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  1. the red-line adaptor aka tour-flat (.75º) glued on HOF shaft, paired up with Rogue SZ
  2. its a random question. not for the elite players but more of an average ama golfer. lets say you bought a used shaft that has a bit of mess at the tip from unskillful removal or something, need to cut off like 1/8, 3/16". would that make the shaft noticeably stiffer or feel the dispersion different? i personally wouldn’t think so but wondering if anyone has an experience of ‘tipping a little’.
  3. if the primary obstacle is wind: still the driver. i try to keep it low by moving tee front a bit + easy swing. what i get hurt more is the direction when winding—tho the OP specified "headwind" here, me talking in general—not the distance (neglectable loss somewhat). i find an easy swing always yields the result 'straight'. my goal, mentally, would be 'quick & straight' than too much pressure of 'low'. regardless what kind of obstacles—wind, rain, jersey swamp chemical stink from bayonne, intimidation, too much beer etc etc—my 1st alt choice to the driver is 3 wood. often tim
  4. have had one for awhile. previous gen, black carbon steel Pro model. nicely milled, nicely weighted—at a shadow over 355g IIRC. it was OK. nothing to write to home about as anything special. a decent well-made putter if you can source at a good price. MSRP seems a bit overpriced. sold mine, just didn't like the flange sight line. honestly, not sure that "minus" face angle tech thingie worked anything significant. "what makes a ball roll better is swing" is my religion. "feeling" aside, of course.
  5. looking for a play-able condition (cosmetic don't matter much, finish color don't matter much), prev generation Edel torque balanced putter. The Brick or E2 or E3. preferably 35", but i can work shorter one out. naked or top sight line (dot) ok, no flange sight line plz. bad grip, no putter cover (if you want to keep) all ok. this is for a winter tinker. the lower the better indeed.
  6. some dozens o' 5A Pro V1s or a couple o' Scratch wedges or a decent conditioned Kia Ma putter? i've got 150, but do they have everything i'd want, tho?
  7. hey long time! happy new year, indeed. so excited to get this shaft. always had good experiences with Matrix, hope HOF does the same. will def let you know how the experiment goes. also thinking a 46" driver with this. cuz why not. this will go with Rogue SZ, still awaiting the red-line adaptor. hope longer shaft + flatter lie makes sense in the physics.
  8. here. just different purpose. sure they have similar distance, but pros & weaknesses respectively. result also varies depending on the course specifics. i do need, like using both. my setup: hybrid: 18º JDM "Royal Collection" (i knon i know) + NS Pro 950FW X (yup steel shaft) DI: Nike Vapor Fly Pro 21º #4 + Accra TourZ (prev gen) Hybrid M5 if i need to attend a 2 club challenge comp, these are the two.
  9. SOLD and heading to sunny SoCal. thanks and HNY! when back conscious, i see 2 of these in my hands. too much xmas. one gotta go. tour issue Rogue 8.5º head. pretty normal condition: clean crown, brushed here and there face & sole but nothing major. 197g. sits slightly open face as usual from a tour head. no spec sheet. will come with the authentic Rogue head cover. i can toss in an aftermarket Callie tip for FREE if wanted. $170 $160 OBO Shipped. send offers!
  10. the one with tiny red line marker on the hosel. some people call 'red dot' adaptor. would like just to test, sell me your used one. i see new one authentic runs around $40 on the net. trying to see if able to have it lower. cosmetic condition don't matter much. LH is also fine.
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