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  1. I could not help but notice the bounce specs for the Wilson Staff CB irons. They appear to be on lower end of published specs on bounce, similar to that on Mizuno MP irons. I say this because I had success previously with a set of MP59's. Has anyone playing them noticed a difference from their previous set of irons regarding this matter?
  2. I tried that but the trajectory was too low.
  3. I believe this is the same reason I am struggling with my Z785 4 iron. 4iron set at 23 degrees loft. I play VR Pro MB's 5-PW and just wanted a little more distance in the 4iron but have been struggling a bit with the launch from tight lies. With that said I decided to roll the dice and ordered a Wilson Staff CB 4iron. Hopefully it works out
  4. I have a kai li 80 and currently have the B series 80 installed in the 3 wood. The B series feels softer in the handle/butt area but I may be confusing that due to the smooth feel of the shaft compared to the Kai Li which feels not as smooth as the B series. Does anyone know if these two shafts have different profiles/ kick points? Thanks.
  5. More forgiveness across the face appears to be a common theme regarding newer drivers. My tendency is to make contact with a few degrees of positive ascent. Adding loft per se. Given my driver is 8.5 degrees, I may look at a newer higher lofted sub zero head.
  6. Currently play the ZR16 Sub Zero and was considering an upgrade to the Mavrik sub zero but not sure if I will notice any benefits from it. Has anyone ever compared the two? Thanks
  7. I remember starting this topic! Glad to see it resurrected. I currently play an 8.5 degree XR16 Sub Zero (LH tour issue) that i picked up in 2018. Played it predominately with an Ahina 60X but currently have it paired with a Diamana B series 60X.
  8. I forgot to mention that I am left handed and the P7-TW's are only available in RH. Forgive me.
  9. Curious if anyone who plays the Nike VR pro blades has demoed or played the P7MB's. I play a set VR pro MB's (5-PW) but they are no longer made. I was curious if the P7MB's were similar appearance wise (at address) and forgiveness wise?
  10. Intersting. I was thinking that a 60X and a 80S would be about equal flew wise.
  11. I have read online reviews that Diamana shafts typically get stiffer per shaft weight. By that an 70gram stiff would be stiffer than a 60gram stiff. With that said would a 80gram stiff be close to a 60gram x?
  12. Recently I swapped out my Nike VR Pro MB 4 iron for a Srixon Z785 4iron head which came with a Modus 120X shaft installed. I play Shimada K tour stiffs in 4-PW setup. No issues with launch. I thought I could benefit from a more forgiving 4 iron and now I am having issues elevating the 4 iron trajectory. I should have left the Modus 120X shaft in the Z785 4 iron as that combination was no harder to elevate, but i wanted 4-PW to have the same shaft. Has anyone ever experienced this with iron head & shaft combinations?
  13. Does anyone know if a GFore Gallivanter or a Dry Joys Tour in a 9 or a 12 Medium fits narrower than the other?
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