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  1. Dear Titleist, Please do not screw up the ProV1x Left Dash!!!!!! Leave it alone. Lower spin, lower flight ProV1x that feels firm. The Ball is a Legend.
  2. I had a great round again with the ProV1x LD yesterday. had a few shots that really stuck out in my mind during the round where a par 3 playing 115 and I landed a GW 10 feet past the hole and spun it back 20' but missed the birdie putt. And I drove the green on the last 2 par 4's that played 366 Dog Leg right and 294 Straight on. I play this course 30 times a year and have never driven the greens with any other driver/ball combo. TS3 with Rogue Silver 60X and Left Dash will be in the bag for quite some time. I agree with many others who said if you like the performance of the AVX but dont like
  3. Rogue 110 Silver X Flex is my perfect shaft. Driver speed is 107-111mph and I like the smooth power this shaft delivers. When I need to really take a lash at the ball I want the shaft to stay linear with my power output. The last 6 rounds I was using the HZRDUS Smoke in a 6.0 and I had to really dial back the power and focus on my Tempo. If I was in sync with the shaft I was producing some of the longest drives I have ever produced. If I varied my tempo I was getting into all kinds of problems from topping the ball to some crazy snap hooks. I play 6.0 PX shafts in my irons and love them but 6.
  4. Find a spot where you can hit your gamer ball on the course to 100 yards. Drop the Mevo down and hit 5 or so balls to 100 yards and adjust the elevation setting until its very close to exact numbers. I have actually set my bag down and walk back 100 yards and lasered my bag. Pittsburgh is 1200' in elevation but I had to put it on 3800' and its dead on now with my ProV1x LD balls. Normal range balls are normally 10 yards shorter. I have one 168 yard Par3 at my course that I hit 2 sleeves of balls into it with the Mevo and my 7 iron. I feel its very accurate comparing it with the laser. Hope thi
  5. ProV1x left Dash is perfect for AVX players who want a firmer ball with more green side spin.
  6. I had another great round yesterday with the left Dash. Shot 3 over and due to bad course management on my part could of been my all time low round of the league. I holed out a wedge from 100 yards and it was a perfect one hop, check, spun back into the cup. Pretty cool to do in front of alot of members of my league. My boss that I play with regularly has always been a Prov1 player was constantly 20-30 yards behind everyone of my drives and was playing 1 club more into the Par 3's. Both of us are AP2 players and you could see the clear advantage with the lower spin ball and lower and flatter
  7. Shot a career low with my new clubs last Tuesday night. Figured a would share a picture of these new beauties!
  8. If you go to the range or on a slow night on your course, hit some 7 irons and measure the distance with either laser or yardage markers. Change the elevation up until the numbers are almost exactly what you are seeing on the course. The atmospheric conditions can play a role in the distances that you ball carries due to lift and spin. I had to bump mine up 1000' and then the numbers were almost identical to what I see on the course. Or you just dont hit the ball as far as you think you do. We have a Par 3 on my course that sits down in the creek bed and the air is always cool and heavy. Play
  9. TP5X is one of the longest balls with mid irons and I have seen plenty of shots on the launch monitor around 4700 spin with a 7 iron and thats about 1000 rpm less than the AVX. I normally launch the ball between 20-22* with a 7 iron and any ball thats above 6500 rpm range just kills me with any kind of wind. Ap2's even with PX shaft seem to suit well with any low spin ball. The Left Dash seems to fall right in the sweet spot of 5500rpm. I would say for anyone playing the 2019 AVX who likes the flight of the ball but want more distance with the driver and firmer feel the LD is the ball for you.
  10. I have played the TS2 since it came out and was a long time 915 D2 player. I always played the Rogue Silver 125 MSI TX shaft and have had alot of success with it. My miss has always been a snap hook which is user error. I have 1 or 2 holes per round where this creeps in and it costs me 3-4 strokes. I just recently purchased a TS3 9.5 to try and knock the spin down just a bit more and was fully planning on keeping the Rogue shaft. My new TS3 came in and I figured I would try it out first with the Hzrdous Smoke 6.0 60g shaft in it before I swapped it out and was floored at the performance of the
  11. I played the ProV1x left dash tonight for the first time in league play and shot my low round of the past 2 years and fewest putts. My observations: Driver: Long, Longer than TP5x, ProV1 and AVX. Launches lower than AVX with less spin and with firm fast fairways I was hitting frozen ropes that held their line with minimal side spin. Irons: Flat piercing trajectory with late down range apex with just a bit more spin than AVX coming into the greens. If you loved the 2009 Prov1x then all I can say is “Its Back”!! Wedges: Nice low trajectory with perfect amount of spin. Its gets aggressive when yo
  12. Stopped in Golf Galaxy yesterday to get a new grip for my Scotty Futura. I was browsing the new Scotty's and trying them all out and have always loved the Newports but could just never score well with them. I honestly had no intent on trying the Squareback but after the first 10 footer I jarred I had to look at it and make sure it wasnt a Toulon putter because of the most beautiful noise it made. I have owned a Sonoma Cali edition and way back in the day a Newport Beach with the sound slot. The new Squareback 2 makes a high pitch tink noise that feels like a tuning fork in your hands on true
  13. Played 9 tonight in my league with the ProV1 and shot my worse round in 2 years through 6 holes. Brutal conditions again being 49* and 15-20mph winds. ProV1 I didnt like any aspect of it. Too much spin and I actually thought it feels firmer then the ProV1x off the irons. I played the AVX the last 3 holes and I am starting to think its shorter off the driver then both models of the Prov’s. The extra club to club and half distance off the irons is the trade off. Reflecting on all 3 balls now the AVX might just stay in the bag. Im going to need a few more rounds to settle in with it.
  14. I have been fudging around with my Driver the past few weeks. Shortened it from 45.5" to 45". I have a weight kit for the TS2 and have been trying to get the feel just right. My 3W and Hybrid are the same Rogue Silver shaft in X with Super Stroke S-Techs and D1 swing weight. My Driver with an S-Tech on it just feels weird at D1 and I can never get comfortable with it. Right now I have the -2G weight in the head, One wrap under a Pure Pro grip and really digging the feel. I tried 4 different grips until I found the tacky feel with a little more narrow grip on it. I honestly never even put it
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