='8240550'] I had a great experience with JTClubs. He is well prepared, knowledgeable and absolutely [size=4][color=#000000]meticulous on the way he builds clubs. [/color] [/size]His fitting with me took almost 4 hours.Your initial post was spot on about him, I did a thread on the irons I bought with a couple of paragraphs about him. [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/937662-wishon-771-review/"]http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/937662-wishon-771-review/[/url] [/quote] Just curious, how did you find him and decide to go to him?
  6. [quote name='Howard Jones' timestamp='1386039581' post='8240290'] You are suggesting that Joe did not have the best day, but could it have been your own "swing of the day"? My point is, you have been to one of the most skilled club fitters there is, but something did NOT turn out as it should, and maybe your story could be helpful to bring us all forward, AND to help us understand what you NOT would like to happen this time. So this actually got nothing to do with Joe, but what turned out wrong for you, and what you try to prevent from happening again. [/quote] I totally agree this g
  7. I've heard mixed things about cool clubs as well. Shame, really, as I think they have tremendous resources. I think you can test any shaft with any head, so completely apples to apples. But my main point of concern was the fitter himself. Maybe the mixed reviews for cool clubs comes from the fact that different fitters of different abilities were used. As far as kwok, good to hear a lot of your friends used him and are happy. Maybe he was having a bad day with me. Dustin Johnson shot an 8X to piss away the us open; does that mean he's a 10 hdcp?? Of course not. He just had a bad day. I
  8. I'd be happy to discuss MY experience with joe kwok, but this is not the thread for that, nor do I want it to be. I'd like to try to stay on topic, and see if any locals (or non-locals) have any experience with the fitters I've mentioned. I'm not interested in posting negative comments, as I don't think it would benefit anyone in this community. If you'd like to know the details of my personal experience, feel free to PM me, or start that type of thread.
  9. [quote name='jas904' timestamp='1385955706' post='8235262'] I would suggest you give him a try, I don't think you will be very pleased. [/quote] Glad to hear of your experience, and that it went well for you. In a twist of irony, I actually have tried him, and in fact, I was NOT very pleased. And yes, I did have him build me a club. I'm more interested in either of the two fitters I've mentioned in my original post, if anyone has actually used them. I also considered Cal Golf Lab, but they seem to be in the process of going out of business unfortunately.
  10. Have you guys actually had a FITTING done from him? Or just had clubs built by him?? If you did have a fitting, could you describe your experience in detail??
  11. Hi, So I'm looking to get a driver fitting, and have sort of narrowed it down to two clubfitters in the SF Bay Area: Cool Clubs and JT-Golf. I'd like to know if anyone has actually used either of them, and if so, how was the experience. The advantage of JT, in my mind, might be that he's a Wishon certified fitter, may have more insight/experience as a fitter, and may be able to make a good recommendation. The biggest negative is that he's completely indoors, and in a hitting bay only. Also, selection may be a bit limited, but good recommendations could mitigate that. The biggest advant
  12. Ya, I guess the natural progression would be for me to try a whiteboard in a driver. But there seem to be so different shafts out there. Now that I know what I like, I'm not sure which ones I should steer clear of and which ones might be a good fit...
  13. [quote name='jewofgolf' timestamp='1376544611' post='7680022'] The blueboard/kai li/b series profile fits tons of swings well. It's just a great all around profile and is accurate and smooth. [/quote] YA!! I've jumped on the bandwagon, and it's a SMOOTH ride!!
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