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  1. 2 iron with Thump Stiff Thanks,
  2. Just one shaft today. It is the stock shaft out of a TSI3 3 wood, 75G, and Stiff. Comes with a brand new MCC Plus 4 Align grip and measures 42.25" $60 No trades
  3. I might have to give mine that treatment soon. Just over a year and time to freshen them up. Glad they could do it quick as i did not want to be without wedges for a couple of weeks.
  4. The perfect set would be 5-PW, stiff, 1/2"long. Thanks,
  5. The Caddytek is interesting and also can be found for about $100 cheaper. That might be the ticket but need to do some more research. I also like how easy it folds down.
  6. Pecan Hollow today and it is still super wet everywhere. By the back nine the greens started to roll better but still slower than normal.
  7. If you just want a good driving range a little secret one is Marsh Lane Driving Range. Never really crowded and has nice balls, good grass, and cheap.
  8. Used a push cart for the first time over the weekend and started looking at buying one. These two seem to have some of the best reviews and wanted to see if anyone has used both? I still might carry but it would be nice to have a cart to use from time to time. Any other carts that i should be looking at?
  9. Really? Where do you usually play and at what times? I will say that the pace of play has improved a ton the last year. We usually play Sunday mornings 8-9 and are always at 4 hours and maybe a little under.
  10. You also have to look at what the set consists of. In this case it looks like it is only 6-AW and he never really says if they are new V1 or V2.
  11. You hit the nail on the head with Pecan Hollow as it is the best around that area and has the short game course which is fun.
  12. Texas Star was OK condition but nothing like it usually is. Green still rolled well just slower with all the rain the last couple of days. Bright side is played in 3:20 with no one on the course.
  13. SIM 2 MAX 9* head only and comes with head cover and tool. No trades Price: $415
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