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  1. [quote name='paulyb' timestamp='1283830607' post='2682675'] How many holes did he hit the big dog? [/quote] This had me laughing pretty hard hahahahaha!!! As much as it's cool to play with a professional football player, I'd have a hard time respecting a guy like Vick after what he did..
  2. Frogger is a solid towel, and so is the spotless swing towel. It has a rough (but clubs safe) surface in the inside that gets dirt out of your grooves.
  3. [quote name='varsityhacker' timestamp='1285675182' post='2717667'] [quote name='Coluejack' timestamp='1285639848' post='2717260'] I love the removed honey dip look. In fact, it actually makes it look like a Scotty haha! So, for those who have done it, this does absolutely nothing to the integrity of the putter itself? It is nothing like a 'raw' finish where it is absolutely going to rust at the touch of water? [/quote] I did it to my putter and it was easy to remove the finish, Naval Jelly will take it off in 10 minutes wipe on, wipe off and rinse. The finish is stainless steel like
  4. Seems like if you want long iron forgiveness, going with the 58/68 combo would be ideal. The one thing I would argue is that the 58s will likely promote a higher ball flight, so maybe giving the 63s a shot as well would be well worth your time.
  5. I step up to the ball and let me club rest comfortable about one clubhead away and up from the ball. I seem to personally extend my arms a bit further in my downswing so I need a bit of additional distance to begin with or I'll hosel that thing like crazy. I think it's all about your swing and where you're comfortable standing. The person commenting on impact tape is dead right. Get some, hit ten balls at different distances, and pick the one that is best centered on the golf ball.
  6. [color=#1C2837][size=3][url="http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=clemshaw#p/search/1/bAQr8JpM6MQ"][quote]http://www.youtube.c...h/1/bAQr8JpM6MQ[/quote][/url][/size][/color] I don't think I've ever seen a teaching pro dip that hard on a golf ball! If I did that during a round, I could take home enough sod to replace my entire yard!!! I do like the rhythm concept though. Great idea.
  7. [quote name='goldfinger007' timestamp='1285677039' post='2717703'] Assume your golf posture with both arms outstretched and a club resting across both hands like a tray. From the position described, begin to squat without letting your knees go forward and as your squatting, lift your arms gradually. You should feel some nice stretching in the lower back. I like to do this a few times before teeing off, especially if I haven't had a chance to hit some balls to warm up. [/quote] Sounds like a pretty simple but effective move goldfinger! Thanks, I look forward to trying it!
  8. [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1285650543' post='2717520'] I used to game the PX 6.0's and absolutely hated them. No feel and the ball launched too high. I would take TTDG x100's before I looked at 6.0's. [/quote] I second this. From everything I have found, the x100 shafts are the lowest launching shafts available.
  9. I kind of feel like shallow is more standard now than not... If I had to pick one, definitely the Titleist, but throw forgiveness out the window.
  10. Nice game and good looking setup! I also play the 906f 3 wood and love it.
  11. Sounds somewhat strange that a twosome on a busy course wouldn't allow a single to join on any given day, but then again, moreso strange is a starter sending out a single when the course is tight. For me, I'll be polite on the first couple holes and make myself available for a conversation, and if they show no interest in pairing or chatting, I'll hang back on the following holes and let them tee off by themselves... If a twosome has ANY reason to not invite a single in, it's pretty clear they are focused on having their own personal time.
  12. Not really sure how that would work... To my understanding, the most an offset will do is create a draw bias.
  13. To me, there is just too much valuable information online that is unbiased.. Yeah, I get a kick out of the WITB with the fun facts and some of the stories, but the equipment reviews are a waste of paper it seems... If they realize that a neutral opinion will get them a ton more readers, they may have a chance to survive in an internet ready age of golf club research..
  14. [quote name='Big Ben' timestamp='1285444192' post='2713694'] Goofed around with the 63's yesterday and I'm totally sold, this set is legit top to bottom, grinds are sick. Doe's anybody know what specific Nippon shaft models Mizzy offers??? Thx, BB [/quote] I had the opportunity to hit these in the DG x100 shafts yesterday and I was extremely happy with the way it felt. I would have a hard time saying the 63s are not the best club offering by Mizuno this year. Even the look is a massive step up for Mizuno in years past.. I am a huge fan.
  15. My issue has always been getting square on the ball.. When I am striking well, it is all because I see perfect lines in my stance. Also, bringing your feet closer together, choking up, teeing low... All things that make it easier to bang em down the middle.
  16. I think I have a pretty good idea of what you were saying mjiafe... Thanks for the suggestion!
  17. I love the removed honey dip look. In fact, it actually makes it look like a Scotty haha! So, for those who have done it, this does absolutely nothing to the integrity of the putter itself? It is nothing like a 'raw' finish where it is absolutely going to rust at the touch of water?
  18. [quote name='Fetch' timestamp='1285637448' post='2717193'] It's really surprising to me. The longest club of my Mizuno Comp EZ's I could hit well was an 8 iron, I'm now hitting the 4 iron of my blades longer than my driver! I normally shoot around the 50's(mostly lacking putting), i feel like hitting 4 iron off the tee consistently, rather than a big slicing driver, i can now shoot way better scores. [/quote] Maybe you should simply look into new irons overall? If you're playing in the 50s it would probably behoove you to acquire a club that is forgiving and has a cavity back for a lower
  19. Different course, different lines, different feel. I have felt 'off' before in a different city on an unfamiliar course.. Then again, sometimes I feel that way on my home course.. Bad days, bad weeks... These things happen.
  20. I have had some troubles after my round ends with a sore back. Do you guys have a preferred stretch or two for me to loosen before and after my rounds?
  21. I always wear sunglasses, but they end up on my hat 95% of the time. I don't care for the way they mess with my view, so usually I only put them on when I am hitting into the sun.
  22. I don't know why, but I absolutely love those shoes. I seriously doubt I have an outfit to match the orange with, but man do they look awesome.
  23. Definitely going to be excellent in feedback and workability, but you're not going to see much in the way of workability.. Are you a low handicapper? I have not met a person above a ten handicap who plays blades that doesn't lose a couple strokes a round because of mis-hits.
  24. I had the opportunity to hit these recently and really liked the feedback. I don't care much for blades, but if I had to pick a set of blades to game I would be very hard pressed to not game the 68s.
  25. I don't know if it has been listed yet, but I love to play boomshine when I am bored.. http://www.k2xl.com/games/boomshine/
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