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  1. Thanks everyone for the discussion, some really good points made and I've learned a bunch about the history of some of these tournaments. I'm still convinced it would be a great thing for golf to spread a single MAJOR around the world. And stop pretending like "THE OPEN" is some magical international tournament - it's played on the same 5 identical courses near some cold-ass rainy beach and tall grass every single year. At least it's different than the other 3. I understand there's already some big tournaments out there. Some of the WGCs are amazing - the one in Mexico just last week was a
  2. In golf, as we know, the majors mean everything. We live in an age where talented golfers come from all over the world. Yet 3 of 4 of the most prestigious events of the year are held in the USA. I'm American, so I particularly enjoy watching the US Open, Masters, and PGA Championship (heck even the Players Champ. sometimes). And I always look forward to the British Open as it's typically such a massive difference in course design from our parkland courses. But that's all we as golf fans get, year after year. The Euro Tour (and other pro tours) of course play all over, but no, they have
  3. Dude honestly how often do you practice? Not trolling, but you seem extremely analytical about things like belt buckle angles and whatnot but you look like you're pretty much just getting started in your golf game. Keep hitting balls over and over and over while experimenting and you'll get the feel down, at least the general gist of the thing - if that doesn't work or if I'm wrong and you've been at this for years, then it might just be time to throw in the towel. It ain't rocket science after all. Get some athleticism in those shots, make that club do some work homeboy.
  4. So I've been reading this thread and didn't want to say anything but there's been so much speculation I thought I'd just clear the air. I've known the D-man for many many years, in fact I grew up with his wife who we call J-Wow on a farm in Nebraska, I was her adopted brother. She handled the swine, I handled the beef. Anyway, a long while back long before any of us met him Zach got involved with a shady group of people who lived on an LSD commune in the woods of a town called Beaconsfield in Iowa, it was I guess one of those cult groups that did all sorts of weird stuff in cornfields. He'
  5. This post has nothing to do with slow play but just because you guys are talking about this Cantlay fellow I thought I'd share an experience with ya. It's not a feel good story, quite the opposite actually. So I moved to long beach CA for a high class new job years ago (I've since gotten the hell out of cali) and found a great house to rent on pacific ave in bixby knolls. Cool neighborhood if a bit "old money" as they say. You're basically living in mahogany mansions a mile from compton where they, well, let's just say they don't. California is weird like that I learned. Anyway, the peop
  6. I actually just ran into Hunter completely randomly a couple weeks ago. I was on a road trip and stopped in Ding Dong Texas (yes it's a real place) and they had a carnival set up in town for the annual greased hog championship. That's when you have to catch a pig covered in crude oil from the local fields and the fastest person wins. So we get there and it's the semifinals, my wife grabs some fried okra and deep fried ice cream with a few indian breads and a few more cotton candies and says I think I just saw that golfer you used to watch on TV. I'm like which one? She said the guy that lo
  7. It's like you guys are trying to figure out where the blame lies and who was being an insecure sheltered little baby. I guess I've got old news for you - they're ALL insecure little babies. Well, maybe not all but damn sure the most of them. We're talking country club southern good old boys that probably didn't wipe their own butts until they were of the ripe old age of 11. Not trying to sound like that jealous guy (of course I am, these dudes live the life), but just trying to be real when you take a step back and think. Trying to apply rational everyday thought to the weird social clima
  8. Is the OP like 80 years old? Did you just say Bible Study dude? Jesus Christ Almighty and baby Mary in the basket I hope you delete your post for the betterment of mankind.
  9. Oh this is fun, here let me try to dissect the enigma that is P REED Does Reed come off as a douchebag? Absolutely. Does it help he has one of the most punchable faces on tour? Not a bit. Did he seriously rock a choker as a dude on national television? Like multiple times, and I cringed for him even 3000 miles away. Does his wife seem like a psycho b****? Yeah for the most part. She's got the look down and those crazy eyes too. WTF was she wearing on Sunday anyway? Oh well, she's rich as a mofo. But you can bet your a** she's nuts. Are his parents probably just as crappy as he is? Mos
  10. Skylinks! Haha reminds me of the good old days. If you run into LBC Steve, Brooklyn Tommy or Boston Brian tell them E said hello
  11. Very interesting? You heard it here first folks - parents with expensive country club memberships are forcing their kids to play golf at a young age for the 1 in 30 million chance the kid goes pro and can buy them another boat. Tune in for more at 11.
  12. Too family oriented to make the sacrifices to be great? wtf? I know Chicago is lonely cold depressing and ugly, but dude, don't inflict your embarrassing existence on someone who has achieved much higher in a day than you will in a lifetime.
