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  1. Don't have a pic to prove it, but I sold Craig Stadler a Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printer/fax machine in November of 2002 at the OfficeMax in Denver, Colorado. Was pretty cool for a 20 year old golf fanatic to see a major winner without being anywhere near a golf course.
  2. Another one I got from Ryan Palmer. It was a tour only release, cuz it had a deeper face with 7 scoring lines instead of the normal 6. God I love this club...I need to start hitting it again.
  3. He gave me a Adams Insight 14.5° Tour prototype 3 wood a couple years back, has a similar shaft in it. He swears by Accra. He routinely hits that club 280. Ive known him for a while, been buddies and club swappers for quite some time now.
  4. aRE YOU STILL INTERESTED IN THE 47? I AM WILLING TO SPLIT And I'm interested in the 50 54 58
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