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  1. ISO Adams driver/fairway adapter. hex-cylinder shape that has +1, -1º adjustment. usually all-in-one style including the metal ferrule. cosmetic condition don't matter, as long as sounding. no need of the screw (triangle head vs usual torx), i've got one. dexterity don't matter either.
  2. keepin’ em & closin’ the thread. thanks 1. Callie Rogue Sub Zero Tour Issue 3 Wood 15º TCF serial, "14.7º" marked head paired up with also tour-only white graphics Fujikura Pro 63 Tour Spec S. no hotmelt. shaft is 1.25" tipped. 43" even played-length. face is slightly open for beautiful baby draw. slightly compact sized, tour only head, no 'carbon-fiber' mesh visible unlike the retail. glued, not thru the adapter. gamer condition but no uglies. just usual wears and scratches all over, overall. some noticeable blemishes as disclaimer are: bag chatters
  3. Spider Rock. incoming from Pendleton, order just placed. gonna be this season's golf towel.
  4. 1. City, State? Hoboken NJ 2. Handicap? 14 3. Current putter? Scotty Cameron CLN, Edel The Brick 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? #17 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? YES 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? YES
  5. my hard-slice tee shots have finally been explained! ...uh, no? joking aside, the ones for PGA pros are pro'ly (just guessing) selected thru a bit more vigorous testing with tight tolerance etc like other tour issue equips? and i'm pretty sure they'd still hit 70s with maxfli distance balls. so it could still be on "the best ball for the pros, but not for WRX" sentiment. simple prob here is quality control on the retails while being a top shelf product. who'd give a dang if a $20 per 2 doz ball is off-centered or filled with mulches?
  6. looking to buy a bulk—at least 5+ dozens—o' 3-piece balls (or decent 2-piece) in good price. practice stamp, logo'd, colored are ok as long as new balls. no brand box or sleeve necessarily. your chance of getting rid of those impulsive black fri buy or re-gifted company event balls etc etc. i'll make sure they are hit well.
  7. SOLD. THANKS! sassy final touches for your new build? muti-colored, striped ferrules here. it's a thing now, trust me. 2 sets of 8 multi-color ferrules: black, silver, blue, pink, red, orange, yellow & green. SOLD TRADE possible for some "cool looking" accessories like a new towel or a lid? some FAQs here: 1. no they are NOT BB&F*, but in high-quality. 2" height aka "long" ferrules. *fyi: they run over $40 for 10 ferrules w shipping. and 'Roulettes' are always sold out 2. they'll work FINE with both .370 parallel tip &a
  8. yup, i'd definitely tried a so-called half-set with even/odd numbered irons before, for a sunday twilight run etc—similar to the half-bags suggested above. guess, however the consequence of club-choice contemplating's still there. nice thing about such an unexpected experiment this time was that: top-heavy to bottom heavy "sans-middle/short irons". had thought it was gonna be a banana, completely missing the clubs for 140-170 yds shots, but it came out that it was actually simpler without contemplation on the course. like someone pointed out, yes i know that course ver
  9. he's gonna bag a real bat soon. not just a grip, i'm pretty sure.
  10. beautiful day here in nyc area yesterday, had a pretty good out with good ppl at Forest Park, Queens* (one of THE crappiest courses pro'ly in the entire history of muni golf. but hey, you can't beat a 30 dollar quick round with a quick uber'ing from subway station) some greens were still covered with ice, temp pins for like 3, 4 holes but it didn't really matter as long as you can golf right? (and this is the course famous for keeping the high course rating by not maintaining things proper, if you know what i mean lol.) thing is that. i wasn't planning to golf 'til the e
  11. a rolex and a timex pretty much keep same time. respective owners have tons of reason to have it. market price is one of million those different reasons. yet, some ppl think a rolex is cheap, some folks think even a timex is expensive. we wear what we like. difference between a rolex and timex can differ by everyone. my putting sucks no matter what putter i use
  12. indeed. everyone has different opinion most of all, and—so you know—the context of the convos was from a question seeking specifically for a loq-torque-tip graphite shaft, not necessarily 'which is better/worse'. the 'feel' part in the comparison was is his subjective opinion on a certain shaft namely X100—that both of us, in the context, has been using as the reference as used by both of us. i was just excited about the possibility of Texas Rebar release to the public.
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