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  1. thanks for the info. checked the San Pedro place (also played 9hole p&p) & met Ben. awesome place & awesome dude!!!!
  2. been a couple months residing in San Marcos area(teachin' TX State), finally finding some times to hit some balls. even some free times on the wkdys. seeking for recos on: • good course with easy access/reserve/walk-in, like muni/public sort that are not too cr$%ppy. i know Kissin Trees is good, but too high for wkday stroll. • place to check 2nd hand equips etc. checked local Goodwills & consignment etc, no hope there. wouldn't mind driving around, like within 80 miles? many thank y'all for good advice in advance!
  3. these are harder to get in good condition nowadays unless you pay like $400 for National Customs. Scratch "Forged" sand wedge, 56º loft with DS grind*. *Driver/Slider with moderate attack angle hackers, aka low-mid bounce. non-rust Nickel finish, kinda in between chrome & raw. confirming grooves denoted by < > on the hosel. (was told it was a tour issue, pre-STI era) shafted S300, 35". grip's taken out now, will make 35.25 - 35.50" depending on the grip setup. moderate face wears, bit of sole marks from usual playing. no sign of abuse, no rust. 8/10 condition conservative. check the photos. $50 SHIPPED (shafted as is) or $45 for the head only*. (difference is shipping cost, not charging the shaft) THE ONLY TRADE will be another Scratch in 54º or 55º conforming low-bounce head. (±$ depending on the condition)
  4. (not sure what i'm really committing here, but in need of some emergency $. thus NO TRADE) Cameron/Titleist Project C.L.N. US Prototype No.2 (aka Scotty CLN*) from 1997 (*stands for Cameron Long Neck) 9.5/10. not a gallery condition, but you'll be hard pressed to find one in this shape. no peel-off (original chrome plated) with beautiful old-school Cameron milling marks all over. superficial nicks* & scratches from its age. absolutely no surface rusts, nor biggies. (*marked—relatively—visible ones with white dots in the pics, judge yourself plz.) believe the head weight was 330±g ish. 35". no sight-aid aka NAKED. all original—including the US Flag Titleist cover—except the grip, which is GP Tour Classic in black—price reflected. a beauty in & out, on & off the course. great gamer, too (yes i dared to bring it out a few times) will hurt to see this go, but will make sure well-packed when en route. SOLD (willing to ship to Int'l with + proper shipping cost)
  5. purging some misc stuffs not getting much game time, letting 'em go at reasonable prices. NO TRADE 1. Scotty Cameron 2012 US Open Championship San Francisco "Smiley" Headcover one of highly sought afters. pretty in the bag. this one is gamed OOTP, but no abused. li'l light stains—that you can found in the pic—around the tip area, non seem hard to clean up. and these blemishes reflected in the price. velcro awesome. no OG plastic bag. this' the year Webb Simpson got his 1st Major fyi. $165 $150 SHIPPED. $OLD 2. Scotty Divot Tool raw aluminum (anodized) color. gamed occasionally, not definitely a gallery piece. no uglies, tho. $14 SHIPPED gone 3. Mizzy Glove, White, Right Hand, Men's Small (more in between S & Medium). Never Worn, but no package. $10 $9 SHIPPED
  6. balls that have 'darkened' surface color, regardless the brand marque. good sign that the ball has been there like for months absorbing all the nature wonders around. some balls would even leave a water mark on your club face. ouch.
  7. keepin’ em & closin’ the thread. thanks 1. Callie Rogue Sub Zero Tour Issue 3 Wood 15º TCF serial, "14.7º" marked head paired up with also tour-only white graphics Fujikura Pro 63 Tour Spec S. no hotmelt. shaft is 1.25" tipped. 43" even played-length. face is slightly open for beautiful baby draw. slightly compact sized, tour only head, no 'carbon-fiber' mesh visible unlike the retail. glued, not thru the adapter. gamer condition but no uglies. just usual wears and scratches all over, overall. some noticeable blemishes as disclaimer are: bag chatters on the shaft, typical Fujikura painting job. the gray deco on the crown has a bit of scratch, you wouldn't notice if i didn't say. gripped with new-ish GP MC 4 Plus Standard logo-down. a legit bomber. i might regret, but time to move on. 2. Nike RZN Tour Black* in Volt color (their version of fluo-yellow). *Black is slightly firmer than Platinum, yet the premium-est in the hierarchy. 4 squeaky new sleeves. these balls gone literal extinction a few years back, especially in this color. good candidate for your ball display gallery unless you dare to play 'em in the wild, i couldn't. 3. Honma TW G1 & G1: 3sleeves. Japanese goodness highly regarded balls. you can only find these balls thru ebay or JDM specific shops with hefty shipping. came to me as a part of bulk deal. opened one sleeve to test, a bit soft & too luxury for me. your turn. 2 sleeves of G1, 1 sleeves G1x (guess the x notion is similar to ProV1 & ProV1x, meaning x for max distance yet high green-side spin according to the web)
  8. Spider Rock. incoming from Pendleton, order just placed. gonna be this season's golf towel.
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