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  1. All depends on how the print is executed. Can't stand cheap-feeling screen prints, and sublimation creates a very shiny finish that tends to make it look super cheap. I like engineered prints and patters that are actually knitted into the fabric itself personally. RLX does a good job of this with their camos and stripes. They still do some shiny ones too though!
  2. I heard that. But the beauty of the rise of direct-to-consumer has helped shake that up. There's still a stranglehold, to be sure, but seeing some brands go entirely direct and buck the "old ways" is encouraging.
  3. Buttons and placket length are always an interesting point for people. Some people absolutely love shorter, 2-button plackets, while others have to have 3. Then you've got guys like Criquet or Johnnie-O who play withe the long 4-button plackets for that retro look. I think they can all work depending on personal style. I was a hater, but I've actually come to like the blade collars Nike introduced. Lulu did a version I like a lot, albeit the fabric was less substantial than I had hoped it would be...
  4. Totally agree. I've found their "hidden" button down collars to look a little neater than their standard self collars. A lot of the brands outside of menswear or "traditional" golf tend not to put an interlining in their collars. Not sure why... Interlining is what gets used in men's dress shirts to make those collars super stiff. You can use it to varying degrees, though, and get way more body and shape retention in a collar than without...
  5. This kind of nails it. To me the polo is, obviously, defined by the collar and placket. They HAVE to be top notch if I'm going to even consider buying.
  6. Exactly the same brain here. Love the hidden button down collars. Lululemon has done a nice job. But god forbid one of them come unbuttoned. It's a minor miracle getting it buttoned back up!
  7. Totally agree. I like when brands do something small and minimal. It makes it feel MORE premium!
  8. Definitely a great quality polo! Personal taste, of course, I find their stuff a touch large. The length callout is a great one. Nothing worse than having a polo tucked in that comes out after every swing!
  9. Fellow WRX-ers... I've spent my whole career in apparel at some of the biggest brands around. Part of that time was spent working on golf apparel. I've heard SO many opinions from designers, buyers, and many many others. I'd like to know what YOU all think makes a polo great? I'll start the ball rolling: A great collar - it's got to neatly fold down, stand up to washing. Love button downs for the neatness of them! Fabric - love the performance of wicking fabrics, but can't stand shiny polyester Sleeves - too long and baggy and you look like a Champions Tour hopeful regardless of your age Fit - modern fits are great, as long as they don't get Jason Day-level tight - overly baggy is worse than too tight IMO Over to you!
  10. I’ve done this dance until landing on my current irons. I started playing Zx7s this year and it’s the first in the last 3 sets I’ve played (Mizuno HMB, TM770, Mizuno MMC) that I’ve found the 4 iron to be the right fit. I’ve rotated a TM UDI and DHY iron in, a 4 hybrid, and 4 irons from the set. Until the Zx7s I wasn’t finding anything I loved or that gapped correctly. Can’t say enough good things about the Srixons.
  11. Yep, they sure do. R&D has played with these boundaries for years to maximize performance. ie reduction of face thickness reduces the life of a driver, but their research is extensive enough to also know how long their consumer keeps and uses a club to balance that lifespan with performance.
  12. Saw them in person. Gotta say, pretty underwhelming. Sort of similar to SIM2 with vertical Stealth logo. All black, with red trim. The slim lines of the Stealth logo don't pop quite as well, though IMO...
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