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  1. Thanks everyone for the discussion, some really good points made and I've learned a bunch about the history of some of these tournaments. I'm still convinced it would be a great thing for golf to spread a single MAJOR around the world. And stop pretending like "THE OPEN" is some magical international tournament - it's played on the same 5 identical courses near some cold-ass rainy beach and tall grass every single year. At least it's different than the other 3. I understand there's already some big tournaments out there. Some of the WGCs are amazing - the one in Mexico just last week was a joy to watch. But we measure an elite player's career, for better or worse, on major wins. People (used to) watch the majors (regular people). My wife watches the super bowl but not a single other football game in the year. Same goes for the masters...at least the back nine on Sunday. It's like that. The only way we get people to watch these other events, or for the purse to increase and attract top worldwide talent, is to officially designate it as a MAJOR. Not let it organically happen, whatever the hell dumb ass said that. I've also learned that there seems to be an inordinate amount of crusty old boomers on this board! Wow, been a long time since I've come here, but it feels like old-white-dude MAGA central up in here with some of these replies. One dude is using emojis like a 14 year old girl just had a stroke, wtf is up with you boomers these days? Such a weird generational gap, being introduced to technology when you're 60 years old turns you into something very embarrassing. I'm in total agreement with what Brooks said recently, the game is stuffy as all hell and some of you guys prove it. It's like if a major moved from the US to other countries you feel personally offended, like good old 'merica is losing some battle. This discussion had nothing to do with America's or England's pride and obviously fragile egos, it has to do with helping the struggling game of golf. Golf viewership is rapidly declining. Golf participation is rapidly declining. Golf courses are rapidly closing. You old boomers that think things need to happen "organically" are the exact reason why the aforementioned is happening. By the time I'm your age, I hope the game of golf still even exists. Or, if I'm really lucky, there will be an actual interesting major to watch, you know, like an international one!
  2. In golf, as we know, the majors mean everything. We live in an age where talented golfers come from all over the world. Yet 3 of 4 of the most prestigious events of the year are held in the USA. I'm American, so I particularly enjoy watching the US Open, Masters, and PGA Championship (heck even the Players Champ. sometimes). And I always look forward to the British Open as it's typically such a massive difference in course design from our parkland courses. But that's all we as golf fans get, year after year. The Euro Tour (and other pro tours) of course play all over, but no, they have to all jump on planes and come across the world to participate in the game's true championships here or on a small island with limited course variation. I'd love to see one of the majors each year go to any destination in the WORLD outside of the USA or UK. We could see Australia, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, etc etc. I think it would expose the golf fans to a whole new exciting venue of golf and landscape, I'd imagine ratings would be high. I would for sure tune in. And I know there has got to be tons of amazing courses out there that could easily be made into major form, so much so that we'd perhaps never need to repeat one for so, so many years. Not proposing to add a fifth major. And I'd bet the majority of us would nominate the PGA Championship to go away and become this World Golf Major (or whatever it would be called). But the USGA would never give it up. Maybe we could agree that each year one of each of the majors (outside of the Masters) will be played internationally? So they'd be on a 3 year schedule, something like that. Who knows - bottom line is that I as a golf fan in the USA would absolutely enjoy the pro game more if a single major was held internationally. What about you?
  3. Dude honestly how often do you practice? Not trolling, but you seem extremely analytical about things like belt buckle angles and whatnot but you look like you're pretty much just getting started in your golf game. Keep hitting balls over and over and over while experimenting and you'll get the feel down, at least the general gist of the thing - if that doesn't work or if I'm wrong and you've been at this for years, then it might just be time to throw in the towel. It ain't rocket science after all. Get some athleticism in those shots, make that club do some work homeboy.
  4. So I've been reading this thread and didn't want to say anything but there's been so much speculation I thought I'd just clear the air. I've known the D-man for many many years, in fact I grew up with his wife who we call J-Wow on a farm in Nebraska, I was her adopted brother. She handled the swine, I handled the beef. Anyway, a long while back long before any of us met him Zach got involved with a shady group of people who lived on an LSD commune in the woods of a town called Beaconsfield in Iowa, it was I guess one of those cult groups that did all sorts of weird stuff in cornfields. He's always been super religious since that time but the issue we've always had with him is he constantly needs blood sacrifices. It sounds nuts but basically he just wants you to give him like a pint of blood sealed up in a bag every so often, typically once every two months. Damon was the primary source and was cool about it. Then all of a sudden Zach isn't playing so well and he's asking us for blood like all the time. I'm getting text messages at like 4AM for "just one more pint, all i need bro". The next morning J-Wow was making a quiche and she nearly knocked herself out on the granite countertop because she couldn't keep her balance - I'm like what's going on? She's like he's taking it all. All of it. I knew what she was referring to. Then D-Man walks in with massive bags under his eyes and I knew immediately what was going on. Zach's appetite couldn't be satiated. He'd gone off the deep end. Damon isn't a druggy alcoholic meth addict - he's a human being living off of like 20% blood capacity. No one can carry a bag for 18 holes in that condition. Guaranteed the next caddie is a massive fellow who has endless pints to spare. It's a shame what these religious cults can do to a person, all in the name of a ball going into a little hole. I hope it was all worth it Zachary, I hope.
