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  1. Looking for an excellent condition 23 hybrid, stiff shaft Shipped to CANADA
  2. Looking for a mint 23 ts2 hybrid head/headcover Will consider full club if shaft is hzrdus smoke stiff Shipping is to CANADA
  3. After elbow surgery I went to steelfibres in my irons, feel of graphite, easier on the joints, performs just like steel shafts
  4. Looking for a mint pull, 44.5 length, no tipping, Cobra adapter a bonus, Shipped to CANADA
  5. Looking for a mint pull, 44.5 length, no tipping, 6X Shipped to CANADA
  6. Radspeed weights directly from Cobra 16,8,6 grams $20 each plus ship from CANADA
  7. Can anyone compare the shafts apples to apples, with all factors being equal, how would the launch and spin compare between the shafts? More interested in the spin, which will spin less in your on course observations?
  8. Have steelfibres in my Titleist, love them, have heard great things about the fuji ones also
  9. spike

    Motore x f1

    How would you rate fuji flexes opposed to other major brands?, I know Graphite Design tend to play weak to flex, and some hzrdus play a little stronger, all subjective of course
  10. Does anyone know if these shafts play true to flex?, weaker or stronger?
  11. Who has hit both and can compare? Aside from the blue rdx being counterbalanced, how do they differ in launch, spin and feel, and stiffness to flex? Has anyone tried both in the same head to compare?Thanks in advance
  12. Justin Rose to Honma, didn't last very long,gave up on them
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