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  1. Selling the new combo set of PTX Pro/Icon with the UIHI 4 iron. KBS Tour V stiff shafts and Recoil 780-F4 stiff 1/2" over and 1* down. GP MCC plus 4 midsize grips. Price $500 no trades
  2. Waterchase everyday over Fossil Creek.
  3. Not much around Artisan so if you want play something on the way back to Houston then I would say Tierra Verde over the other 3 mentioned. I would also throw out Rockwood (in Ft Worth) or Waterchase (just East of FT Worth).
  4. Pin was in the middle yesterday we had 2 players just over the bunker in the front and both putted it off the back of the green. 17 was in the back right corner in the bottom of the swell and i was front right in 2. Walked away with a 4 putt double.
  5. Rockwood for the first time today and it was great. Super fast/hard greens and enjoyable 3:30 round.
  6. Played Buffalo Creek and the greens are fast but not super hard so you can still get some spin on them. Bunkers have too much sand so we did not play them but overall in much better shape then when AG was running it.
  7. Plated all of those within the last couple of months besides Split Rail. Going to have a hard time for my group to drive that far. We booked Rockwood on Sunday so looking forward to it.
  8. Ft worth guys, what courses are worth making the drive from Dallas for? Rockwood, Fossil Creek, Southern Oaks, something else??
  9. This thing keeps popping up on my ads on FB and looks interesting. I guess it is a little like the Orange Whip but you can hit balls with it. Has anyone tried it yet?
  10. Selling a Cobra F9 3-4 head only and no head cover. $85
  11. cjblake09

    Iron Horse (NRH)

    What did they change?
  12. Right!! They were like that a couple of weeks ago as well. Number 16 was just not fair and we had 2 guys putt if off the green from about 15 ft. I need to get to TV i have never played it but always hear good things.
  13. Waterchase is very pure right now. Played in 3:35 today as a 4 some which was another bonus.
  14. We have a driver for the whole trip and we just schedule a time each morning and jump in and go.
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