  5. This post has nothing to do with slow play but just because you guys are talking about this Cantlay fellow I thought I'd share an experience with ya. It's not a feel good story, quite the opposite actually. So I moved to long beach CA for a high class new job years ago (I've since gotten the hell out of cali) and found a great house to rent on pacific ave in bixby knolls. Cool neighborhood if a bit "old money" as they say. You're basically living in mahogany mansions a mile from compton where they, well, let's just say they don't. California is weird like that I learned. Anyway, the people we rented from were some old couple, both divorced I think like 3 or 4 times each, and they're members of this country club called Virginia. It was literally on my road, fancy shmancy. I was able to work a deal where they'd let me play a couple times at their club for being a good renter. So the day comes where I cash that check and tell them my dad from CT is coming into town and I'd love to take him to play on your fancy course. They oblige, decent people. No they were super creepy to be honest but alas that's neither here nor there. These decent people pick us up in their giant mercedes that was like I swear 20 feet long, I think it needed a commercial license, and drove us up to the clubhouse. They asked if we knew this guy named Paul Goydos or Patrick Cantlay. I knew Goydos - he was that turtle dude that played on tour and had a couple streaks, well I guess this was his "club". Cool I think. I never heard of Cantlay but they told me he was some young phenom that was also a member and learned to play here. Whatever, shut up, let's just play golf I don't need a history lesson of Virginia Country Club. Anyway, here's the weirdest thing - and this is coming from a normal guy who played public courses my whole life - we pull up to the front and a valet comes and parks the car. He's a black dude dressed like it's 1850 on a georgia plantation. We go inside and I look around, and not trying to be judgy, but I swear to god it's like this big dining area and every single person working there is black and every single patron is some 80 year old white dude with a cigar in his mouth and a really lame blazer with gold buttons. The hostess is of course also black and I s*** you not she does the southern thing where she's like "suh (you know, "sir" but with the super racially southern accent thing) "suh, can I take yo hat suh?" "Pleasha to have ya suh" "Best o luck on yo golf game suh". I couldn't believe it, I felt like I just went into a time machine. Honestly the whole thing made me sick and really weirded out, I was like, is this what country clubs are all about? Is this like a reenactment thing? My dad was like what...the...f***.....Anyway, bottom line is Cantlay comes from these people, so I dunno, take that as you will. Just sharing a day in my life.
  6. I actually just ran into Hunter completely randomly a couple weeks ago. I was on a road trip and stopped in Ding Dong Texas (yes it's a real place) and they had a carnival set up in town for the annual greased hog championship. That's when you have to catch a pig covered in crude oil from the local fields and the fastest person wins. So we get there and it's the semifinals, my wife grabs some fried okra and deep fried ice cream with a few indian breads and a few more cotton candies and says I think I just saw that golfer you used to watch on TV. I'm like which one? She said the guy that looks like beavis had a kid with steve buscemi. I'm like Oh, Hunter Mahan is here! I ask around and one of the carnies by the tiltawhirl tells me he's known as "El asesino de engrasado" around these parts. I ask where he is and he nods his head to the pig pens where I hear the loudest squeel I've ever heard in all my years. It was Hunter. War cry. Anyway long story short, it turns out he's the Ding Dong greased hog world champion for 3 years running now.
  7. It's like you guys are trying to figure out where the blame lies and who was being an insecure sheltered little baby. I guess I've got old news for you - they're ALL insecure little babies. Well, maybe not all but damn sure the most of them. We're talking country club southern good old boys that probably didn't wipe their own butts until they were of the ripe old age of 11. Not trying to sound like that jealous guy (of course I am, these dudes live the life), but just trying to be real when you take a step back and think. Trying to apply rational everyday thought to the weird social climate of elite golf just aint gonna get you anywhere. These dudes are weird for any normal person that tries to understand them.
  8. Is the OP like 80 years old? Did you just say Bible Study dude? Jesus Christ Almighty and baby Mary in the basket I hope you delete your post for the betterment of mankind.
