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  1. i wanna swing like bubba. I dont care what he does. It seems natural even though i am not flexible. Plus it seems fun
  2. As the title states, how do I do it? I have a NIKE Drone putter that I would like to convert and give a try. Its 35" but I like playing a shorter putter. So is it as simply as pulling the grip, installing an extension. Prob gonna make it 37" I saw the weight kits at Golf works, would I just install the weight in the butt end. Prob gonna go with 100g. Not really sure about this step though. Does the weight stay held in somehow or do I have to glue it in? Then regrip with a long grip? Is it this simple?
  3. Or due to the simplicity of learning this method and the ease of getting the knowledge required, people dont have much need to ask questions. They are to busy having fun golfing and improving their game.
  4. I own the 20* model. Got it about 2 weeks ago. Distance is good and so is the consistency. I like the stock stiff shaft. I wouldn't say it's fade or draw bias and it's pretty forgiving. Ball flight is piercing with decent height without ballooning. I play it mostly out of the rough and it works great although it's good from everywhere. I like it. It does what I want and it looks amazing.
  5. Nike LMT edition fairways 3 &5 -5 is a real winner. Easy to hit everywhere and goes a mile. -3 didnt make the cut as I dont use a driver so this replaced it. It was not very forgiving and hard to hit off the deck. When struck well though it was great. It was very close to making the cut. Callaway 3 deep - WINNER, I love this club so much. Forgiving, long, easy to hit. - May look at getting slightly stiffer shaft as I went with the stock 6.0 but well see. Irons Titleist 690 MB 7-pw, titleist zb 5-6 - 7 to PW are amazing. - 5-6 iron I want to throw in a lake. Just cant hit them c
  6. Why not get a 4 or 5 wood instead. Much easier from the deck and more than likely will be further than a 3 wood anyways.
  7. goliath23

    5 wedges?

    [quote name='Tommymn' timestamp='1377897558' post='7773707'] [quote name='goliath23' timestamp='1377895908' post='7773559'] I think if your pw is so strong then ya 4 wedges is prob needed. Personally I think 5 is to much. [/quote] Too much in what way? Not learning to turn up or turn down between 4 wedges? Currently bag 45-50-56-60 [/quote] I think its just to much to learn. I would rather attempt to master 3-4 clubs instead of 4-5. Obviously for full shots its nice and shouldnt be an issue but really dont even think about it anymore. I would rather have less options and feel confident
  8. goliath23

    5 wedges?

    I think if your pw is so strong then ya 4 wedges is prob needed. Personally I think 5 is to much.
  9. I play the x jaws from Callaway. I tried a Mizuno last year. Wasnt for me. If I had the cash I would get a James patrick wedge or another custom wedge.
  10. goliath23

    3 DEEP

    Its so weird. I play the stock stiff 6.0 and although I dont think it plays very stiff, I like it. I swing a little on the higher than normal side. Between 100-110 and fly the ball over 250 with this club and I find the stock stiff to be pretty good so far.I fight the hooks sometimes but definitely not duck hooks. Its all in the adjustments. Atleast I take the fade and slice almost completely out of the equation which is exactly what I want. I see this becoming the norm soon where manufacturers make strong driving 3 woods similar to the 3 deep. Its an amazing club option and many people def
  11. goliath23

    3 DEEP

    I fight a hook as well. Mine is at the beginning of the rounds though as its all adjustments. Is a hook due to a shaft that is too wippy?
  12. I tried everything this year after my driving went out the window and 2 fairways over. Was playing with my Nike lmt edition 3 wood off the tee and it was going pretty well but forgiveness wasn't the greatest and it was really hard to get the ball airborne. I tried the thriver and it didn't go as far as my Nike and wasn't as accurate. Got a 3 deep recently. 1/4 inch shorter playing at 43.25. Stock stiff shaft. Driver swing speed approx 105-110 ish. Play to 8 hcp. THIS CLUB IS AMAZING. I don't know how else to put it. Consistent. No ballooning. Pearcing flight. Accurate. I expect my scores
  13. Sweet, I checked the weights and they are pretty much identical at 85g. Should be a fun experiment.
  14. So thinking of adding a super stroke grip to the new Ping Shea H putter. I was thinking prob the fatso grip as the Shea H already has a midsize grip on it to adding the SS mid wouldnt be very different. Would I be permanently messing up the swing weight. The Shea H is 34" and has a nice heavy head. I like the heavy head but I am just not consistent enough from 8-10 feet pulling and pushing putts to often for my liking. Would this mess with the swing weight so much that it would be unplayable or would it be almost unnoticeable. I would ideally like to not add lead tape as I dont wanna
  15. Oooh lala. Waiting on the new NIKE blades to see which one will win out for next season. Very interesting indeed. Or maybe find cheap s56 irons instead.
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