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  1. So if one was to buy a GC2...do I need to buy any other software ( fsx ) to be able to use third party sim/range software like TGC19/E6 ?
  2. Surely not 1k to transfer between computers??.... what if you upgrade your gaming laptop for a new one....and yes I'd always use a burner email for these devices....I even have one for my R10 incase I sell it which is very possible and at least that way the new owner can still have the e6 courses
  3. If there is in fact a new device coming out in the next 3 to 6 months....Skygolf really need to get some info out otherwise they risk losing people gc3/LP. I'm in the market for a new one as I'm not happy with the R10 output....but I can't spend cash on the current skytrak and tgc2019 when there is noise around a potential new one. I'm on the fence about a LP with subs but would pull the trigger on an updated Skytrak at around $2.5k if it works with tcg/e6 and is just a slicker unit than the current one
  4. Does anyone have any info on the costs for this in the UK?
  5. What I find annoying about this is that they obviously know the spec and capabilities for this as it is out in the wild as test/beta units and we are very close to the assumed release date.....with this being 'true' they must also know how much they are going to sell if for......just release the info already! .....unless they are on here trying to work out what price they think we will bear by our posts.... in that case i'll absolutely not pay a penny more than £2k ......and a bit for some software
  6. The ball was not over-hanging - it had zero chance of going in. A bad decision by the rules official, but a lesson learned for all at least
  7. Yes, this was the first thing I did when I got it. I can accept that my alignment may not be 100% straight but that should mean I have consistent 'errors'. I bought this as a means to get better and I also use the sim for the fun element, I'd happily accept the stated specs for this device if it performed like it. So the question I need to answer is, do I wait and hope an update sorts it or do I go to mevo+ as it is a more capable device but potentially fragile
  8. I’ve had mine now for a couple of weeks and I’m certainly getting the short distance issues and weird spin and flight occurrences. I hit into a net outside with 7ft from unit to ball and 10.5ft ball to net When playing HTH and I have a 20/25 yard chip to the green…..sometimes it goes 40 yards and sometimes 10. Now I’m no amazing golfer but I can tell you for certain that these shots were similarly struck……they may not be 20 yards….but they were not in the range of 10 to 40 yards ! I’m not after precision …….but I would like it to be within stated specs…..right now I just cannot trust it and now I’m at that point I’m losing the joy of practicing with it - this is similar to the feeling of using a gps on course and it throws out weird distances sometimes and not being able to trust the numbers, this is why I went to a laser I think I’ll be swapping it out for a memo+ and just spending the extra…..I was really hoping for this to be good as it is a breeze to use
  9. Is there a way to pull the shot data from E6Connect range or sim golf sessions?
  10. Finally got my half cage setup.....it can easily collapse and the right side is just held upright with a cord hooked onto a tree.....now to get testing
  11. Maybe part of the problem here is the the incumbents are stuck trying to keep the high prices of their top unit 'valid' when the fact may be that you can now potentially build a similarly capable device ( as the GCQuad ) for less than half the cost due to technology advances and camera costs coming down They are stuck between a rock and a hard place...but eventually someone will step in that space and take away the sales from GCQuad/TM if they do not adjust their business plan
  12. As it seems that the most important part is the directional alignment rather than being at the exact same height as your mat......maybe we could crowd fund someone who is good with a 3d printer to create a little clip that can go ontop of the r10 and hold a laser pointer at 90deg to the face of the r10....this would then give the user the perfect target dot to help align at the start of a session. Then just remove the laser and carry on hitting thoughts ?
  13. Hello FM I already have a 3m x 4m net strung up between two poles and it is fine except for the fear of going over the top ( although I could just ditch the 56 and 60 when using it ). I'd like a 'cage ' style setup for the added security but I can't justify the full 3x3x3 cage and the space it needs. I can buy 30mm galvanised tubes and connectors to make a 3x3x1.5 cage for around £95 and i have most of the required netting....but I guess my question is has anyone tried such a set-up and did it suffice...or should I really go for the 3x3x3 if it was possible space wise
  14. Hi all, I'd be interested if anyone has done this Problem. I've got a basic 3m high net set up and I have 9ft from ball to net (using a garmin r10)...but I'm nervous off hitting over the net (been close!) with my 60deg and also I've lost a ball to the side once so far Possible solution ? I don't have the spare space to justify a full 3x3x3 cage in my garden and I was thinking of making a 3x3x1.5 cage with the 1.5m being the depth part. I'm hoping that this will be enough to catch my high and wide shots....anyone done something similar? 1.5m is basically 5ft....so the ball will only have 4ft to travel before getting to the boundary of the cage entrance but still give me 9ft of flight
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