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  1. FYI that link includes you email address
  2. Am I missing something? This is 1999 new. Does this have any extras?
  3. So I played a round with the PX yesterday and the results weren't as disastrous as they were on the range. I definitely had some out of character iron shots that cost me strokes but it wasn't as detrimental as expected. I have definitely lost distance though, from a 34 deg 7 to a 30 with the JPX I have no change in distance. Which is definitely not right. I am definitely switching back to x100s but for now I can at least play.
  4. I wish it had worked out for me that way. I swing pretty hard, but I'd say its an aggressive swing from start to finish. I don't really have the aggressive transition that these shafts are asking for. When my 7 iron distance dropped from 175ish to 150 after buying stronger lofted clubs, I knew something had to be wrong
  5. I play the 56 from 115ish to about 80 and then bunkers. I play 60 from 80 in for everything except bump and runs (chip, flop, pitch etc) by opening and closing the face accordingly.
  6. How many cans can you fit in the cooler pocket? I know the DLX can fit 10 or so with ice, so Im curious about the Pioneer.
  7. This makes me feel a lot better. To be honest it kind of shook me up! I so rarely shank a ball that when I shanked 3 in a row followed by maybe a few half-decent shots I thought something was seriously wrong with my swing. I think I'll switch them over to x100s.
  8. I've been playing X100s for years and have always loved them. I have a steeper swing so I launch them pretty high (for x100s). I just picked up a set of jpx900s with PX 6.0 and I can barely get the ball off the ground. It feels like I can't load the shaft properly. Is this common with rifle shafts? Did I just have a bad range session?
  9. Doesn't have to be both at the same time. If you have either let me know.
  10. If you're willing to split the wedges I'm interested in the 60.
  11. What is your current gamer putter? Scotty Cameron Futura Phantom Mallet 2 How can Cleveland's SOFT face technology help your putting? My lag putting from >15ft definitely needs work. I believe the Speed Optimized Face Technology will definitely help with that! What is your favorite Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter? I love a center shafted putter so the 10.5c in 35" would be ideal! If you win, do you agree to write a review on Cleveland's website? Absolutely, I have been playing Cleveland wedges since the 588 TA
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