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  1. Ness, I bought a set of Recoil 95 pulled from a set of TMB heads where some had the rectangular tip weights. left a few with a buddy of mine that has a super long drill bit as there was so much epoxy I could not reach with my standard bits after I drilled out the weights. Sorry, don’t have any new Recoils around to measure the hole size.
  2. You’ll have to remove the Superstroke 50g weight first before cutting off the Superstroke grip. Go ahead and cut down to preferred length and throw on the grip of your choice.
  3. That looks like dirt to me. Just a damp cloth should clean them up. If you need, you can freshen up with a light rub of acetone on a rag.
  4. That’s a left handed Ping adapter.
  5. On a new shaft that has yet to be tipped or butt cut, it should be 21.5” from the tip to the first black ring. Tipping for a pw is 4.5” then 0.5” less increments to the longer irons for extra stiff.
  6. For your particular application, please consider each shafts tipping instructions in mind prior to assembling. This will have an effect on how the shaft plays. The iron shaft tipping is based on iron head weights/playing lengths and same with the hybrid shaft (based on hybrid head weights/playing lengths). If the head weights is heavier vs the amount tipped, then the shaft tip can play more flexible. Are the hosels and shaft tips compatible? What loft and weight iron head came out of the KK iron shaft and what loft hybrid head is going in? Are you going to be okay with the playing length
  7. This ^ There is no hard and fast rule, however, Accra does have a solution with their FX line of shafts.
  8. I think the quickest and most economical way is to connect with someone who has access to shaft profile software or has very extensive experience with a number of different shafts. You’ll also need to provide input on some shafts you have tried and liked to help narrow down. Know that since you are looking for lowercost, you may have to make some sacrifices (i.e. feel).
  9. If you are looking for general info for the FX line of shafts, it is published on Accra’s website. Accra is known for great build quality and their smooth feel. While I have no experience with the FX 2.0, I currently have the previous generation FX and DyMatch 2.0 in some of my clubs. The real benefit to these shafts are when you install the matching fairway and hybrid shafts to the driver shaft. While it’s nice to read reviews from other people, the only one that matters is your and how the shaft you tried compares to your existing one. Were you numbers better with the Accra?
  10. I’ve had success in the past with a Steelfiber i95 in a Bridgestone J33 Airmuscle. I currently have an Accra DyMatch 2.0 MTH in an i200 3 iron head that I like. I think the most important thing is to have the right shaft weight progression from your fairway wood and longest iron. Good luck!
  11. You cannot buy the weights anywhere. The club(s) with the missing weight must be sent back to Ping for repair. It can be returned by a local Ping dealer.
  12. A very important factor is the diameter size of the shaft the grip is going to be installed on. The grip diameter size should match that of the shaft (.600” grip on .600” shaft to obtain the published size of grip). .580” grip on a .600” shaft will give you slightly oversized. Since you are looking to replicate the feel of a tour velvet, Winn grips are not an option since they are typically a two piece grip. If I remember correctly, many of the lamkin grips are .580”. I am a fan of Iomic as they are tackier than a tour velvet and also much more durable. They also come in a range of differ
  13. The current Ping adapters with ferrule have the least amount of shaft insertion. If I remember correctly, 1/8” less than the previous generation mentioned above which has no ferrule. There is also an aftermarket one available that is longer that would provide a stronger bond to the shaft. Any sharp edges should be filed down until dull to avoid the possibility of damaging the shaft.
  14. Two: G400 SFT 10* & G400 Max 9*. Three shafts that I can interchange are Accra DyMatch 2.0 MT70, Accra FX270 and Ping Tour 65. I used to be a component guy (Alpha, SMT, Wishon), but Ping drivers are awesome.
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