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  1. Some have already been mentioned. Could game any of these and be happy. 07 burner TP x hot pro i20 vr pro ltd
  2. 1. Taylormade M6 10.5 Head Only - No Headcover - Great Condition - comes with stock weight as well as an extra 12g aftermarket weight (194g / 202g) - $SOLD 2. Tensei PRO Orange 60s - TM tip - 44" total length - No Extra Tipping - Great Condition - $165 shipped OBO Whole Club $300 shipped OBO
  3. I got the black eco knits, the gray eco knits, golf towel (which is very nice), and a $50 gift card. A great deal.
  4. I had the 100s. Loved everything about them but they kept splintering down near the hosel so I had to move on.
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