  9. Oh this is fun, here let me try to dissect the enigma that is P REED Does Reed come off as a douchebag? Absolutely. Does it help he has one of the most punchable faces on tour? Not a bit. Did he seriously rock a choker as a dude on national television? Like multiple times, and I cringed for him even 3000 miles away. Does his wife seem like a psycho b****? Yeah for the most part. She's got the look down and those crazy eyes too. WTF was she wearing on Sunday anyway? Oh well, she's rich as a mofo. But you can bet your a** she's nuts. Are his parents probably just as crappy as he is? Most definitely. Did he cut contact off because they recommended he "take it slowly" with psycho b****? Of course not, that's retarded - he cut off contact with them because they obviously suck a** at being even remotely decent people. They done f***** up big time. Dumbass hillbillies. Does Reed need to play practice rounds with other PGA pros to seem likeable? Nope, he keeps to himself and probably thinks most pro golfers are pretentious little bitches that never matured past 14 years old...even though he's surely just the same. Does Reed need to be buddies with anyone on tour at all? No, he absolutely doesn't. It's a job to him, and the other players are his competitors, nothing more, nothing less. Plus their jokes are probably the worst I could imagine. Think Dustin Johnson impersonating Beavis & Butthead for 4 hours. Mostly butthead. Did Reed cheat that one time with the one ball in the rough all those years ago? Who gives a s***. He was the stud on all of those teams and carried them to championships. He's got game, doesn't need to cheat all that much. If he cheated to win the masters? Crucify him. If he cheated at a qualifying round in backwoods hickville university? Who caaarrrrres. Should we care at all about any of this stuff? Well hell yeah we should - I mean I'm absolutely positive that Ricky and Bubba and Rory and Tiger and Ian and Phil and Marc and Sergio and Henrik and all those other dudes are like the most awesome wholesome people in the history of the universe. Rich kids forced to play golf from the age of 3 tend to always turn out as such high functioning social philanthropists. Ha I'm kidding, they're all pariahs and you know it. And they know it, so they probably just roll that s*** downhill to poor old P REED who takes it on the chin and doesn't give a fuuuuuuuck. Did Reed just put on a clinic at the Masters? You bet your a** he did. You. Bet. Your. a**. He. Did. I wasn't cheering for him, he's a ****** I don't think there's any real debate about that, but he's got serious game and well....good on him for working like a maniac and kickin some serious a**.
  10. Skylinks! Haha reminds me of the good old days. If you run into LBC Steve, Brooklyn Tommy or Boston Brian tell them E said hello
  11. Very interesting? You heard it here first folks - parents with expensive country club memberships are forcing their kids to play golf at a young age for the 1 in 30 million chance the kid goes pro and can buy them another boat. Tune in for more at 11.
  12. Too family oriented to make the sacrifices to be great? wtf? I know Chicago is lonely cold depressing and ugly, but dude, don't inflict your embarrassing existence on someone who has achieved much higher in a day than you will in a lifetime.
  13. After the super "important" meeting is over, Jack is the good guy and lets everyone hang out in his crib for about 30 more minutes before he has to hit the sack. It's almost 7:30. People kind of scatter into the far reaches, forming their little cliques. Tiger and Phil shootin the s*** over in the corner. DJ raiding the fridge. Furyk choppin up some celery checkin out the sweet cutlery, why not. You, the new guy, feel left out. You don't know anyone, and there's no chance you'd just walk up to one of these heroes and start gabbin like a dork. You decide to stroll a bit, check out old Jackie boys crib. Not too deep into the castle, that would be rude. But maybe this hallway over here. Pretty boring. Some old animal heads mounted on the wall. A snooker table over there. A jug of sangria. Now you need to pee. You start opening doors looking for the nearest bathroom. Nope, that's a guest room. Another guest room. And another. Geez. Finally, you see a little spanish rustic door with the name "Bear club" engraved on it. You're sure it has to be it. You open it without hesitation, and there butt naked sitting on the bidet turned on full-blast is Keegan getting a juicy hummer from none other than the Duf. You shut the door as quickly as you can. But it's too late. You've seen it all. Welcome to the Ryder cup team.
  14. Great picture. Must have been very awkward. You've got the cool top dogs that need to assert dominance of the pack, and the young pups that try their best to fit in. Just try to imagine all of the terribly bad jokes made by Jack/Phil/Tiger/etc followed by obviously fake howling laughter from...well just about everyone else. It's very silent most of the time...no one is really talking or speaking up, because you're surrounded by the "bosses". Just act like you're having a great time. This shrimp cocktail is xxxxxx awesome bro. It's like being in a terrible executive corporate meeting. And then you, the new guy, put on the spot, and have to say something - ...ummm, yeah, like..ryder cup so awesome can't wait!!! And silence. Great picture though.
  15. Thank you for the help friends :) Just wanted to update - it turned out to be a small muscle tear right where my shoulder meets the bicep/tricep. Kind of a weird spot, but, good news - with some rest and stretching plus a basic strengthening program I am now 100% back to happy golf times. Just played a round a few days ago for the first time in months and not the slightest pain during or after. I even felt a good bit stronger what with all the stretching and weights. Phew! Doctors are awesome. I will always remember to *really* stretch before a round now, no cheating. Jimenez style.
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