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  1. For US Open week, I am dropping the price from $250 to $225. Again, shipping and headcover is included in the price.
  2. For sale: TaylorMade MyTP Putter with Juno L Neck. 35" length, Golf Pride Pistol grip, new with plastic and never made it to the course or practice facility. Price I paid for the putter: $325, selling for $250. Shortly after custom ordering this club, I ended up trying and loving a Hydro Blast Spider. Feel free to message with any questions. Thank you!
  3. Good morning fellow golfers! I know that questions similar to this have been asked in the past (based on a search of the forums), but I wanted to ask a little more specific question. I recently moved, and I am looking to start working with a new instructor. In the past, I have worked with a couple highly-rated instructors in PA; however, I never saw the improvement that I hoped to see. After doing quite a bit of research, I have narrowed down my search to two instructors in MD: Steve Bosdosh and Damon Lucas Does anyone here have any experience with either of these instructors? I unders
  4. Just saw in the Post Gazette that Eric Johnson is leaving Oakmont. Any idea who might be the new Director of Instrction? I would think that opening should attract very good candidates.
  5. Thanks for the replies! For some reason, I was thinking I would get email notifications when there were replies to my post, so that is why I am late getting back to this thread. Sounds like Shields is the favorite (even over Johnson) by a long shot on this forum. I did reach out to Gee before I saw these posts, and it looks like he only teaches Oakmont members - which I am not! Again, thanks for the replies. You have all been very helpful. I hate to belabor this topic, but can anyone speak to the teach approach/method of Kevin Shields?
  6. I searched the forum to see if there was any advice regarding instructors in the western part of Pennsylvania, and I only found one post from more than 5 years ago. So I was curious to see if anyone had recommendations. Seems like Johnson and Shields are the two most highly-regarded based on the "top in state" list. If anyone has worked with Devin Gee, I would be curious to hear your thoughts because a trusted friend said he might be worth looking into. Any advice/reviews would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I'm in central PA... there quite honestly isn't a lot around here! To get to a decent club fitter, it is likely a 50 minute drive for me.
  8. No, the instructor I work with is not stack and tilt.
  9. I greatly appreciate the two helpful replies I received! As far as the search function, I tried that route, but narrowing the results to mirror the specific advice that I was looking for was not terribly apparent to me. I understand various search algorithms work in a variety of ways, so I am not exactly sure of how this particular algorithm is compiled. Using the little search box with a search keyword such as "fitting" provided a treasure trove of completely unrelated posts such as topics regarding copper inserts in an Odyssey putter and slim fitting pants. Which I am sure are import to
  10. I hope to buy new irons in the next month or two, and I was looking for some feedback regarding getting fitted for equipment. For my last purchase of irons (Ping G15s) about 3 years ago, I went to a local pro shop/driving range, and they provided free fitting with the purchase of irons. For the past 15 months, I have been working with an instructor, and I am wondering...... should I get fitted by my instructor or is the fitting process pretty standard "across the board"? With that said, I am not looking to get fitted at a Dick's Sporting Goods or a big box store like that. One wrench to t
  11. Thank you to everyone that has replied so far. I definitely think that my arms (especially the left arm) are getting away from my body, so I will be sure to keep the upper part of my left arm close. I've tried a couple practice motions that way, and it feels very different... which I know is good because what I've been doing in the past isn't correct. My other question is how should the lower body move to initiate the downswing? Do you have any helpful tips, ideas or "feels" that might help me with that? Again, thank you to everyone for the suggestions! This forum is incredibly helpfu
  12. very frustrated that I cannot stop swinging over the topI have viewed many topics on this forum over the years, but, for the first time, felt compelled to register and post this morning. I have finally decided to get more serious about my game this year (even took my first lesson!), and I have put a ton of work/effort into my swing. After hitting about 400 balls at the range over the past week (and video taping 15% of those shots), I have found that I am consistently coming over the top on my swing which is causing me to hit non-stop slices. I've become a big fan of Jim McLean's teachings,
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