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  1. I think it's a combo of both. I use heel shafted putters with some hang but for some reason the ER10 being face balanced and that weird single bend works for me as well. How is this possible...?
  2. I used to always use blade putters and never thought I would ever play a mallet. Then modern design made them appealing to me and now I am a mallet guy. I love the PXG mini gunboat & blackjack. I am about to add an evnroll ER10 Outback to the rotation now.
  3. Sweet. Maybe I will join you and sell the mini gunboat hahaha
  4. Kamen

    PXG One & Done

    Dang that does look good; better than I thought. But I just got my Blackjack set up, and I think the One and Done is full mallet size which is too big for me.
  5. 1.5 weeks for me. They quoted after Nov 12 (almost 3 weeks) but it arrived today for me so it came a week sooner than expected. Under-promising and over-delivered there was appreciated; especially when almost everything is covid delayed.
  6. Are those the heavier weights then? I'll give it a few rounds before I make any changes.
  7. Putter arrived today. Put on my Gravity Grip and tried it out. Feels nice and profile is low. In comparison to my mini gunboat which I've been playing all year: I feel the blackjack is softer off the face and I need more power to get the ball going the same distance. Will need to get used to it, but so far looks very nice in person. It's just the smallish mallet profile that suits my eye. Not sure how long the headcover will hold up but it does look nice. The cover for my mini gunboat is all worn along the edges after a summer of playing and I'm always car
  8. Mine shipped and should arrive today. $100 shipping and it was sent FedEx 2 days. Will play 9 before it gets dark. I asked them to not install the grip as I'm not sure which one I will game but there's the stock sink fit skinny in the box incase.
  9. You can try the One and Done next then haha
  10. Kamen

    PXG One & Done

    I just ordered the Blackjack but no regrets. This looks to be a full sized mallet and I prefer my mallets on the smaller side. Looks great though and I love the naming for this as well. If it looks like the blackjack then the view at address must be super clean and flat/smooth. Interesting to see from the magazine photo the bottom/leading edge of the putter seems to be more rounded/curved? Or it's the bend from the magazine haha
  11. I got the mini gunboat and used it all of last year. I like small mallets and the mini gunboat looked good and set up nicely for me. I am looking forward to getting my blackjack. I hope the special pricing is indeed temporary because a couple weeks after I got gen3 irons the covid pricing hit and it's been here all along which was annoying to me.
  12. This thread has been super enabling and just what I need/didn't need. I ordered one a couple days ago through my proshop. Heel shafted. Will play with the stock sink fit grip and decide if I wanna put on a gravity grip or not.
  13. Thanks for the catalogue. I used to be all about the higher end premium shoe offerings but this year I've started to take notice of the lower priced/sporty shoes. I am liking the look of S2G spikeless and the white EQT spikeless. Not feeling the ZG right now.
  14. Does PXG charge shipping on all orders now? I was quoted $100 CAD for shipping to Canada just for the putter alone!
  15. This thread with the pics is killing me. Last year I really wanted the Odyssey Stroke Lab 10 putter but went with the PXG Mini Gunboat instead. Had great success with it all year and forgot about the Odyssey. Now this comes along and I am so close to just pulling the trigger for no reason at all hahaha
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