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  1. Will listen to offers or trades. ADDI 6 Stiff with TM tip is what i am looking for.
  2. Played Cedar Crest yesterday and it was in fine shape with only one or two greens with a couple rough spots. Teed off at 7:15 and was done at 10 walking and for $30 it is hard to beat. It is challenging as others have mentioned. Agree with Tenison Highlands and Stevens and would play those over the other 2 mentioned.
  3. Selling a basically brand new Drtago 65G stiff shaft with a TM tip. The club measures 44" from tip to grip and has a brand new midsize GP Z grip on it. Price $150 no trades
  4. You were just behind us. We were 7:38 but went off around 7:30.
  5. Waterchase was pretty solid this morning.
  6. We just got back from a weekend trip and i can say it was really nice and cheap. Now you have to go in thinking you are in east TX and not Barton Creek or other high end places. We played 4 rounds and stayed 2 nights and it was around $350 total! The course was in great shape with small fairways, THICK rough, and the greens rolled great. The course is not long and we played tees the first round at 6600 but moved up to the blue tees at 6100 for the last 3 rounds. I am a 3 HCP and the 6100 felt more like a normal 6500 course. Most of the holes are on Lake Fork with a couple peninsula greens that make for difficult 2nd shots depending on the distance and wind. They have 2 buildings for the stay and play that each have 6 double rooms that open up to a bigger room to get together. The food was great and honestly you could probably play all day if you want to.
  7. I wish i could but i will be at the ranch shooting innocent little Doves. We need to set another date and try and get some people to play.
  8. Tenison, Cedar Crest, and Stephens are all great munis within a short drive for you. Waterchase is great as well but a little further and a newer style course. Played Rangers a couple of weeks ago and the greens suck(slow and bumpy) and not worth the $120 and heard Texas Star was in about the same shape which sucks bc i love that course.
  9. Buffalo Creek is pretty nice right now. New sand on the course and fairways and greens are solid.
  10. I was a GP MCC Plus 4 midsize for the longest time but have recently switched over to the GP Z Grip midsize. Love them and they are great for this time of year in Texas.
  11. That is one bad thing if you don't get out early there as they get so much play and a lack of marshals. Where does your group play regularly?
  12. I played there maybe 3-4 months ago and it was fine but not last weekend. Sad to hear about Texas Star as well as i really like that course but slow bumpy greens are a no go for our group.
  13. Rangers GC greens are super hairy, bumpy, and slow. Save your money and play elsewhere.
  14. I makes for a great day. Irons coming soon as well.
  15. I have been waiting on my ZX Utility for about 2 weeks b/c of the KBS TGI but they said they had more coming in this week.
  16. I go in the opposite direction of most and carry 5 wedges and only either a 3 wood or hybrid at the top of the bag. I can't rely on hitting a 3 wood off the deck so only really hit it off the tee on a tight course. If i play my normal courses i carry a 3 hybrid and 5 wedges. I feel i play better if i try to lay up to a number off a par 5 and then wedge in from there. Not sure why but my stock PW goes about 130 then i have my Artisan 46(i know same loft) goes 120, my 50 goes 105, my 54 goes 90, and then the 58 for anything under that. I guess i could play more half shots but i use them all around the green as well depending on the lie i have.
  17. I have them and they look great once on...The 3 wood slips on super easy but the drive is another story with my SIM MAX. It the club is wet at all it is very hard to slip on and honestly i have gone back to the approach of just leaving it off the whole round while playing.
  18. Tenison Park is still in solid shape. They lost a couple of trees on the back nine that that need to clean up but overall solid.
  19. Same thoughts here. I got my first pair of BOA's this year and really dont see me going back anytime soon.
  20. Finally made it out to Pine Dunes today and as expected it was great. Super lush fairways and long rough. The greens rolled great and nice speed nothing too fast as you could tell they punched them maybe 2-3 weeks ago so still some sand on them. The only complaint I have is they had a bunch of buddy groups out there taking forever with no marshal checking on them. I guess you need to get out there early or wait until they are all on the back nice to tee off.
  21. 1. Srixon ZX5's with Nippon Pro Modus 120 Stiff. The clubs are 1/2" over and 1* flat. The 5-6 have been played maybe 10 rounds and have GP Plus 4 midsize grips on them. The 7-W have been played 1 round and have GPMCC midsize grips on them. I was using the 5-6 in a combo set with the ZX7's for a bit and never really used the ZX5's lower irons. Price $750 no trades
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