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  1. Looking for a Titleist pull, standard length, 6.0 flex Shipped to CANADA
  2. Anyone played both? Any differences other than updated materials in the shaft itself?
  3. Looks like this is another scammer on here, name is william18, be aware of him, he has been reported
  4. Any members from Indiana heard of this golf store?,it is in Franklin, just doing my homework before a potential purchase
  5. Looking for a mint pull, M4 or m4+, 44.25 length at least, ping g410 tip a bonus Shipped to Canada
  6. Just wondering if the Titleist guys have had a chance to compare these two shafts in their fitting process? How do they compare to flight, spin, feel, and how they play in relation to flex
  7. I am also interested, have heard that the club loses moi if the weight is moved from the middle position, how would it be for moi with 2 weights in either the draw/fade and middle? Have seen the other thread that addresses 2 weights and hope this one reserects the discussion
  8. Looking for a RPG 462 M4-M4+, 44.5 long, g410 tip a bonus Shipping is to CANADA
  9. Yes they are close, the reason I went to the t200 as the added forgiveness, you just have to be able to get over the jacked up lofts. If I was in the market again I would probably go the the standard T100, figured as I am getting older the added forgiveness of the t200 will benefit me in the future
  10. Played them all this season, 8 handicap, hit 7 iron about 180, project x lz 6.0 shafts. Must admit I liked my old ap2 better, just can't beat for forged club feel. That being said I am currently having mine bent 2 degrees weak and having my steelfibres shafts installed, will stick with them for a while
  11. Who has played this with the ventus blue shaft in it? What are your thoughts on ball flight, spin, dispersion, with the speedzone head paired with this shaft?
  12. Happened to be talking to cobra customer service today and he had hit the new driver. He said it was Awsome and that there will definitely be a more subtle looking model as well as the loud colored one. He didn't confirm the loud one would be neon green or not.
  13. spike

    Elbow pain

    I have pro soft inserts in my LZ 6.0 shafts, I have gone all season with no issues, but I have not played them before without the inserts. As good as they are, I am going back to my steelfibres in the off season
  14. spike

    Elbow pain

    I have prosoft inserts in my LZ 6.0, played them all this season with okay results, I never played the lz shafts without inserts to compare, but they are better than the project x 6.0 I had in a different set. That being said, I am putting my steelfibres into the heads this offseason, best shaft I have played with zero regrets
  15. Can anyone compare these two shafts? Differences in stiffness to flex, launch, spin
  16. I wish they would bring back the old feedback system for classifieds
  17. hope the rumor isnt true that they are going to a sliding weight similar to Callaway on their woods
  18. Hardly used, Tour AD IZ 6S Shaft, tipped 1/2 inch, 44.25 length, Titleist adapter NO TRADES $old OBO shipped from Canada
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