  13. After the super "important" meeting is over, Jack is the good guy and lets everyone hang out in his crib for about 30 more minutes before he has to hit the sack. It's almost 7:30. People kind of scatter into the far reaches, forming their little cliques. Tiger and Phil shootin the s*** over in the corner. DJ raiding the fridge. Furyk choppin up some celery checkin out the sweet cutlery, why not. You, the new guy, feel left out. You don't know anyone, and there's no chance you'd just walk up to one of these heroes and start gabbin like a dork. You decide to stroll a bit, check out old J
  14. Great picture. Must have been very awkward. You've got the cool top dogs that need to assert dominance of the pack, and the young pups that try their best to fit in. Just try to imagine all of the terribly bad jokes made by Jack/Phil/Tiger/etc followed by obviously fake howling laughter from...well just about everyone else. It's very silent most of the time...no one is really talking or speaking up, because you're surrounded by the "bosses". Just act like you're having a great time. This shrimp cocktail is xxxxxx awesome bro. It's like being in a terrible executive corporate meeting. A
  15. Thank you for the help friends :) Just wanted to update - it turned out to be a small muscle tear right where my shoulder meets the bicep/tricep. Kind of a weird spot, but, good news - with some rest and stretching plus a basic strengthening program I am now 100% back to happy golf times. Just played a round a few days ago for the first time in months and not the slightest pain during or after. I even felt a good bit stronger what with all the stretching and weights. Phew! Doctors are awesome. I will always remember to *really* stretch before a round now, no cheating. Jimenez style.
  16. Personal scrutiny comes with the territory of being an athlete making millions of dollars. We, the regular old people, want to believe desperately that they deserve the "life" not only because of their talent, but also because they're good guys/gals. Unfortunately, a life spent in complete and total dedication - every waking moment - to one single thing often leaves a lot to be desired in almost all other aspects, such as social skills and life gratitude. Most of these guys don't even realize or can't possibly comprehend that they're living the "life". To many, it's a prison. A prison wit
  17. Ha, alright you guys are right, I'm just prolonging the inevitable. Thanks for the nudge! I made a doctors appointment for January...at least its pretty cold and rainy this time of year so not a terrible time to nurse a bum shoulder.
  18. Hi all - I've sustained a golf injury that will not go away after months...it's driving me absolutely crazy. Me without golf in my life is hopelessness. :) I know, I need to go to a doctor, and I will soon. But I also wanted to check with you guys to see if this is common and/or any easy way to treat via exercise. My left shoulder (I'm a righty), when I perform a normal backswing, gets really tight and weak right about at the top of the swing, when my left arm is straight across my chest. I'd say the area is the back part of the round of my shoulder, closer to the part that faces away f
  19. Thanks Blake. That's a great point you make and something that has me thinking. When I had the "studied" swing, I definitely did play very consistently in the sense of my scores not fluctuating a ton - pretty much always low 80s. I am sure that had to be a factor in the game becoming more....mundane for me. And I wasn't getting much better with the new swing vs the old, which also decreased its value. And yeah, just as you say, the random magical days of amazing rounds (compared to the rest) really do make for the best experiences. I guess perhaps I'm simply fortunate in that my homemad
  20. Hi guys - I wanted to share with you my golf story in hopes that it might connect with a few readers. At the minimum, I hope it lends a different perspective and might even be enjoyable. I apologize ahead of time if I ramble, but I tend to do that :) First, a little about me - I've been playing for about 7 or 8 years. Started when I was about 25 (32 now). I average over the years about a round per week or two, and the same for a range session. I did not grow up with passion for the game, never watched it or cared about it. Had a friend or two that played, but I just didn't understand a
  21. Hi guys, hope all is well! Golf has been awesome lately having soooo much fun. Been at the range a lot playing around and would love to hear your knowledge on the following --- in the grand scheme of the swing, how would you weigh the aspect of footwork? And by footwork I guess I mean by a definition of...let's say like weight shift, balance points, ground pressure...all that kind of stuff. Pretty much like anything done below the waste during the swing. Is it a minor/major factor when you teach/learn? How much time would you spend on it vs. other parts of the swing? Thanks guys!
  22. Wayyy late to this party but just to add another opinion - I read the piece before realizing any of this controversy came out and I remember my gut reaction was that 1) it was pretty darn lame and sounded like an old dude came up with it (which now I realize was true) 2) the look-alike picture was just a weird touch and I dunno, even felt a little racist to me at the time and 3) the guy seemed like he was mad or something that Tiger didn't like him? Anyway this is just the gut feeling of a 32 year old guy who reads golf magazines while pooping or flying. Most of the stuff in these magazines
  23. I know it's probably not, but can you confirm that I'm not seeing a skymark on the 4th pick down behind the logo? I can't see it in other picks but just want to be safe. If the crown edge is perfect on the club I'll take it
  24. Hi all - still continuing on my journey to find that perfect feel. Playing about as good as I have in years, back down to a 4 finally. And I owe it to a tempo change. I've never been a very fast tempo guy, but pretty deliberate. I've read many posts and seen snippets from the book "tour tempo", all very interesting. In fact at one point I was completely convinced that a pretty fast tempo was actually helping my game, somewhere along the lines of a Henrik Stenson speed. Surely I was hitting the ball pretty well, but when I was off, I just couldn't get it to work. Then Spieth came alon
  25. I think interlock is the way to go for swingers, or really anyone who likes to grip the club lightly. I've used both interlock and overlap over the years, and interlock has always worked best for me since it allows me to really hold the club super lightly without fear of it slipping or moving. My grip pressure is as light as I can still hold the club and you could easily pull the club out from my hands at about any point in my swing or address. I think overlap works best for hitters or those that like to grip the club a bit more firm. But not a huge difference either way - you'll get us
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