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  1. So we are making a trip to PD in late March and we have some people flying in from MINN to join our group and they are dead set on wanting to play other courses besides PD. Plan as of now is to get there Friday and maybe sneak in what we can, 36 Saturday, then 18 and head home to Dallas Sunday. I know Tempest is about a hour NE which is not terrible and about the same drive home after golf but is there anything else on the way back to Dallas? My buddy saw Pinnacle GC south of Athens, has anyone played that? Other options might just be just to get back to Dallas Sunday mid morning and play around town as they fly out Sunday night.
  2. I have had both and both are great just really depends on what you are looking for. I also read that they might be coming out with a new version of he XE that also calculates wind which would be huge.
  3. Totally agree and a shame as i like the course. I guess i can try Callawayjay's trick but i every time i look the 1st day i can book the first time is like 2:30 or 3.
  4. I know TM is releasing them then what i was really curious on when the box stores are suppose to have them in stock.
  5. My buddy ordered left hand ZX5's with Nippon 105's and got them in 2 weeks.
  6. That is why they make both models. What is your swing speed and is your shaft a S or X? I still play the MAX.
  7. Very interesting as that is the exact opposite of what they are advertising.
  8. Also is everyone sticking with the same loft they played in the SIM and SIM2 versions?
  9. I am in the same boat as you. I have been a original SIM MAX player as well and really did not like the SIM2 in either version. I am having a hard time deciding on what model and may lean to the PLUS really if forgiveness is about the same. I could use a little help in getting spin down but not spinning it like crazy and the stock shaft options are better even though i will probably stick with my ADDI.
  10. Anyone know what is going on at The Tribute or OA? I tried to make a tee time all this week and weekend and they don't have any open at all.
  11. I like the front 9 but agree the back 9 gets a little boring but the greens make up for it. I never deal with slow play bc we always play early in the AM.
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