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  1. I usually play 1" over and Project X ZL 6.5 125g. These produce very good distances but my dispersion was higher than I like.
  2. Thank you for looking at my post. Srixon U85 / Z585 Combo 4-AW I was looking to go more forgiving with lighter shafts and this did not work. These are in incredible condition, 8.5 / 10, and played for 2 months (I belive 11 rounds, and a handful of range sessions on grass). They play 1/2" over standard They play standard Lie and Loft The 4, 5, and 6 (U85s) have had the shafts changed to the matching Nippon Tour 105 S at Sellinger's Power Golf in Roanoke, TX last weekend. Never hit them after, going with my AP3s. New Golf Pride 360s installed as well to match the remaining irons. The Head covers were never used but I will use them for shipment. These are in incredible shape and feel free to ask any questions. ASKING $500 SHIPPED CONUS and offers are welcome. Recoil 95 F4s These were pulled from the 4, 5, 6 of the U85s. These are .355" hosels and play to 1/2" over standard. Tips have been prepped and cleaned for install. They come with Golf Pride 360 grips. SOLD Thank you for looking, Kyle Eldridge **** I edited the .335 to .355.
  3. Up for sale is equipment that needs to be moved. all clubs played by a 2 Hdcp and never abused. kyle_eldridge ebay profile Offers welcome and enjoy Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 9* Plays to 45.5" Super Stroke Cross Comfort Grip - Midsize Oban Devotion 6 04 Flex 65 gram shaft Comes with Headcover Head in 9.897 / 10 condition. Played this since July and bought new at Golf HQ in Rogers, AR. It has been a great club but looking to move on with with my M4. There is a very slight surface scratch on the shaft from one of my irons when being placed in the bag. Please see picture below. $525 Shipped Titleist 917 D3 9.5* Diamana Whiteboard D+ 70 Stiff Plays to 45" Stock Grip Does not come with stock HC but will have it in an almost new Bridgestone J33 Driver HC (Nostalgia!) You will not find a cleaner crown and topline than this one. Bought this from my club over the winter and played it only 2 times. It has been collecting dust in my workshop ever since. 9.9 / 10. $225 Shipped Ping G20 Driver 8.5* Plays to 45.5" Stock Ping Yellow Code Grip - Midsize Ping Tour 65 Stiff shaft Comes with Stock HC This club has been my fallback club for several years. If I needed the ball to go straight, it was there for me like a warm blanket. Anyway, it is really good shape and was taken care of by me. 8.5 / 10 $75 Shipped Taylormade M1 17 and 19 Hybrids Standard Length Super Stroke Comfort Control Midsize Aldila Tour Green ATX 85g Stiff Bought these from my club this summer on discount brand new. they had some shop wear and a little chip on the toe of the 19*. A little sharpie magie goes a long way, and to me, I do no not notice it at address. Other than that chip, I would rate these a 7.5 / 10. $90 each or $170 for the pair
  4. 6'4" 260 lbs M1 Driver at 45.5" Hzrdus Black 75g 6.0 flex JPX900 Tour C Taper 130 X - SS x1 +1" standard lie Edel wedges +1" Std lie Edel Vari Weight 36" I play to a two Hdcp with driver SS of 105-110 mph. I tried 1.5" longer clubs and had massive issues with sticking them in the ground. I would definitely check your Swing Weight. Going longer can cause the swing weight to get way out if wack.
  5. This could be just me, and correct me if I'm wrong. I don't recall any of these having the number "460" on the sole.
  6. Just had a fitting with Russ today for my new set of JPX900 Tours. Very enjoyable experience, and he does know his stuff!
  7. Can you make it down for the Performance Center Grand Opening on April 22nd? I cannot due to industry convention however I will be there the first time I can. I guarantee that!
  8. Best Grips out there by far and the conversations I have with him and his father are great. I enjoy every time I stop by.
  9. Cleveland 588 Combos Have them, love them.
  10. I wanted to pick everyone's brains here. I have the Adams XTD Driver in 9* I have the TaylorMade M1 2016 Model in 9.5* I get great numbers from both, but want to get your feedback on these two beasts. There's not much on the internet comparing the two. I found, at the time, the XTD was by and far the longest and most forgiving driver I have hit in a while. I won the M1 at a golf tournament and get good numbers with it, but it just seems something is missing with it. What are your thoughts and thank you for your time.
  11. NO TRADES PLEASE 100% Positive Ebay Feedback 1. Bridgestone J15 MB - 4-PW - HEADS ARE SOLD 38" 5 Iron 2* Flat 1. KBS Tour V 125 S NO GRIPS - I blew off my leather Best Grips and left the blue painters tape $100 2. Tour Issued Sldr 430 - No "+" - WITH TOE SCREW - Bought from fellow GolfWRX member 12* Head Plays to 43.75" Matrix 7Q3 Stiff - Comes from an Adams XTD 3 Wood Sellengers Power Golf Customized Removed Toe Screw and added another weight Plays to D3 SW Comes with Best Grips Leather grip - Their Jumbo model - like Golf Pride Midsize Slight sandy ball mark near toe (see pictures) Top line is perfect $150 3. SLDR 460 - Bought from fellow GolfWRX member 9.5* Head UST Mamiya Tour SPX 4X playing to 47.5" Plays to D3 SW Weight professionally removed by Sellengers Power Golf Toe Plate cover replaced Midsize Golf Pride Multi Compound grip with life left Great condition and top line is perfect $100 4. Tour Striker Pro 5 Iron Has Golf Pride CP2 Midsize grip $50 5. Aldila Rouge 110 S shaft Callaway Adapter Came from 815 DBD Stock length $75 6. DG Pro X100 Pulls Pulled from my Bridgestone J15 MB Have 1" metal extension installed Tips are not prepped and still has tip weights Ferrules on the shafts are included at no charge! $100 Thank you for taking your time to look.
  12. I might be an out of spec ferrule, but I think you'll be ok. I use enough epoxy that it helps keep the ferrule from backing off the hosel. If it does back out, just add a little more epoxy. Let it dry and clean up with acetone.
  13. Bridgestone J40 21* Hybrid with the Motore F3. Hits darts at about 225yds. I've tried several newer models including the new J15 and nothing will kick it out of the bag.
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