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  1. Based on his wedge lofts, surprised they didn't fit him into a set of their retro spec blueprints.
  2. The lefty swap shop will only have LH equipment. There is a general for sale w/ right handed
  3. IIRC, it was not. I can double check when I get home later today. Should be 4" from the e to tip in a raw shaft.
  4. Looking to thin the herd. 1. Tour Only Ventus 7TX Black (Callaway Tip) - Measures 43 7/8th tip to grip. No Tipping. NDMC White/Black logo down, +3 Wraps. Hit 20x, didn't kick the T1100 out of the bag. $275 $250 Shipped CONUS 2. FlightScope Mevo - New in plastic, tee prize at an event. $420 $375 SOLD Shipped CONUS 3. Callaway Apex Pro 4,5 & Apex MB 4-9iron - KBS $-Taper 130x Black PVD Finish, .5" over standard. Standard Loft/Lie. Only the 9 iron has been hit, other are still in shipping plastic. $1400 $1250 OBO Shipped CONUS
  5. 1. C-Taper 130x 3-P pulls. 36 7/8th 5 iron. $150 shipped, +$5 east of the Mississippi. 2. Callaway PM-Grind 60/10. $50 Shipped 3. Callaway PM-Grind 56/13. $50 Shipped 4. Titleist SM7 50/08 F-Grind. $75 Shipped All 3 wedges - $125 Shipped
  6. Selling a set of Callaway Golf X-Prototype irons in a raw finish. Set is standard L/L/L with C-Taper 130X shafts. $300 shipped, add $10 for East of Mississippi River. $250 for heads only in CONUS. They will patina/rust more than the pictures show. I just cleaned them off. Once they are in use, the turf interaction will keep them smooth.
  7. Selling a Swing Caddie SC 300 that was used for around 2 months. I purchased the device for Quarantine practice. Included is the original packaging, remote, power cable and the device.
  8. Selling a Callaway EPIC FLASH SZ 9 degree head. Has been used ~5 rounds. Minor paint chip in the toe, not visible from address. Looking for $190 shipped to CONUS. Headcover included, no tool.
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