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  1. Abe Lincoln and worst ringtone ever. Hilarious.
  2. That is a gorgeous putter. I feel like the red fits better, but probably because of how many Scotty's I have looked at that have the red writing/dots on them. In any case, awesome looking putter.
  3. That putter is awesome looking. What a cool experience to be brought along for the build via photos.
  4. That BB-1 is awesome! I really like the stamping on the bottom of that line.
  5. I have not swung the Mizuno and can't stand Ping anything, so I can't really comment on them, but I highly recommend trying to Adams Pro black. That thing is sweet.
  6. haha my bad... I don't know much about the Titleist lines.. Haven't really followed them. I see what you're referring to now. Can't speak for the Titleist's, but I really liked the feel of the mp-63s and the way they set up on the ball.
  7. [quote name='Cody G.' timestamp='1285548273' post='2715348'] yeah i hit both those and liked both but i wouldnt get the cb2's just because i have hit the cb1's and know first hand they are much more suited for me. As for the 53's, when i hit them i was swinging pretty poor so thats another i need to go back and revisit. [/quote] Understandable... The one really cool thing about the new Mizuno line is I really think there is an absolute transition through the entire series... If not a blade, then a player cavity. If not a player cavity, then a cavity back. (and so on)... I hope you ha
  8. [quote name='Cody G.' timestamp='1285546839' post='2715312'] my ball flight varies, but for the most part i would say that the majority of the time my flight with my irons is low/mid and low for my driver. [/quote] Well, it's interesting that you've hit the CB1s and MP-62s with a lower ball flight... Have you tried any of the Mizuno cavities like the mp-53s or the Adams CB2s?
  9. To be clear, did you guys have the dual pocket cavity or cavity back? Thanks for the responses!
  10. [quote name='Cody G.' timestamp='1285545684' post='2715279'] when i am going good i have a nice 5 yard draw or 5-10 yard fade or straight pull when i am playing not so consistent. When I was hitting some drivers at my local shop my swing speed with driver was on average 110 with it varying anywhere from 107-115 [/quote] How about the height of your ball flight? Would you consider it low/medium/high? I ask because I am trying to find a set of irons for myself right now (8handicap), and I have a very high ball flight. This is an issue for a lot of the GI clubs that have a large cavity,
  11. Hey guys.. I am a huge fan of Bridgestone, have owned and played the j33s, and am interested in the j38 but can't find them ANYWHERE locally to hit. Can those who have hit them give me some info on them, and let me know what kind of clubhead size they are, in comparison to either current irons from other companies, or compared to the j33s? Thanks!!!!
  12. What kind of ball flight do you have Cody? Do you know what your swing speed is with a driver/iron?
  13. I can't speak for the Titleist irons, but are those two really that comparable? Wouldn't you want to compare the MP-68s with the 710s?
  14. I can admit that I was a sucker. I bought a set of TM R9s after playing a set of Mizuno blades for four year, thinking that I could get a more forgiving iron and be a more consistent iron striker. The biggest reason was because I had no interest in working the ball. What I REALLY lost, was my swing, along with most of the feel I loved so much when hitting the blades. I'm selling the R9s and will never go that route again. My index is a 6.5, and I am happy there... I don't need clubs to get me lower. Also, for those who are actually looking to go further off the tee... Why not just move
  15. [quote name='caseyc1' timestamp='1285466386' post='2714087'] [quote name='Coluejack' timestamp='1285465807' post='2714073'] Type it into google and you'll get a number of websites that make an absolute mockery of those kinds of bracelets.. I wear Trion-Z's because I figure may as well let them try and help, whether legit or not... [/quote] true guess it couldnt hurt to pick one up and try it out since there not that expensive, think i saw they were like 20 or 30 bucks [/quote] I keep seeing the iRenew commercials on NHL Network.. Right now they are running a special buy one get one.
  16. Type it into google and you'll get a number of websites that make an absolute mockery of those kinds of bracelets.. I wear Trion-Z's because I figure may as well let them try and help, whether legit or not...
  17. [quote name='Jimbud' timestamp='1285432091' post='2713534'] If you are able to swing your driver 115 mph and can square the club at impact giving you a 300 yard drive in the middle of the fairway you have accomplished one of the more difficult tasks in playing golf. Sell two sets of your iron sets and take 6 golf lessons from a PGA teaching pro. You will be shooting in the low 80's. [/quote] Agreed with this for sure... And if not playing down in the low 80s, at least utilizing the fundamentals to get you there in due time.
  18. [quote name='bmoreasian' timestamp='1285437997' post='2713610'] Hey Coulejack - I chose the CB over the DPs because there was less offset. I have been playing the Adams Black MB and really like how those setup. No places in my area carry Bridgestone so I couldn't try them. I bought these after hitting a used set of J36s. I usually don't do buy before I try, but I thought to myself that that the 38's couldn't be that different. I have been quite happy so far witht he performance and feel. [/quote] That's actually really helpful, thanks bmore! I have heard a lot of REALLY positive revi
  19. I've been considering these irons as well. I too have a set of j33s and absolutely love them, but would like to take advantage of the new technology. Out of curiosity, why the standard CBs over the dual pockets? Did you try them both?
  20. I love my r9. I bought it used with the aldila voodoo TP shaft. When I am striking the ball well, I have never had so much confidence in a driver.
  21. I would say without question there are irons that allow for a far more forgiving reaction to a hit off center. The same miss with a blade could be a normal hit on a game improvement iron with a greater club face size and larger sweet spot..
  22. I game the r9, and recently added 5-10 yards on my drive at an Adams demo day using the 9064. Might be worth swinging that. I feel like a lot of the new Adams product line has a natural draw bias. You should bang around the super black and pro black as well. They were dead center every time for me.
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