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  1. Has anyone played/compared the 2021 T100 versus the previous T100? If so, how is the sole grind on the new model? Saw the new 2021 model and it looks really nice.
  2. The Srixon V sole felt and performed like I was catching the ball a bit thin.
  3. A left handed set of TM750 irons are rare. With regards to the JPX921 Tours, the 4 & 5 are only available for lefties in the 921 Forged heads. JPX921 SEL. Special for lefties. Those heads in person appear to be a little on the long side from heel to toe.
  4. In regards to what i didn't like about the Wilson Staff CB, its hard for me to pin that one down. I made to sure to play the same shaft, SW and lie. I believe I tend to make contact more towards the heel and that might have something to do with it. The CB's on hits toward the toe was quite forgiving. I also think the wider sole might have been an issue. But it still was better sole for me than a Srixon. Forgot to mention that I am left handed. It can affect the iron options out there.
  5. Given that I am somewhat shallow through the ball & more of a picker, I have been on the lookout for something that has the playability of a blade but with a little more forgiveness. I tried the Wilson Staff CB and for some reason we just did not click. Would the 2021 Titleist T100 irons be an option? I ask because I understand that they have a new sole design. Would the TM P7MC irons be more forgiving than the VR Pro blade?
  6. Is the tooling that is required to adjust the lie angle only exist with the OEM??
  7. Looking for someone who can flatten the lie angle on a Left Handed 2015 Callaway Apex Hybrid (20 Degree). Curious if there is anyone who has the ability to flatten the lie angle on this specific hybrid. Regards,
  8. I have no doubt that the newer shafts are made with better material. With the Diamana BB and WB series shafts, I probably fall in between an S and an X flex. I have not tried tipping a driver shaft as I just go with the manufacturer's recommended installation for a driver or a 3 wood. For me the S+72 In X flex feels to be on the softer and smoother side than the B60X in my driver. Has any one else who played the old Diamana S+ series blue shaft previously had the same experience that I have?
  9. I currently play an Diamana S+72 x flex in my 3 wood and it has been the best shaft in my 3 wood so far. With that said, I currently play a Dimana B series 60X in my driver and I am curious to try an S+ or some similar in current offerings. How would AVX Raw or other new shafts compare to the old S+ series shafts?
  10. Given that the club was released in 2016, I assume many people have moved on to more recent options.
  11. Just curious if any of the members here are still using this driver? Thanks
  12. I recently saw a set of MP20's and noticed that the irons appeared to have a more beveled sole than the VR Pro MB's which is what I currently play. Also the MP20 5 iron appeared to be slightly larger than my VR Pro MB 5 iron but that could have been due to a slightly different iron shape. Has anyone played both so as to compare??
  13. I had that head. I get much better rollout with the SZ model. You are correct about the mishits. Do you know if the newer ones are more forgiving on mishits?
  14. Just curious if any of you play or played the XR16 Pro Sub Zero and how it compares to the newer Callaway drivers? Thanks
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