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  1. Cleaning out the garage after the covid spending spree. MP-25 4-P $250 shipped 5-p are kbs tour 120 and 4 iron with ctaper stiff was added later mp18 2 iron kbs hybrid - sold
  2. Standard loft, length and lie. Factory installed shaft upgrades. MCC align std grip. Beautiful set but I'm going to stick with KBS shafts $450 shipped
  3. About 3 rounds on these with one range session. One still new in pack. They were blown on/off so no concerns about tape residue. I read that they played closer to midsize but they felt closer to standard to me. I’m ordering a midsize set to replace these. $old
  4. 1. Mizuno MP15 3-P $300 $old shipped. Bought locally and added the 3 iron. Px 6.0 4-P and S300 amt in the 3 iron. All are standard length and loft and 1 deg flat lie. The 4 iron has a butt extension around 1/2”. No history on it. Grips are mcc align with 3 wraps of blue tape with the exception of the P being the tour velvet. 2. MP18 flihi 4 and 5 iron heads. $old 3. S300 120g pulls 4-P. $old 37.25 4 iron and 1/2” steps down. 4. Cleveland RTX4 set. $old shipped. 52 mid and 58 low. Played a couple rounds before the same set in raw arrived.
  5. Had to download the HEIC, save image and then select from photos to get them to load as pictures.
  6. Set of combo heads for sale in good shape. Some pitting noted on the 8 and 9 faces shown in pics. The soles do have some loft/lie machine indents as well. Asking $225 275 shipped. Sold!
  7. Couple shaft sets from a build that I didn't go through with.Accra 125/110i 4-P M5 set -- $Old This is a set played standard length in a set of 0.355T Srixon heads with the associated tip weights (1" insertion depth). The 125's are soft stepped and the tipping was confirmed with Accra. Some superficial scratches on the shafts but overall good shape. The 110i is etched as a club craft demo. Lengths: 110i: 36 3/4 125: 36 7/16 -- 35 16/16 -- 35 5/8 -- 35 1/8 -- 34 13/16 -- 34 7/16 Modus 120x 4-P set -- $old Played standard length and standard 0.5" step downs
  8. Rolled for a couple of rounds but couldn’t beat out my #9 protype. In great shape. $180 shipped in US
  9. Seeing if there is any interest in my travel irons. Grips were trash so I pulled and didn’t get around to installing new ones. Irons have wear on the 7-P faces and the 3 iron suffered from the common plating issue on the hosel. update: dug through my grip stash and found 8 midsize assorted that I’ll throw in at asking. 3 align pulls, 1 nd pull, 4 pure dtx. Will include tape strips as well $125 Shipped
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