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  1. left pocket: divot tool right pocket: 2nd ball and 2 tees (one wooden one plastic) yes I'm superstitious.
  2. [quote name='TheMoneyShot' timestamp='1308360599' post='3315695'] No titleist markings on the putter??? [/quote] look above the "Scotty Cameron" on the face
  3. [quote name='jabrch' timestamp='1307619261' post='3294726'] At the end of the day - the best piece of equipment a golfer can have is a good golf swing. It makes up for "bad" equipment. And no amount of equipment will make up for a bad swing. [/quote] I agree. All the adjustability on the market is great, but if you don't have a consistent swing (me included) the benefits are negated.
  4. I bought a 100 ball bucket of the iX from LGB last fall. I did notice that some of the balls in my bucket didn't fly anywhere near as far as some brand new ones. (like 15-20 yards off the driver) and felt different...almost like hitting a heavy ball. However it was a few select balls and not the majority. I only play new balls for tourneys/money games, and practice with LGB stuff. I chalked it up to be the fact that they were probably water-balls when LGB got them. FWIW, I still have no problem buying from LGB for a practice round. Love the iX...then I started playing some newer balls and noticed that they performed much better overall for my game.
  5. I've gone from all vokey to all ping to all scratch in the last 2 years. Just switched back to Vokey about 2 months ago. Nothing against scratch....loved them and had an awesome fitting experience. I may be wierd, but my course conditions are much different now that I've changed courses and moved, and I think the Vokeys play better on my new course.
  6. TM Preowned Cally Preowned Pro Shop at my club PGA Superstore
  7. Had mine for 2 years now. Won't be getting rid of them anytime soon. I've played 3 times per week during this time and can't count the times i've been to the range, and when I clean them, they still look new.
  8. I've been gaming a Rife IBF Aussie Mallet. (It totally kicked my scotty out of my bag) for about the last year. LOVE it. Never going back to my scotty.
  9. My ex wife played in college and did some of the futures tour stuff. So...yes, I got beat alot.
  10. on the left side hazards I find more ProV1's...on the right side I find more Pinnacles/Top Flites I assume its because the relationship with the beginner slice and the more advanced players hooking? go figure
  11. No... If it's wet/muddy I have a pair of Salomon Trail running shoes that are essentially running shoes with a gore tex liner and better tread. Anything else and I'm in my running shoes. That being said...I did consider wearing my Ecco Street Premiers to a tournament...super comfy...do those count?
  12. I have a pair of the Ecco street's and also wear FJ Synr-G. FWIW, I find myself slipping more in the FJ than the Ecco's.
  13. I have a pair of Ecco Street Premiers, and they bleed on my socks too
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